August 22, 2019

In the Name of the Lord

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Jn12:13)

The Son of God was made the Son of Man for our salvation. Nine months, He waited for His birth in the womb… He who encloses the world in his fist was contained in the narrow walls of the manger … When He was whipped. He remained calm. When he was crucified. He prayed for His crucifiers.

The only response we can make toward Him is to give blood for blood. Because we are redeemed by the blood of Christ , we would gladly desire to lay down our lives for our Redeemer.

What saints have ever won their crowns without competing first?

Which is the best — to fight for a short time, to carry stakes for the stockade, to bear arms, and to faint under heavy battles in order to rejoice as victors forever, or to become slaves forever because we can’t endure for a single hour?

JEROME – Saint & Doctor of the Church [340 – 420AD]

In the Western church four eminent Fathers of the Church attained this honor St Gregory the Great, St. Ambrose, St Augustine, and St Jerome. The “four Doctors” became commonplace among the Scholastics, and a decree of Boniface VIII (1298) ordering their feasts to be kept as doubles in the whole Church is contained in his sixth book of Decretals (cap. “Gloriosus”, de relique. et vener. sanctorum, in Sexto, III, 22). To sum up, the biblical knowledge of St. Jerome, makes him rank first among ancient exegetes. In his controversies he was simply the interpreter of the accepted ecclesiastical doctrine. Compared with St Augustine, his inferiority in breadth and originality of view is most evident.

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