August 22, 2019

American Evangelicalism

The City to day is going to share with you an article I had cut out from “Decision Magazine, June 2016. I was given an Evangelical magazine to read, from a friend. He thought this would SAVE ME? or enlighten me?, as I needed saving, you see! But instead, I found inside this excerpt of an interview of Bob Paulson. Decision Magazine is a Billy Graham Institution, IE: Evangelical Protestant. I quote below:

To be frank, American Evangelicalism has lost its way.

Much of the Evangelical movement is in the process of melting down and following the disastrous trajectory of mainline Protestant liberalism, which has betrayed the Gospel ignominiously over 200 years. We stand on the verge of 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October 31, 2017, and it is time to see that we need reformation and revival, all over again. Our brothers and sister in Africa, Latin America and Asia put us to shame with the boldness, the courage and the supernatural power of their faith. Let us seek to be worthy of them, and “let God be God” once again – and the universities are a great place to start,” (end Quote)

But here an Evangelical is only now recognizing, after historic and unprecedented number of schisms, the total denial of the traditional reformers faiths, called “denominational” churches. Now have come to realize, they are not TRUE to the gospel message for 200 Years? I found this acknowledgement very revealing of the state of these people that call themselves Christians.

First, revelation for me is that their nature is “schismatic”. Now forming over 40,000 different churches, that no one can keep a tab on the number let alone what each “profess” in Christ? Secondly, he has recognized that for the last 200 years, the reformers are not preaching TRUTH. But in the very next sentence announces the 500th year anniversary of that position, they find themselves trapped . So even NOW after recognizing their brokenness, he remains blinded to how it all started. Finally:

Adam and Eve’s first sin – disobedience.

God gives man, 1 Command and he breaks it!

This reform movement was sparked by a disobedient flame, the flame to hate ALL things Catholic. Even today many of these Evangelical churches spend more time spewing Anti-Catholicism than researching their bible sermon, they will talk for 1 hour about. And yet they cannot see this error of hate, nor its opposition to Christ?, OR tie this to their Original Sin that has caused this fall. Has Jesus divinely broken them like he was broken on the cross? Today, lacking in Grace, this 500 year movement is metastasizing redoubling their number of schisms every ten years. While each and everyone one of them await the new ANTI-CHRIST to follow. Always shifting about, from one church to another, searching for “good feelings”, they believe is the Holy Spirit, described in Acts. Even the message of this article rings out for more of that “Ole time feeling”, the newer Churches appear to possess. Father Ripperger a Catholic Priest Exorcists, states over and over again, in his teachings….


Yet this is EXACTLY what the protestant reformers have done from the beginning! Why does he say this?…..Fr Ripperger tells us that DEMONS through sin have access to our emotions and passions. [Apostacy is a grave sin].

The Fall from Grace, 502 years ago

What then should you use for your spiritual life, if EMOTIONS are ruled out? The Church tells you use your ability to reason, your intellect, and pray on it. Use the tools God has given us to properly seek Him.

When will our neighbors begin to recognize and come to “reconciliation” with the TRUTH of the Gospels and scripture that a book is not the only pillar to their faith, or the 5 sola’s they righteously cling to; BUT OBEDIENCE to the word of GOD.  Jesus said, to Satan It is written, that Man live not by bread alone, but by every word of God.” (Lk4:4)(Mt4:1-11): Until Obedience to God and his Church is preached, self destruction of Reformers born in the sin of Disobedience will abound! Will Disobedience in faith seek reconciliation, when it believes NOT in it’s own disobedience?!  the City.

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