August 22, 2019

#7 WISDOM of MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD – Maria Agreda, Spain

Mystery – “Wisdom”, “Sophia”, “Be Attentive”

Happy they who find it, and blessed they who shall appreciate its value, rich they who shall come upon this treasure, and blessed and very wise those who shall search into and shall understand its marvels and hidden mysteries. I desire to make known to mortals how much intercession of Her is worth….(#009).

Book I – CONCEPTION CityNotes #7

Chapter XI – In the Creation of all things, he chose his people

( Does not wisdom call, does not understanding raise her voice?)

#134. In the eighth chapter of Proverbs, Wisdom says of itself, that it was present in the Creation, ordering all things conjointly with the Almighty (Prv8:30)‘I was with him forming all things: and was delighted every day, playing before him at all times.” And I said in (#054) that this Wisdom is the Incarnate Word, who with his most holy Mother was present, in Spirit when God resolved upon the Creation of the whole world. For in that instant the Son was not only coexistent in divine essence with the Father and the Holy Spirit. But also in the human nature, which He was to assume, was foreseen and conceived as the prototype of all works in the divine mind of the Father.{ Again this goes to the reality of God’s mind always outside of time, always in the NOW.}

#135. On this account He made the luminaries of heaven, the sun and the moon (Gen1:16) so that dividing the day and the night, they may symbolize the Son of Justice, Christ and his most holy mother, who is beautiful as the moon (Cant6:9), for these 2 divide the day of grace and the night of sin.

#136. Like a most courteous and bounteous Lord, He did not wish that the invited guests should wait, but that both the creation and the invitation to the banquet of his knowledge and love be one and the same act. Man was not to lose any time in that which concerned him so much: namely, to know and to praise his almighty Maker.

#137. On the sixth day he formed and created Adam of the age of 33 years, this same age that Christ was to suffer death, and Adam in regard to his body was so like unto Christ, that scarcely any difference existed. Like wise The Blessed Virgin, was like unto Eve in personal appearance and figure. God looked on these two originals with the highest pleasure and benevolence.

#138. The happy state in which God had created Adam & Eve, parents of the human race lasted only a very short while. The envy of the serpent turned to hatred right after their creation. However, Lucifer was NOT permitted to witness man’s creation, nor the formation of Eve from Adam’s rib. All these were concealed, as he had witnessed the creation of all other things.

Creation: Church cloaked in the blood of the martyrs

#139. He dreaded becoming overcome by Jesus and Mary and being conquered by Mary a mere mortal creature (not God), inferior to his nature.

#140. Lucifer then with all his energy attempted to entrap, oppose and hinder the execution of the Divine Will. He approached Eve, as he knew her to be more frail and weak, certain this would not be Christ who he was encountering. That he took the form of a serpent (Gen3:1) thus speaking to Eve drew her into conversation, that she should have opposed.

#141. When Lucifer saw the two had fallen and their interior beauty and grace and original justice changed to the ugliness of sin, he celebrated his triumph with incredible joy. Moreover he saw their sorrow and contrition, and how the beauty and grace was being restored to them. When the demons saw the “effect of contrition” all hell fell into confusion.

#142. The elect cling to their leader by faith, humility, charity, patience and all the virtues. In order to obtain victory, they are assisted, helped and beautified by the divine grace and the gifts, which the redeemer and Lord had merited for them. Where as the reprobate, without such benefit, follow him in pride, presumption, obscenity and wickedness, being led by disorders by the father of lies and originator of sin.

#147. I will rehearse these mysteries succinctly according to the order given in the Holy Scriptures. Genesis contains that which concerns the beginning and the creation of the world for the human race; the division of the earth, the chastisement and restoration, the confusion of tongues, and the origin of the chosen race, humbled in Egypt; and the many other sacraments revealed to Moses by God, in order that we may be led to know his love and the justice towards men from the beginning and service, and to foreshadow that, which He has resolved to do in the future.

#148. Exodus contains what happened in Egypt with the chosen people, plagues and punishment which God sent, chastising with the severity of a Judge, correcting the Israelites with the benignity of a Father and teaching them to appreciate his benefits by sending severe hardships. He worked great wonders with the staff of Moses which prefigured the cross as the lamb, a salvation to many, a ruin to others (Lk2:34)

#149. In the book of Levites he describes and ordains many sacrifices; they are to point out ourselves, immolated to the Majesty of God in reality, as was prefigured in these sacrifices. The vestments describes of Aaron, yet this order is inferior to the order of Melchisedech. (Ps110:4) >

#150. The book of Numbers describes the wanderings of the Israelite in the desert, prefiguring what was to happen to the Holy Church, with the Only-begotten as man, and with his most holy Mother; and the rest of the just, prefigured in the column of fire, in the manna, in the rock giving water. It contains great mysteries pertaining to numbers, deep secrets are hidden.

#151. Deuteronomy is like a second law, a repetition of the first but given in a different way and prefiguring the law of the gospels. For a according to the hidden judgments of God.

#152. Josue or Jese Nave conducts the people of God into the promised land. Typifying plainly the redeemer as well in name and deed. His history represents the destruction of the Devil, the separation and the division of the good and bad, which will happen in the last day.

#153. After Josue when the people had come into possession of the promise and wished for land, which primarily and appropriately signifies the Church acquired by Jesus Christ through the price of his blood, comes the book of Judges. These ordained by God for the government of his people, especially during the wars against the Philistines and other neighboring enemies. From these God freed and delivered them whenever they returned to God by penance and amendment of life....All these deeds prefigure and illustrate what is to happen to the Church.

#154. After the generation of the Judges came the Kings. These books contain great mysteries concerning the coming of Messiah. Heli, the priest and Saul, the king, prefigure in their death the re probation of the old law, and Sadoc and David, typify the new reign and priesthood of Christ and also His church with the small number, which are to belong to it in comparison to the rest of men in the world. The other kings of Israel and Judah and their captivities pre-signify other great mysteries of the holy Church.

#155. During the aforesaid times lived the most patient Job whose words are so mysterious, that there is Not one without its profound sacramental meaning concerning the life of Christ our Lord, the resurrection of the dead, the last judgment in the same flesh, in each one lives and concerning the violence and astuteness of the demons and their warfare against humans.

#156. the writings of the prophets sent in the time of the Kings to provide special necessities, NOT ONE of the great mysteries and sacraments pertaining to the coming of the Messiah and his law, remained undeclared or unrevealed, this the people were prepared and the law, which He was to teach.

#157. In the three great Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), he deposited Great and precious pledges calling himself the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham prefigured vividly, that which the eternal Father was to do with his Only begotten, was tempted and tried by the command to sacrifice his only son Isaac. (Gen22:1)” Instead God provides a Ram to be sacrificed, the lamb was to pay for the sins of the World.  (Jn1:29)The next day, John saw Jesus coming to him, and he saith: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who take away the sin of the world.”

#158. To Jacob was shown the mysterious ladder, full of sacraments and hidden import (Gen28:12) , principally to represent the Incarnate Word as the way and means of ascending to the Father, and of his descending down to us. On it also Ascends and Descends the angels who illuminate and guide us, bearing us up in their hands, so that we don’t stumble over the rocks of errors and heresies, and vices with which mortal life is strewn. (Ps90:12)“On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash foot against a stone.” (sin/demons)  In the midst of them we pass securely up this stairs in the faith and hope of his holy church, the house of he Lord, the portal of heaven and holiness.

#159. He showed Moses the mystical thorn-bush, which burned without being consumed. Foreshadowing the Christ whose Divinity covered with humanity remains intact and the humanity unconsumed by the Divinity. While simultaneously illustrating the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother. Although she was a daughter of Adam, a nature vested in sin, She nevertheless was stainless and without offense.

#160. He raised himself a David, according to his own heart. (1King13:14) who worthily sang the praises of the Most High, comprehending in his Psalms all the sacraments and mysteries not only of the law, but of the written and natural law. In the pardoning his enemies, he was an express image and figure of God forgiving us. Thus all the promises were made more certain to the world.

#161. Solomon, king of Peace, was an image of the King of kings. For by his great wisdom, he manifested in different writings the sacraments and mysteries of Christ. In the Canticles (Songs of Solomon) there he exposed the mysteries of his Most Holy mother, of his Church and of the faithful. Also opening up a fountain of truth and life giving knowledge, for many other writers/[the City readers also!].

#162. The two great prophets, Isaias and Jerimias, were chosen to preach to us, in a sweet and exalted manner A Virgin was to conceive , the mysteries of the Incarnation of the Word , a little son shall be born to us and bear the his kingdom on his shoulder. (Is7:14;9:16). Jeremiah announces unheard wonder that God will cause a Woman to bear a man in her womb, God and perfect man, who alone can be Christ. (Jer31:22)

#163. Ezekiel also saw this Virgin Mother in the figure and likeness of the closed gate. (Ez44:2), which was to open only for God of Israel and through which no other man could enter. Habacuc contemplates Christ our Lord on the cross and in the most profound words prophesies the mysteries of the Redemption and wonderful effects of the passion (Hab3) he also announces the decent of the Holy Spirit upon his servants and handmaids. Joel describes the land of the twelve tribes and prefiguring the apostles who were to be heads of the Church. Other prophets did the same, as God wished all his great works to be announced, prophesied, and prefigured far in advance, that they might testify the love and care he had for men.

Chapter XII God sent two morning stars as harbingers of the Law of Grace.

#165. Instead of seeking the True Divinity, men set up for themselves MANY false laws and each one created a god for himself according to his liking, without considering, that the confusion of so many gods as repugnant to ALL goodness, order, and peace, when by these ERRORS malice, ignorance and forgetfulness of the true God had become naturalized; when ignorant of its mortal disease and lethargy, the world had grown mute in its prayer for deliverance; when Pride reigned supreme and fools had become innumerable. (Eccl7:15)These things also I saw in the days of my vanity: A just man perish in his justice, and a wicked man live a long time in his wickedness.” when Lucifer in his arrogance was about to swallow up the Jordan (Job40:23) ‘Behold, he will drink up a river, and not wonder : and he trust that the Jordan may run into his mouth;’ in through these injuries God was more deeply offended and less and less beholden to man; when his justice had such excellent cause for annihilating all creation and reducing it to its original Nothingness.

#166. The Attribute of Mercy, counterbalanced the weight of the incomprehensible justice with the law of clemency. And chose to Yield more to his own goodness. Sending in to the world two bright luminaries to announce the approaching dawn of the sun of Justice, Christs Salvation. These were St. Joachim & St. Anne, whose home was in Nazareth, a town of Galilee.

#167. Anne had an infused knowledge of the Divine scriptures, with virtues of faith, hope, and love she was un-excelled. equipped with thee gifts she prayed for the Messiah. “thou hast wounded my heart with one of the hairs of thy neck”(Cant4:9)  Thou has wounded my heart, my sister, my spouse, thou hast wounded my heart with one of thy eyes, and with one hair of thy neck. Without doubt St Anne holds a high position among the O.T. Saints. Whose merits hastened the redeemer.

#168. Sister Maria- Agreda tells us, Jesus appeared to her (Anne) in visible form, while engaged in fervent prayer for the coming of the Savior and the Redeemer of Men…..prostrated before Him, He encouraged her, As being destined to be the ark of the TRUE MANNA , Mary most holy, Mother of the Word. For Only this Holy angel (Gabriel) had been informed of this sacramental mystery on being sent with this message. Without disclosing all, the angel said unto her, “ The Most High give thee his blessing, servant of God, and thy salvation. His Majesty has heard thy petitions and He wishes thee to persevere therein and that thou continue to clamor for the coming of the Redeemer. It is his will, that thou accept Joachim as thy spouse , for he is a man of upright heart and acceptable to the Lord…..Walk in the straight paths of justice and let thy souls converse be in heaven……Lord who is thy salvation.”

#169. The Archangel did not appear but spoke to Joachim “Be thou blessed by thy Right hand of the Most High. Persevere in thy desires and live according to rectitude and perfection.” Joachim immediately asked for Anne in joint obedience to divine ordainment, they espoused each other. From their estate they divided into three parts. The first one they offered to the temple of Jerusalem for the worship of the Lord; the 2nd they distributed to the poor, and the third they retained for the decent sustenance of themselves and family.

#170. The humble Anne subjected herself and conformed herself in all things to the will of Joachim: a man of God, humility, sought to know the desires of holy Anne confiding in her with his WHOLE HEART and he was not deceived.
(Prov31:11) “The heart of her husband trust in her, and he shall have no need of spoils.” Thus they lived in perfect charity toward one another. (Mt18:20)

Famous Holy Family of Mary Icon

#171. (Ps20:4) He prepared her for, “ He should make her a worthy mother of the most pure Creature, who should be superior in sanctity to ALL creatures and inferior only to God.

#172. Twenty years passes, without issue and they bore the reproach and insult from their neighbors and acquaintances for all those that were childless were considered excluded from the benefits of the Messiahs. They MADE an express VOW to the Lord, that IF He should give them issue, they would consecrate it to His service in the temple of Jerusalem.

#174. Joachim was in the temple offering prayers and sacrifices for the coming of the Messiahs and for the fruit he desired. For Joachim was reprehended as inferior as a priest for his being childless.

#175. “If it is thy pleasure to yield to my petition, and grant me issue I will offer it and consecrate it to thy holy temple in perpetual service.” {this same petition is uttered by Anne at the same moment and granted by the Most High.}

#176. While Joachim was making his petitions in his retirement, the holy angel manifested to Anne, that her prayer for an issue, accompanied by such holy desires and intentions, was pleasing to the Almighty. She prays prostrate “my soul reveres as the True God, infinite, holy and eternal! Prostrate in they real presence I will speak, though I am but dust and ashes. (Gen18:27); (Est13:9) And said: O Lord, Lord, almighty king, for all things are in thy power, and there is none that can resist thy will, if thou determine to save Israel .

#177. It is necessary to estimate and judge them in connection with the most high end and ministry, for which they were CHOSEN by God; the immediate grandparents of Christ our Lord and parents of the most holy Mother.

Sister Maria Agreda Incorruptible body in her monastery

End chapter XII – the Mysteries in the Mystical City of God. Profound mysteries are shared in these 2 chapters, ones that require further investigation. I share what meets the criteria for this synthesis. Hoping to focus on instructions or communications as revealed from “The Most High/ Jesus or Mary” concerning the Mysteries the Lord wants revealed during the 17th century into the future. Just as Mary of Jesus comments in her intro, I too remind you of St. John’s words concerning scripture in his Gospel (Jn21:25) But there are also many other things which Jesus did; I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Jesus also reminded Mary-Jesus, of this, I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. ….“” How that, according to revelation, the mystery has been made known to me, as I have written above in a few words; As you reading, may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ, . (Eph3:2-3) ….“”

Disclosure: The Mystical City of God, by Maria of Agreda is one of several well known narrations of the Life of Christ based on private revelations. It can offer the reader good food for meditation. However, since Sacred Scripture and Tradition as explained and taught by the Church’s Magisterium provide the essentials of our Catholic faith , revelations in this volume that go beyond these foundations should be accepted with human faith. [ Pope Leo X 5th Council of Lateran 1513, When it comes to prophetic revelations the Pope is the Sole Judge.”] Therefore City of God, approved by Order of Innocent XI, Alexander VIII, Clement IX, Benedict XIII, and Benedict XIV received from 5 POPES – (pgXvii)

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