August 21, 2019


I – Our Church: – Kingdom of God on earth – And the Spirit and the Bride say: “Come.” And he that hear, let him say: “Come”. And he that thirst, let him come: and he that will, let him take the water of life, freely. [ Magnificently standing side by side at the end of John’s Revelation 22:17 ; freely calling Souls to Eternal Salvation, “the water of Life.” ]

The Catholic Church – Paradosis: Instituted and handed down from Jesus the Christ, Holy Spirit Guides Her, Preserved Sacred Tradition of His Chosen Apostles “Didache”, with Unity with Holy Scripture – The “Word” of God, and Preserved by, Wisdom of the Magisterium & Sensus Fidelium. [DEFINITIVELY NOT – BIBLE ALONE].


  1. Apostles Creed – [Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, & Athanasius Creed a.) God The Father b.) God The Son ( True God & True Man) c.) God The Holy Spirit d.) Born of the Virgin Mary e.) Crucified died, was buried f.) Descended into Hades, Ascended into Heaven g.) Holy Catholic Church h.) Forgiveness of Sins I.) Resurrection of Body & Life Everlasting
  2. Sacraments – Law of Grace

B. Behold thy Mother [Jn19:26-28]

1 Holy Rosary (w Life of Jesus reflections), 2 Prov 31, 3 Revelation Ch. 12 & 21, 4 Instructions from Mary – Mystical City of God 5 Virginity & Chasity, 5. Chase Husband 6. Daughter of the Father, Spouse of Holy Spirit, and a Mother to the Only Begotten Son.- Imitation of Her Intimacy with God, 7. Hostile Witnesses – Satan & Schismatics, 8. Hidden Life of the Woman (Gen3:15)

C. Bride of Christ

  1. Wedding Feast in the Kingdom, 2. Body of Christ, 3. Bridegroom, 4. Heavenly Gifts , 5. Shepherd, 6. Last things

D. Authority – Moses seat, – Est. Government/Kingdom on Earth – His Visible Church:

  1. Marks of His Church,- 1.One, 2. Holy, 3.Catholic, 4. Apostolic
  2. Voice of Shepherd / Sheep
  3. Scripture
  4. Chosen Priesthood
  5. Mission – Save Souls , Obedience

II OUTSIDE THE WALLS: (of the City)   – (dedicated to St. Paul- special instrument of God) who lays to rest below the Alter of this Basilica in Rome

A. 4th Commandment – Honor thy Father and Mother – 1. Revelation chapters 12,21, rebuttals )

B. No Salvation outside the Church – Pagans, Mormons, and Atheist ; Hebrews – first & last, And Islam Abrahamic claim

C: Once for all – “It is Finished”? OR a “Narrow Path?” – Fruits of Disobedience in Protestantism & Non-denominalization-isms


A. Heavenly Promises, Indulgences & Miracles B. Pray without Ceasing (1Ths5:17)
C. Ascending to the Sublime perfection of His Saints

City of God:

Catholic orthodoxy apologist. This blog hopes in charity, Spiritual Works of Mercy; The spiritual works of mercy are: To instruct the ignorant; To counsel the doubtful; To admonish sinners; To bear wrongs patiently; To forgive offenses willingly; To comfort the afflicted; To pray for the living and the dead. The Blogs namesake is dedicated to St Augustine penned “City of God” and Venerable Mary of Jesus – Agreda scribed “Mystical City of God.”

Last updated 12/22/2018

Proposed – Essays yet Unwritten:

Why choose OT Hebrew over Septuagint? (Desolate Pharisees JEW (Mt17) Vs 1stChristian’s Apostolic Tradition?

City of God: Why – emphasis on Truth’s given to St Augustine 380AD, & Venerable Mary of Jesus Agreda 1637-45, died 1665.

We celebrate Christ’s “Maranatha” – December 25, Myth or Why We Know?- Christmas Day Special

Outside the Walls source- Honor of St Paul’s Basilica & corruptible remains (Rev6:9-11)

“Sola means One, yet M. Luther had 5 Sola’s – One & Only’s?

4th Commandment – first relationship commandment

Obedience Bedrock of Faith Or Free of Will

Hidden Mysteries of Our Mother, Our Ideal, Our Queen, Our Seat of Wisdom

Why science rejects God ( SuperNatural)

Souls Search …. (in Scripture/ Computer – Concordance)

Catholic Cheat sheet – answers to refute common doubts & misplaced faith

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