August 22, 2019

EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE after: Human Fraternity Document:

The City, after disclosing the recent ISLAM Human Fraternity Document and two open letters from Cardinal Muller and Bishop Schneider, I found this LONG FORM examination of conscience, from Examination of Conscience using the 10 Commandments of God and the 6 precepts of His Church. So lets examine what the Church tells its faithful “what is WORTHY TO CONFESS, and require ABSOLUTION, as it relates to this recent question. We are hoping to “set the record” straight for Truth’s sake, on this website. City will hi-light, emphasize where possible. These commandments and Jesus teachings are Universal to all of God’s children, including our neighbors. This “Examination of Conscience”, and the sins defined by the Church are SINS for everyone, “Jew or Greek, bond man or free, believer or non-believer”. The blood covenant through Jesus sacrifice is universal and everlasting, not just for the Catholic faithful, who acknowledge these as sins. The Mohamet people of Islam claim to be Abrahamic, conveniently “Pre- Mosaic Law”, thus they think they are “EXEMPT”! (But the demonic that rule other religions even testify to our EXORCISTS of this lie). Thus City hopes to Council the Ignorant and Admonish the Sinner, two spiritual works of Mercy, in this post!



Sins contrary to the First Commandment are the following:

Neglect of prayer; ingratitude toward God; spiritual sloth; hatred of God or of the Catholic Church; tempting God (explicitly or implicitly, e.g. by exposing one’s self to danger of soul, life, or health without grave cause); not behaving reverently when in church (e.g. not genuflecting to the Blessed Sacrament when entering or leaving the church, etc.); excessive attraction to things/creatures (e.g. over-affection to animals, sports fanatic, having movie star /music/TV idols, love for money, pleasure or power); idolatry (worshiping false gods such as giving honor to a creature in place of God (e.g. Satan, science, ancestors, country); superstition (ascribing powers to a created thing which it does not have); hypnotism (without sufficient cause); divination (communication with Satan, demons, the dead or other false practices in order to discover the unknown, consulting horoscopes,astrology, palm reading, fortunetelling); attaching undue importance to dreams, omens or lots; all practices of magic or sorcery (e.g. witchcraft, voodoo); wearing charms; playing with Ouija boards or rotating tables; spiritism (talking with the spirits); sacrilege (profaning or treating unworthily the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist, and other liturgical actions, as well as religious persons, blessed things such as sacred vessels or statues, or places consecrated to God); sacrilege by receiving a sacrament, especially the Holy Eucharist, in the state of mortal sin; simony(buying or selling of spiritual things); profane or superstitious use of blessed objects (sometimes done in order to remain in sin); practical materialism (one believes he needs and desires only material things); atheistic humanism (falsely considers man to be an end in himself, and the sole maker with supreme control of his own history); atheism in general (rejects, denies or doubts the existence of God, either in theory or practice, i.e. ignoring Him in the daily living of our lives); agnosticism (postulates the existence of a transcendent being which is incapable of revealing itself, and about which nothing can be said or makes no judgment about God’s existence declaring it impossible to prove or even to affirm or deny).

City, “None of this appears to be at issue in the Bishop of Cardinal letters”, Human Fraternity:

Sins against Faith:

Willful doubt of any article of faith; deliberate ignorance of the truths of faith which ought to be known; neglect of instructing oneself in the faith according to one’s state in life; rash credulity (e.g. giving credence to private revelation too easily or believing in a private revelations which has been condemned by the lawful Church authorities); apostasy; heresy;

Indifferentism (to believe that one religion is as good as another, and that all religions are equally true and pleasing to God, or that one is free to accept or reject any or all religions);

reading or circulating books or writings against the Catholic belief or practice in such wise as to jeopardize one’s faith; to remain silent when asked about one’s faith; engaging is schismatic or heretical worship; joining or supporting masonic groups or other forbidden societies.

Just like day break” “Indifferent-ism” is a SIN AGAINST FAITH! Is it possible a “Confessor” not know this? I guess it is up to Theologians to determine if this Examination of Conscience statement includes God willed it? 

In the Mystical City of God #165, I find a reference that might be helpful in forming our conscience on this issue. Chapter XII #165 ”
#165. Instead of seeking the True Divinity, men set up for themselves MANY false laws and each one created a god for himself according to his liking, without considering, that the confusion of so many gods as repugnant to ALL goodness, order, and peace, when by these ERRORS malice, ignorance and forgetfulness of the true God had become naturalized; when ignorant of its mortal disease and lethargy, the world had grown mute in its prayer for deliverance; when Pride reigned supreme and fools had become innumerable. (Eccl7:15)These things also I saw in the days of my vanity: A just man perish in his justice, and a wicked man live a long time in his wickedness.” when Lucifer in his arrogance was about to swallow up the Jordan (Job40:23) ‘Behold, he will drink up a river, and not wonder : and he trust that the Jordan may run into his mouth;’ in through these injuries God was more deeply offended and less and less beholden to man; when his justice had such excellent cause for annihilating all creation and reducing it to its original Nothingness.  [hope this is helpful in the persuasion!]

#190 In the Mystical city of God…..God works in all and sustains all by his sole will..  ( thus God ALLOWS and maintains, all things by his will.

#147. In the Mystical City of God …… I will rehearse these mysteries succinctly according to the order given in the Holy Scriptures……. the chastisement and restoration, the confusion of tongues, and the origin of the chosen race, humbled in Egypt; and the many other sacraments revealed to Moses by God, in order that we may be led to know his love and the justice towards men from the beginning and service, and to foreshadow that, which He has resolved to do in the future. [City of God is it possible this was a prefiguring of His Church?]

Sins against Hope:

Despair of God’s mercy (to give up all hope of salvation, and the means necessary to be saved) or want of confidence in the power of His Grace to support us in trouble or temptation; no desire to possess eternal happiness in heaven or after this earthly life; presumption (to hope for salvation without help from God or to assume God’s forgiveness with out conversion, or to hope to obtain heavenly glory without merit); presuming on God’s mercy or on the supposed efficacy of certain pious practices, in order to continue in sin; refusing any dependence on God.

Sins against Charity:

Not making an act of charity at regular intervals during life especially during times of necessity; egoism (one cares only about himself, praises himself, selfish, enjoys receiving praise) willfully rebellious thoughts against God; boasting of sin; violating God’s law, or omitting good works through human respect.


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