August 22, 2019

On the Authority of Women in the Churches

St. John Chrysostom ca. 349-407 Doctor:

[T]hose things which I have already mentioned might easily be performed by many even of those who are under authority, women as well as men; but when one is required to preside over the Church, and to be entrusted with the care of so many souls, the whole female sex must retire before the magnitude of the task, and the majority of men also; and we must bring forward those who to a large extent surpass all others, and soar as much above them in excellence of spirit as Saul over topped the whole Hebrew nation in bodily stature: or rather far more. (1Sam.10:23) For in this case let me not take the height of shoulders as the standard of inquiry; but let the distinction between the pastor and his charge be as great as that between rational man and irrational creatures, not to say even greater, inasmuch as the risk is concerned with things of far greater importance. (On the Priesthood Bk. 2.2)

Jesus the Word, Greek Icon

The divine law indeed has excluded women from the ministry, but they endeavor to thrust themselves into it; and since they can effect nothing of themselves, they do all through the agency of others; and they have become invested with so much power that they can appoint or eject priests at their will: things in fact are turned upside down, and the proverbial saying may be seen realized— “The ruled lead the rulers”; and would that it were men who do this instead of women, who have not received a commission to teach. Why do I say teach? For the blessed Paul did not suffer them even to speak in the church. But I have heard someone say that they have obtained such a large privilege of free speech, as even to rebuke the prelates of the churches, and censure them more severely than masters do their own domestics. (On the Priesthood Bk. 3.9)

On Blind Obedience to Church Leadership – Jesus, & His Hierarchs

First, that the Canons and the commandments are under the authority of the Hierarchs; secondly, that we should not examine what our Hierarchy, teachers, and spiritual fathers tell us, but just obey them in all things with simplicity; and thirdly, they cite the Apostolic dictum: (Epistle to Polycarp) Therefore, the fact that the Hierarchs has the Gospel placed on his head signifies that he is under authority.” (Homily ‘That the Legislator of the Old and New Testaments is One and the Same’) {a fact Martin Luther did or should have known, before he began his rebellion.}

On the Sane Members of the Church:[T]he sane members of the Church respect the sacred canons, and refer matters pertaining to these to bishops and presidents, thus showing by their deeds a great respect for those whom they esteem for the sake of the good order. (The Fount of Knowledge: On Heresies, 100) St. John of Damascus ca. 676-749

What does Sacred Scripture say?

“Obey them that rule over you, and submit yourselves. (Heb. 13:17) “Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.” (Jn14:23)Whoever keeps His commandments abides in God, and God in him. And by this we know that he abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us. (1Jn3:24)The scribes and the Pharisees have sitten on the chair of Moses. All things therefore whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do: (Mt23:2) ( to select a few passages of many)

Moses Seat, Michelangelo Vatican This small excerpt from St John Chrysostom Doctor of the Church “On the Priesthood” witnesses, that Satan through women inside and outside the Church are attempting to overturn Divine Law regarding the Priesthood since the 4th Century, possibly longer, as we interpret St Paul’s Epistle to Corinth as his admonishment to the women of the church.

Let women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted them to speak, but to be subject, as also the law saith. (1Cor14:34).

If we look further, at Eve in the garden, Adam and Eve were told Obey 1 Divine Law (ie. Commandment) do not eat of the tree in the Center of the garden. (Tree of Knowledge). She was disobedient and unrepentant and the world has been suffering from this introduction of sin since.

Oh Lord, How long must we suffer, this?

Still in 2019, Women keep “thrusting themselves“, after the Priesthood receiving the same denial, from John Paul II through the ages to St John Chrysostom, Doctor, as St. Paul, ALL taught, the response is the same. Our Church was ordained, founded by Jesus Christ , the second person of the Blessed Trinity, who we worship. This matter, was settled long ago, and has nothing to do with this rebellious age or modern times, and everything related to Obedience of the Divine Natural Order Visibly observable and Deigned, upon His Creation. After 2000 years, the Church’s foundations of Apostolic Doctrine as handed down from Jesus has time and again said the same thing as John Paul II, “ We find no Apostolic authority for such teaching”. “Translation, as Instruction to the Ignorant,” woman”, Jesus did not grant the Church this authority!

Would you please just, STOP for once, with this 2 millennial dissension, inside our Church? And take this emotional unsound argument up instead with The Blessed Trinity to change the Mind, Word and Law of His Judgment!

CityofGod offers this plea, in all Charity, as an Act of Mercy against Grace; Instruct the Ignorant, Admonish Sinners, and Comfort the afflicted. Some people in church of nice, have forgotten to put this kind (heretics) in their place. 03 /30/2019.

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