August 21, 2019


Why not begin the year with me. Starting a First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart. With January begun, only 8 more to go. Also it is easy to add Saturday morning, with another opportunity to DEFEND our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. We only need 5 First Saturdays to complete the mission. One of the Great Devotions of Reparation in our Church.

Did you know if you add just one more month to your devotions, if done consecutively, you will have completed & merited one more completed Novena. So the 10th consecutive month for the Sacred Heart and 6th month consecutive for the Immaculate Heart and you begin to build and multiply, graces received. Work hard and pray harder to MERIT a higher seat level in heaven, every one is flying Coach in the back with the noisy shuttle service engines. The graces available to us as Catholics are fathomless……Seek the opportunities, of Our Lord’s Endless Mercy for HIS ELECT. You won’t be disappointed if you do. You can’t out give the Lord.

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