August 22, 2019

“Love of Neighbor, a standard was set”

to regulate ALL his actions on which his happiness depends. For to love oneself is nothing, but to wish to be happy, and that standard is union with God. In effect the command is to persuade others as far as he can “To Love God”!, St Augustine, “Love God, Thyself – Neighbor”

Love your neighbor: Spiritual Moral Welfare of our citizens: Letter to elected Governor!

Governor of Nevada: Steve Sisolak, State Capitol Building
101 N. Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701 February 16, 2019
Phone: (775) 684-5670 Fax: (775) 684-5683

RE: Voting your Catholic Conscience: LG#38. [Each individual layman must stand before the world as a witness to the resurrection and life of the Lord Jesus and a symbol of the living God.]

Congratulations Steve, on your winning the Governorship for the great state of Nevada. I have been a resident of Nevada, since 1976. To often life takes control and as if suddenly, we realize we are older, only then do we recognize, our time on this earth is very limited. Certainly this has crossed your mind more than once. I understand you attend the Shrine of the Holy Redeemer, and the Guardian Angel Cathedral, when you are in the “City of God”. You even campaigned on your Catholicity, to become a good steward for our fellow Nevada Citizens.

Since we are one in Christ (2Pt1:1), the Laity are very concerned that elected public Catholic officials properly “represent” our Faith in truth. It is disgraceful, when public persons such as N.Y. Governor Cuomo, who profess his Catholic faith by profaning the Body. Could it even be true, that he will casually receive the “Body and Blood”, each week after scandalizing the Church, by advocating and signing New York’s, “Reproductive Health Act (RHA) into law”? Clearly he is a man without conscience, campaigns as Catholic but lives a different faith. (Jude18) However, I do agree with his Bishop, who recently stated that X-communication is inappropriate. As a Catholic you know, we are “called” to assent to 100% of what the “one true Church of God teaches, received once for all, from Jesus the Christ, and handed down from his appointed Apostles and their successors. When we dissent from revealed truth, we have already been self condemned. Also, all persons NOT in union with Holy Mother Church, yet partake of the Holy Eucharist are committing a grave sin called, Sacrilege. CCC#2120. I hope you agree, that at our ages and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s, he is to be pitied for not persevering in the Faith to the end. His unrighteousness has inflamed the hearts of tens of thousands of God fearing laity and priests alike, demanding an end this diabolical demonic scourge in our country.

We are also disgusted, by our Congress motives, who seem to think assailing Catholics reputations on national TV, in the hopes of obtaining votes is a legitimate campaign strategy. I have watched this occur now at least four times. They even chose to disgrace and demonstrate their prejudice for Supreme Court Justice Thomas, because he is Catholic, despite he being a black man. One of our US Bishops even wrote an editorial, “Being Catholic is the Last Acceptable Discrimination”. Sorrowfully, our brethren, other congressional Catholics, (such as our own Ms Cortez) are afraid of their Party, daring NOT to defend CHRIST, thus denying Him in public, and assenting to their evil.

The point of this letter then, is to bring to your attention the importance of living your Catholic faith and not just using our faith for vote gathering. You are Catholic first, therefore represent, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, (“CCC”), our Sensus Fidelium (sense of the faithful). “Let not your heart be troubled” (Jn14:27), St Augustine reminds us, “the Catholic Church is the work of Divine Providence, achieved through the prophets, through the Incarnation and teaching of Christ”….so wear the Armor, Governor.

Food for thought:

CCC #846 : “Outside the Church there is NO salvation”

CCC #976 & 980: Forgiveness of sins. – – I recently watched a youtube video Fr (an EXORCIST in Co.) who addressed the need for our political figures to receive frequent confession to prevent the “Diabolical Demons” from embedding themselves into the hearts & souls of our public leaders. He stated, that a demon told him, we each have a limited number of “mortal”sins and once achieved, God allows demonic total take-over. These demons have become much more prevalent with the advent of the sexual revolution that today is manifesting itself with homosexual activity and late term abortions..

CCC #1270: Reborn as Sons of God we are called to profess our faith as received from God through His Church. (LG#38)

CCC #2270-5, Right to Life from conception

CCC # 2276-80 Euthanasia

CCC #2297-8 promoting activities that lead to increased human trafficking, (illegal immigration).

CCC # 2552-6 Avarice and seeking other worldly gifts.

The watchmen that keep the City found me: Have you seen him, whom my soul loves? (Cant3:3)

I am sure there are other references to our Apostolic Constitution but these came to mind immediately, when thinking of your new public position as Governor. “But as wise: redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”; ”Walk with wisdom towards them that are without, redeeming the time.” Wishing you the best for our state and countrymen, God Bless.


For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph6:)

St. John the Baptist scolds King Herod

Please feel free to contact other Catholic brothers and sisters, that hold public office and use this as your template. Admonish them if necessary, to bring forward the kingdom of God for all of the living for the betterment of our “spiritual welfare”. Thank you.

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