August 22, 2019

WISDOM IN MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD – Mary of Jesus Agreda, Spain

Mystery – “Wisdom”, “Sophia”, “Be Attentive”!

Book 1 CONCEPTION                  CityNotes #1

#011. Introduction: At the festival of the Presentation of the Most Holy Mary, Mary of Jesus, heard this “My spouse, many mysteries pertaining to my Mother and the saints have been made made manifest in the Church Militant; but many are still hidden, especially the interior secrets of their lives, and these I WISH TO MAKE KNOWN; and I desire thee to put them down in writing according as thou art directed by the Most Pure Mary, I will reveal and explain them to thee; for until now I have, according to my wisdom kept them in reserve, because the time for revealing them was NOT befitting or opportune to my Providence. Now, however, it is, and it is my will that thou write. “Obey Soul.”

Book I Ch. 1 Mysteries, Compelled me to withdraw from Earthly things, and spirit dwelled above

#001.“Wisdom, let us be attentive...” Mary of Jesus, of Agreda – #1 “ I confess to thee (Mt11:25), and magnify thee, King Most High, that in thy exalted Majesty Thou hast hidden these High Mysteries from the wise and from the teachers, and in thy condescension has revealed them to me, the most insignificant, useless slave of thy Church, so that Thy Glory be more admired. 

#002 Arise my dove, creation of my hands, make haste and come to ME (cant2:10, songs), who am the Light and the Way (Jn8:12) he that follows Me, walks not in darkness. Come to Me, who am the Powerful and the Wise, teacher of these that follow Wisdom (7:15). “May God grant that I speak with judgment and have thoughts worthy of what I received”

004 “In order to be instructed in all these mysteries, thous must needs, O’ soul, come with bare feet and despoiled of all thy desires, and passions; for these mysteries do not accommodate or lend themselves to disordered inclinations. Take OFF thy shoes like Moses, (Ex3:5), for such was the command given to him, before he could see the wonderful bush….Strengthened by Him, thou canst do that which He commands (Phil4:13); take off thy shoes and weep in bitter sorrow, call out to Him from the bottom of thy heart, in order that thy prayers may be heard and thy desires fulfilled.”

#005. … saw a most precious veil covering a treasure, “Obey O’ Soul, in what was enjoined and commanded thee; despoil thyself of thyself, and then this mystery will be revealed to thee.

#007. Behold and See: …. the most beautiful ladder with many rungs; around it were many angels, and a great number of them ascending and descending upon it. His Majesty said, “This is the mysterious ladder of Jacob, the house of God and the portal of Heaven. (Gn28:17); if thou will earnestly strive to live irreprehensible in my eyes, thou wilt ascend upon it to me.

#008. I was informed by the Most High, that the ladder signified the life of the most Holy Virgin, its virtues and sacraments. “ I desire, my spouse, that thou ascend this stair of Jacob and enter thru the door of heaven to acquire the knowledge of my attributes and occupy thyself in the contemplation of my Divinity.

#009. After having received the Law, they again committed sin by not OBEYING IT (Jn7:19) and this they lived on, separating themselves more and more from the truth and the light and arriving at the state of complete forgetfulness. In Fatherly love, I sent them eternal salvation and a remedy for the incurable infirmities of human nature, thus justifying my cause.

Jesus, “The Word” is the source of ALL Wisdom, “Sofia” is her name

Happy they who find it, and blessed they who shall appreciate its value, rich they who shall come upon this treasure, and blessed and very wise those who shall search into and shall understand it marvels and hidden mysteries. I desire to make known to mortals how much intercession of Her is worth…..

#010. I do not intend that thy descriptions and declarations of the life of the Blessed Virgin shall be mere opinions or contemplations , reliable TRUTH. They that have ears to hear, let them hear, Let those who thirst come to the living waters and leave the dried cisterns; let those that are seeking for the light, follow it to the end. Thus speaks the Lord God Almighty

Book I Ch. 2 Mysteries of life, of Queen

#014. the Lord said: “Do not fear, soul, nor afflict thyself; for I will give thee a state of mind and show thee a path of light and security which only its Author himself could know or even conceive.”

#015. [Wisdom]…. for the soul does not preserve itself in peace or if it is guilty of some fault of some fault, no matter how small, it will not experience this vision in its fullness. … the Lord is perceived so plainly and so securely, that there is not the least room for doubt. …As long as the soul enjoys this vision and does not lose it, it will never be conquered (Wis7:30), because it gives life, security, fervor, and joy. …The Lord is perceived so plainly and so securely, that there is not the least room for doubt.  [“for it is succeeded by the night, but against wisdom evil does not prevail.” (Wis7:30)]

#016. Soul calls out to the Most High “Trahe me post Te” (Cant1:3) let us run together;…united to its Beloved, it does not feel the the doings of this earthly life.

#018. Faith accompanies the vision and the Omnipotent gives to the soul power to appreciate the value of the knowledge and the light, which He infuses. It’s light is inextinguishable, “I loved her more than health and beauty, and I chose her rather than light, because her radiance never ceases.(Wis7:10)….a nobility of great price come to me with it. This light goes before me directing my ways “When I enter my house, I shall find rest with her, for companionship with her has no bitterness, and life with her has no pain, but gladness and joy.” (Wis8:16)

#021. If I descend, creature like, to attend to human affairs, the Lord presently calls me, draws my attention to his words and teachings….

#024. I receive only the understanding of things, and then I am left to find the terms (I may err), for I am only an ignorant woman and I must rely on what I have heard.

#025. a divine force, which compels me to seek the greater purity of my soul, and advancement in the grace of the Lord, makes me ready to die for it and to act in all things according to greater perfection. I magnify him, adore Him, and praise Him

Book I Ch. 3  Knowledge of Divinity

#027. [Wisdom] Three Persons, because of the three activities of Knowing, comprehending, and Loving each other; one so as to secure the boon of eternal unity. It is the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

#028. Trinity comprehends Himself by simple vision, so that no new distinct cognition is necessary: … I understood how they love One another with one and the same immense and eternal love; how there is a single, indivisible and equal oneness of intelligence, love and action. How there is on simple incorporeal and indivisible nature, a divine essence of the True God, in which are joined and united all the perfections in their highest and in an infinite degree.

#030 I saw the Lord, as He was before He had created anything with great astonishment, only the Creator was, without any of his creatures. I saw how of necessity it must be admitted, that God has his being in Himself, and that He stands in want or need of none of the created things, For he is as infinite in his attributes before as He is after creating them, and He possess and hold these attribute during the whole of eternity. is after creating them

#031. That God comprehends in Himself all things by One indivisible, most simple and instantaneous Act.

#032. Knowledge of pure Intelligence (scientia simplicis intelligentiae), we must, according to the natural precedence of the intelligence before the will, not overlook a certain succession, not indeed of time. But of nature. Hence we perceive that the act of intelligence preceded by its nature the act of the will. In the first instant the three persons through an act of intelligence confirmed the oppotuneness of the work “ad extra” and of all creatures which have been , are, and are to be.

#033. By our way of thinking, my perception divides them according to moments or instants, as it is impossible to accommodate the knowledge of this divine science to our capacity. Science of vision, constituting the divine images of the creatures which God decreed to call into existence are a production of his mind.

Book I Ch. 4   Divine Decrees are classified

  Mary of Jesus uses our understanding of what God showed her of his thoughts, using the term “instant” like a camera frame shutter, always keep in mind ALL is Present to Him.

#035. First instant – God’s Intelligence: desire Knowledge to communicate himself outwardly. God as being communicative “ad extra” comes first. In her (Mary of Jesus) enlightenment first instant is: God recognizing his infinite attributes and with the propensity and ineffable inclination to communicate himself outwardly. This knowledge of His divinity and the treasures of his Grace. The second is the unspeakable and incomprehensible immensity of the good gifts and yet remains infinite as if He had yet to give nothing

#038. The second instant – was to confirm the object and intention of his communication. Liberal distribution of his attributes and set in motion his Omnipotence in order that He might be known, praised and glorified.

#039. The third instant – determination of the Order and arrangement mode of communication. In this instant The Divine Word should assume flesh and become visible. The Divine mind prearranged the harmony and adornment of the human nature organic body and a vivifying soul, endowed with facilities to know and enjoy its Creator, discern good and evil with free will to love that same Lord.

#041. The fourth instant was to determine gifts and graces, which were to be conferred on the humanity of Christ, our Lord, in union with the Divinity. …in order to enrich the most sacred humanity and the soul of Christ with the highest possible gifts and graces. (Ps45:5);(Ps46:4) The stream of the river make the city of God joyful: the most High hath sanctified his own tabernacle. Glorious things are said of thee, O city of God . When the stream of his gifts flowed toward the humanity of the Word, communication to it all the infused science, grace, and goodness of which the soul was capable.

#042. To this instant #4 also, in natural sequence, pertain the decree and predestination of the Mother of the Divine Word Incarnate; Thus before all other creatures was She conceived in the Divine Mind. To Her flowed over, at once and immediately, the river of the divinity and its attributes with all its impetuosity, in as far as a mere creature is capable and AS DUE (fitting) to the dignity of the Mother of God.

#043. Perceiving this most holy and pure Creature formed and conceived in the divine mind from the beginning and before all ages, I joyously and exultantly magnify the Omnipotent for the admirable decree.

#044. In this Queen alone are comprehended and contained more treasure than in all the rest of things joined together, and the variety and preciousness of her riches, honor, the Lord above the multitudes of the other creatures.

#045. ..the contract was made with the Word as to the degree of sanctity, and perfection and the gifts and graces, which were to be possessed by Mary his Mother. …the protection, support and defense was to be provided the True City of God, ….God determined to create a locality and an abode, where in the Incarnate Word and his mother should converse and dwell. For them primarily did He create the heaven and earth with its stars and elements and all that is contained in them.

#046. ..fifth instant …In this this fifth decree the creation of the angelic nature with the division and arrangement of the angelic hosts into nine choirs and three hierarchies was provided and decreed. As they are created for the first for the Glory of God.

#047. To this instant also belongs the predestination of the good and reprobation of the bad angels. …By his fre will and by his merciful liberality,by his justice those that would obey and of reprobating by his justice those who would rise up against his Majesty in pride and disobedience, due to this disordered self love.. In this same instant was also decreed the creation of the empyrean heaven; also the earth and the heavenly bodies for other creatures; moreover also the center or depth of the earth, hell, for the punishment of the bad angels

#048. Sixth instant was decreed the creation of people, and the congregation of men for Christ. …The fall of Adam was foreseen and in him that of all others. (except the Queen, (who did not enter this decree). As a remedy was it ordained, that the most holy humanity should be capable of suffering. There is no injustice done to them, for if their free will could sin, so also could they abstain from sin by men as of grace and the light of reason. Since his law is written in the heart of men, nobody is excused for not knowing and loving him as the Highest Good of all creation. (Christ’s humanity)

#050. Thy light O most high Lord, illumines me and thy lamp shows me the paths (Ps118, 105) , so that I see what I have been and what I am, and I fear what I may become to be. Thou hast lighted up, most high King, my understanding and inflamed my will with it s most exalted object

#051. My sole object has been to explain, how the Virgin mother has been formed and preordained in the divine mind before the ages (Eccl 24:14). Holly Holy Holy is the Lord God Sabaoth. (Is6:3) And they cried one to another, and said: Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God of hosts, all the earth is full of his glory.

End chapter IV This concludes in the beginning, of the Mysteries in the Mystical City of God. I share that meets the criteria for this synthesis. Hoping to focus on instructions or communications as revealed from “The Most High, Jesus or Mary” concerning the Mysteries the Lord wants revealed during the 16th century into the future. Just as Mary of Jesus comments in her intro, I too remind you of St. John’s words concerning scripture in his Gospel (Jn21:25) But there are also many other things which Jesus did; I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Jesus also reminded Mary-Jesus, of this, I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. ….“city”

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