August 22, 2019

They Should Have Known

St. John CHRYSOSTUM [ Doctor of the Church (considered greatest of the Eastern Church), born at Antioch, C.347; Died at Commana in Pontus, Sept.14,0407. AD . John — whose surname “Chrysostom” occurs for the first time in the “Constitution” of Pope Vigilius (cf. P.L., LX, 217) in the year 553 — is generally considered the most prominent Doctor of the Greek Church, and the greatest preacher ever heard in a Chrisitan pulpet His natural gifts, as well as exterior circumstances, helped him to become what he was. Taken from a Homily on St Matthew.

” Then the Pharisees going, consulted among themselves how to insnare him in his speech” (Mt22:15)

Then When? When most of all they ought to have been moved to compunction, when they should have been amazed at His love to man, when they should have feared the things to come, when from the past they ought to have believed touching the future also. For indeed the things that had been said cried aloud in actual fulfillment I mean, that publicans and harlots believed, and prophets and righteous men were slain, and from these things they ought not to have gainsaid touching their own destruction, but even to believe and to be sobered . But nevertheless not even so do their wicked acts cease, but travail and proceed further. And for as much they could not lay hands on Him (for they feared the multitude), they took another way with the intention of bringing Him into danger, and making Him guilty of crimes against the state.

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