August 21, 2019

#2 WISDOM IN MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD – Mary of Jesus Agreda, Spain

Mystery – “Wisdom”, “Sophia”, “Be Attentive”                                 

“Happy they who find it, and blessed they who shall appreciate its value, rich they who shall come upon this treasure, and blessed and very wise those who shall search into and shall understand its marvels and hidden mysteries. I desire to make known to mortals how much intercession of Her is worth”….. #009

Book I – CONCEPTION City Notes 2
Chapter 5 – Holy Scriptures exp. Prov #8      Does not wisdom call, does not understanding raise her voice?

Speak O Lord, for they servant hears”, the Corrector of the Wise spoke,

Jesus is Wisdom “Sohia” is her name [Byzantine Icon]

#053. (Prv8:22-31)“The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his Ways before He made anything ‘from the beginning’, 23) I was set up from eternity and of old, before the earth was made.” 24) The depths were not as yet and I was already conceived: neither had the fountains of waters as yet spring out.” 25) The mountains with their huge bulk as yet not established: before the hills I was brought forth, 26) He had not yet made the earth, nor the rivers, nor the pols of the earth, 27) When HE prepared the heavens, I was present : when with a certain law and compass, He enclosed the depths, 28) When He established the sky above and poised the fountains of the waters. 29) When He compassed compassed the sea with its bounds, and set a law to the waters that they should not pass their limits: when He balanced the foundations of the earth. 30) I was with Him all the times. 31) Playing in the world: and my delights were to be with the children of Men. 

#054. of this portion of Prv8, I was given understanding: 1st the ideas or decrees of the Divine Mind before Creation and 2nd, in a literal sense speaks of the Person of the Incarnate Word and His holy Mother, and 3rd mystically refers to the holy Angels and Prophets.

#055. Verse22. God decreed the most sacred humanity of Christ and his purest Mother as indicated “ The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his ways, and his Divinity does not NEED them, however He chose to reveal and communicate his Being in this Way, so all creatures would be capable of knowing Him 

….He desired to create paths and open ways in His mind for the communication of the Divinity,
He decreed, as a beginning, the formation of the humanity of the Word, who was to be the highway, by which other creatures might come to the Father.
(Jn14:6). Joined with this Decree was that of his most holy Mother, through whom his Divinity was to enter this World, becoming Man and being born from Her as God and Man; therefore: God possessed me since both were possessed by his Majesty: for as to His Divinity, he was the possession, property, and treasure of the Father and Son are One, of the same substance and Divinity with the Holy Spirit; and also as to his humanity, the Father possessed the Son; because He himself knew and decreed the plenitude of grace and glory, his hypostatical union….this decree and possession brought about by the mediation of the mother who conceived and “brought forth” the Word. He possessed Her, who was to give Him human form, thus HE possessed and claimed Her as his own in the same “instant”. She alone calls Him Son, and She alone was to be called Mother, worthy of having an Incarnate God for a Son. In the mind of the Supreme Creator

#056. Hence he says: “Before He made anything from the beginning, I was set up from eternity and of old,” But what were the things of Old, since NONE had been created? That She was foreseen from the eternal ages of the Divinity, by the Beings, which alone are ancient, namely the indivisible Trinity (since all the rest, a beginning, are recent) Both were Ordained together, immediately next to God and before any other Creature and it was the MOST wonderful decree ever passed or ever to be passed. Thus first image in the mind of God, next to eternal generation, was the Person of His Son Christ incarna and next to it his Mother.

#057. What other Order could there be in God, in whom all that pertains to Him is present at one and the same, so that no part of His being must await the perfection of another, or in one perfection ever need succeed the upon others? Most appropriate order and harmony to be instituted among creatures among creatures, that they have One, who is first and the highest and from Him the order of ALL nature of mortals….. this then was the order , so well instituted by eternal wisdom

that ALL was to commence with Christ and his Mother.

#058. The next text adds: “Before the earth was made, and the depths were not as yet, I was conceived.”

The forms are called the abysses because there is a there is an infinite distance the being of God and that of Creatures. In as much no efficacious and complete decree of this temporal generation could exist without at the same time including his Mother, and such a Mother, the most holy Mary, was then conceived within the beautiful Immensity and Her eternal record was written in the Bosom of the divinity in order that for ALL ages it should never be blotted out. She was stamped and delineated in the mind of the eternal Artificer and possessed inseparable embraces of His Love.

#059. “Neither had the fountain of waters yet sprung out.” The images of the creatures had not ye sprung from the source and origin; for they had not yet broken from the fountains through which the channels of God’s goodness and mercy, through which the Divine Will was to be moved to create the universe and to communicate his divine attributes and perfections.

#060. ”The mountains with their huge bulk had not been established,” God had yet to decree the creation of mountains, the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, and Martyrs or other holy saints. (Sap 8:1)….but also “before the hills I was brought forth,” these are the orders of the holy angels. The Son and the Mother were conceived before both the hierarchies of the angelic hosts.

So what David said in Psalm # 8: “What is man that art thou mindful of him or the son of man, that thou visit him? Thou has made him a little lesser than the Angels. Thou has crowned him with glory and honor! Thou has set him over the works of thy hands; thou has subjected all things under his feet.” Let all understand and know that there is a God-man, who is above the Angels and men , that all are his inferior servants, for being, the first of men, He is God at the same time. Inseparably connected, one Woman and Virgin, his mother the exalted Queen of all creation.

#061. Thus David spoke to the whole human race when he said: “God made man a little less than the Angels; but although man was inferior in his nature , one Man is found who is of superior make and is set over these Angels, who were works of “the finger of God”. This superiority is in order of grace, not only His Divinity united to his humanity is concerned, but as grace was conferred by his hypostatic union.

#062. It is further said: “I was brought forth which means more than conceived; for the latter refers to the Divine Intellect of the Blessed Trinity at the INSTANT, when the incarnation was known. But to be brought forth refers to the act of Divine Will which determined this work, for the Most Holy Trinity, in its Divine councils. …. I conceived, then brought forth / born ; first conceived then immediately afterwards determined and Willed.

#063. “He had not yet made the earth, nor the rivers, nor the poles, of the world.” thus Mary was not subject to it (earth and SIN) The rivers and poles of the earth are the ‘Militant Church‘ and the gifts and grace that flow from the sources of the Divinity. Also the sacraments and the institution of the Church are signified, her safety and stability, her beauty and sanctity without blot or wrinkle (Eph5:27) this is what is meant by “the circumference of the rivers.”

#064.“When he prepared the Heavens I was there.” When he preordained Heaven and the reward to be given to the just sons of the Church, thus already was prepared the union of the humanity to the Word.

#065. “When with a certain Law and compass he enclosed the depths,” namely He decided to close the Abyss of His Divinity in the Person of the Son, that NO living person can ever compass or understand. Where none could nor ever enter except the Word . For He was able to Empty (Phil11:7) and humiliate his divinity in humanity, then, both humanity and divinity, in the womb of the most holy Mother, afterwards, in the small quantity and species of “bread ans wine, and finally , in the narrow space of sinful, mortal hearts. All this is indicated by: “abyss, law, and circle limits. Called certain by with they were fulfilled and with the difficulty of attempting to explain 

#066. Vs29. “When he established the sky above, and poised the fountains of the waters;…not pass the limits.”   He calls here the just Heavens as God remains and dwells within them by grace, according to each disposition, gives them courage and firmness to rise above earth as long as they are pilgrims, in the heavenly Jerusalem, according to their Merits. He weighs the gifts of glory, virtues, the helps, and the perfections, according to the dispositions of his Wisdom…..It was enclosed 33 years, that he might dwell among men,…What happened to 3 Apostles, at Mount Tabor might NOT happen to all men…….the distribution of the gifts of the Church militant and triumphant rest on any other foundation. #

#067. “When he balanced the foundation of the earth I was with him forming all things.” The works “ad extra” are common to the three Persons, for They are One God, One Wisdom, One Power, therefore necessary that the Word, all things are made, should be in union with the Father in making them. Also the Incarnate Word was already present in the Divine Will, all were made for Him, for He is the most noble end , were created the foundations of the earth and all that is contained in it.

#068. Father said, “And I was delighted everyday playing before him at all times playing in the world.” The Incarnate Word diverted himself, at all times, knew all the lives of all the mortals all being as one day in comparison with eternity. (Ps89:4) Delighted because the whole course of Creation had found its end, when perfection should arrive, men were to enjoy the affluence of grace and the crown of glory. Counting the days when he should descend from heaven to earth and assume flesh. Knowing all men we but a play, all is mere burlesque and deceit. He took great delight in the prospect of assuming the form of man within Her and making Her worthy of the great privilege. Delight in the fulfillment.

#069. The Divine Word adds, “ And my delight is to be with the children of men.” my contentment is to die for them, my Joy is to be their Teacher and Redeemer. Raise the needy from the dust and to unite myself with the lowly one (Ps112:7)
Suspend the glory of my body to make Myself capable of suffering and meriting for men the friendship of the Father; to be Mediator for the most indignation and malice of men and be their model and Head, whom they might imitate.

#070. He knew the constitution of the world before its creation, as it is written in the book of Wisdom (Wis7:18). All he weighed and counted (Sap11:21) that which is literally true of the rational and irrational creatures, but preordained what is signified mystically by these creatures. (outside my scope).

End of chapter V Completes (Proverbs 8:22-31)   of the Mysteries in the Mystical City of God. Now you have a complete understanding of Proverbs 8. Hoping to focus on instructions or communications as revealed from “The Most High, Jesus or Mary” concerning the Mysteries the Lord wants revealed during the 16th century into the future. Just as Mary of Jesus comments in her intro, I too remind you of St. John’s words concerning scripture in his Gospel (Jn21:25) But there are also many other things which Jesus did; I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Jesus also reminded Mary-Jesus, of this, I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. ….“city”

Disclosure: The Mystical City of God, by Maria of Agreda is one of several well known narrations of the Life of Christ based on private revelations. It Can be offer the reader good food for meditation. However, since Sacred Scripture and Tradition as explained and taught by the Church’s Magisterium provide the essentials of our Catholic faith , revelations in this volume that go beyond these foundations should be accepted with human faith. [ Pope Leo X 5th Council of Lateran 1513, When it comes to prophetic revelations the Pope is the Sole Judge.”] Therefore City of God, approved by Order of Innocent XI, Alexander VIII, Clement IX, Benedict XIII, and Benedict XIV received from 5 POPES – (pgXvii)

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