August 22, 2019

“UNPLANNED” the movie, HERESIES – topsy turvy

( City explores the Apologetics viewpoint – humbly Seeking Truth of these images.)

This movie could be designated Unplanned Errors?

“Are these organized promotions, cooperation and support completely intentional by Satan and his demonic forces or by chance just due to our wretched society? After more than a month of anticipation of this anti-abortion movie, little did I realize that I was about to be duped into enrolling into the School of Modernism, in their social Feminist moral teaching & errors while it mocks my faith., can only hope to address some of the errors in this Unplanned, “ the movie.” How Unplanned, the movie, provides the platform for Satan as a tool to mock my faith in Christ. These errors are addressed in this essay, 1) God’s Mercy, Divine righteousness justice, forgiveness of sins, 2) necessity of Church, attacks on prayer, Matrimony, and 3) family values while treating societies errors as christian normal. ( The movie represents christians accepting upside down Divine Natural Law and order, replaced with Feminism, Modernism theology )

I – Modernism conquers Catholicity

“Overall the theme was very good,(our hook). Despite this, I left the theater feeling that something was not right. On the way home, I discussed, the movie with my daughter, to compare notes, if you will), below are our collective thoughts about the movie. We both were saddened by disappointment and with disapproval. The movie presented too many absurdities as normal for fruitful christian life. To many scenes, where non-Christian ideals flowed but were presented as Christ teaching as normal. While depicting the overall theme as a morally good – “ending abortion”, the School of Modernism, weaved his errors with ignorance of Catholicism and mockery However relieved I was for a change, in a Hollywood film not having the villain portrayed as Catholic, City notes the following. The producers inserted a scene (“teaching moment”) where one and only one female working for Planned Parenthood proclaimed her faith “I am Catholic”. Despite our doctrine to the contrary; #2272 Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of X-communication to this crime against life. When this is expressly forbidden by the Church. Her statement was a lie as she is a self condemned and no longer a Catholic in union with the Church. Instead Unplanned used this, to attack the Church, leaving the opposite impression for viewers, and conveniently makes no reference ever of anyone elses attachment to a specific congregation, or denomination.

As this admission added nothing to the movie drama, it therefore must be seen for the attack on the Church, that it is!

Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman: Why hath God commanded you, that you should not eat of every tree of paradise?

While providing more ammunition for the Evangelical apologists for the future. This portrayal of my Church, while ignoring her teaching was an open passive attack on Christian immorality today, inside the death morgues of Planned Parenthood. The spiritual work of Mercy “instructing the ignorant” absent. Even the jean wearing “roady” bible minister in Abbey’s church scene, looks to be a bible tent environment. (aka temporary, and conditional, thus proselytizing for Modernism was another scene that appears out of place.

The problem of natural knowledge is the burning question in present-day metaphysics. It is not surprising therefore that the question of supernatural knowledge is the main subject of discussion in religious polemics. Finally, Pius X has said that modernism embraces all the heresies. And what error, we ask, more fully justifies the pope’s statement than that which alters dogma in its root and essence? It is furthermore clear — to use a direct argument — that Modernism fails in its attempt at religious reform, if it makes no change in the Catholic notion of dogma.

Papa PIOUS X, Oath against Modernism

II – Uncomfortable with the praying over dead tissues in 50 gallon drums?:

I regret, that Catholics may be tone deaf to this culture of self determinism in Modernism ideals of KANT, that are so thoroughly ingrained into the Congregationalist culture. While the movie gives efficacious value to prayers. (said outside the Church, of course) Prayer near the abortion morgues, was ordained with immediate benefits in eliciting fewer abortions, on that day. We see the people of the 40 Days for Life are depicted as good people and definitely from “the Church of nice”, but under Modernism of self willed revelation “all people” are your neighbors are good partners in the fight against abortion even if they are “misguided”, and “unsaved”. What we saw; the movie directors give huge assist for open attack on Catholics, in one of Evangelicals all time “favorites”, the ridicule Catholic practice of “praying for the dead”. How? By demonstrating, the idea of public prayer over 2 fifty gallon barrels of dead tissue is scandalous, is NOT CATHOLIC and is improper. Yet they prayed in ignorance.

In fact, the scene’s portrayal is exactly how protestants view Catholics praying for the dead ( a barrel of ghoulish stew of dead tissue). As most congregationalist are taught the (error) little souls go directly to heaven. While ill formed Catholics may believe, they are participating in ecumenism, hoping unity for God’s Church these misrepresent Catholics understanding of prayer for the dead and Vatican II ecumenism. Vatican II insists, we are called to understand the non-catholic faith community first, before ecumenism. This uneducated malformed ecumenism then is a cause for mostly Catholic error (sin). In truth, Catholic portrayal in the movie provides witness to heresies against the necessity of Baptism and the faith in Jesus Christ as sole mediator for salvation, as Augustine attested in the fourth century. Only a perverted lie, was presented, (not of our “hope” for of the living soul of the babies) in this scene “Catholic praying over dead”.

Yes, we are called to “hope” in charity, but NOT deny the reality of Sin, Abortion is Satan’s Victory. The aborting parents never express “a baptism of desire”, as well meaning as these believers may be, such spiritual adoptive parent? have NO authority over these child’s souls. Under the Divine Law of Order, these human parents contractually handed them to the devils woeful account, and he is not freely letting them go!

As an apologists gazes into Luther’s eyes of error, we expect, this persistent denial of Church teaching. To have a Catholic ridicule, mock, and twist Catholic Truths, movie bears evidence,“ May we pray over the dead tissues?”, is FAR worse. The truck driver wheels the barrel over then gets them another? As if it’s necessary, to emphasize the point of ridicule. The church teaches [#2275…It is immoral to produce human embryo s intended for exploitation as disposable biological material,” CDF donum vitae1,3. ]

Fetus? baby @ 15-20 weeks

#2272….. the church recognizes without restriction to Mercy. Rather, she makes clear the gravity of the crime committed, the irreparable harm done to the innocent who is put to death.

[ provides the definition to Irreparableincapable of being rectified. Regrettably, words have meaning this usage plainly means what it states.]

(42) Second Vatican Council, Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et spes, 10. Cf. St. Augustine, who wrote that Christ is the way, which “has never been lacking to mankind… and apart from this way no one has been set free, no one is being set free, no one will be set free” De civitate Dei 10, 32, 2: CCSL 47, 312.

Having witnessed in defense of my faith, versus Evangelical Protestantism, over 20 years. I see this movie as Catholics drinking the amoral cup of kool-aid in Satanic error only to end up with a theme of social good “life” while pointing to errors and open heresies in my face. [Depicting Catholics in open public heresy against the Church. 1) Prayer for the dead are only for souls in purgatory with venial sin. the unbaptized have NO PART / status in this, (infant OR adult) , Only our hope in God’s mercy, in final judgment. 2) Such scandalous behavior is the specific heretical behavior in denial of original sin, rejection of the necessity of baptism and the rejection of Jesus efficacious Cross as a necessity for dying, as true man, (as Augustine pointedly defeated the Pelagius error of his time). Yes, abortion is woeful and sorrowful primarily as the devil wins these souls from the sinfulness of its parents, of society and becomes evils’ vain glory upon the doctor’s miserable words “beam me up Scottie,” another total disdain for human dignity of the woman and her child.

III – FEMINIST TOPSY TURVY as Approved NORMAL christian:

Topsy Turvy Unplanned gives us a Man who loves the independent murderess so-much, he marries her even as she is attached to this career of death.
Yet he still marries her, even after she had two abortions, and he submits his authority as head of house and family over to this woman?? He dutifully takes care of their child, while mom drives off to work, killing babies. Receiving their primary source of income from this inherent evil, the husband is meekly portrayed with lip service in opposing abortion and hoping for her in another career. The woman’s career decision was paramount. While he cedes his authority, to this evil because of his great love. Of course, this is upside down Divine Natural law, opposes to christian teaching [ Gen3:16; Num5:19; Rom7:2; 1Cor7:13; Eph5:2, 21; Col3:18; Heb13:17). Packaged perfectly for the feminist movement. Both husbands (her father or husband) disorderly rules over his household. This pervasive feminism, in our culture, cause untold spiritual damage to our children, when the wife disorderly rules and is not submissive. In portraying their husbands morally good the two women do her Will. If that wasn’t enough! Her father, another character portrayed as a “god-fearing submissive man” questions the future son’s-in-law intention for his daughter and sees the young man’s blind love for his daughter as reason enough to give his blessing.
Despite the absurdity this presents to our idea of Catholic Matrimony, [“The two will become one flesh.” ] and his Fatherly parental responsibility is absent or disordered. This malformed conscience of Father and marriage is positively displayed in 8 blissful loving years, and later the announcement of their 8 children. Originally with her “One and done” motto of ambitious feminist work ethic, clearly super-cedes her motherly call in God’s design. When the heroin comes to her senses, her reality of lies crash before her, she sees her bad judgment, the loving husband unconditionally supports her, she remains in control. Even so, when she comes home with blood on her shoes, he barely raises an eyebrow to her careless indiscretion and lying to his child. Our two male role models of this family consistently remain true to their submissive roles of their households, submitting themselves to the idolatry of Feminist theocracy, not Christianity.

Gen3:16 To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over thee.

Yet another, in your face Catholic moment is seen in the husbands flawed and malformed christian conscience when he proclaims, “Halloween the Best holiday ever!” The PEGAN Celtic festival of Samhain; Really?? “Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. (Just as the christian values have been theatrically blurred in this movie, even using the dead for their desires.)

All Hallows Eve, Protestant Anniversary? Coincidence or Not? You decide?

Of Course, as a Catholic apologist, I view the “hidden” but certain message, of this out of place scene, of trick or treating, as a Tribute to their author of error. As an expression of open Disobedience for a Pagan Holiday, also chosen by Martin Luther’s protest, “El Dia de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead” to begin his official Church rebellion 502 years ago, without which the seeds of Modernism could never have found fertile soil.

Luther hammered his 95 Theses on a Church door he Pastored on this date 502 years ago

IV.Attack on Catholic faith, God’s Justice, the Church dogma “forgiveness of sins” and her authority to do so!

Comparing these “notions“, the Catholic and the Modernist, we shall see that Modernism alters the source, the manner of promulgation, the object, the stability, and the truth of dogma. For the modernist, the only and the necessary source is the private consciousness. For the modernist, the essential nature of dogma consists in its correspondence with and its capacity to satisfy a certain momentary need of the religious feeling (as opposed to intellect of Truth).

This is what is on display in Unplanned.

We saw this so movingly exploited in UNPLANNED: Abbey, our heroine miraculously, is touched with remorse for her self suicide of 2 children, deceptions in convincing women to the sin of abortion, through blatant “timeshare sales tactics & lies” and the admission of her oversight as director, in some 22,000 child sacrifices. In the final scenes she correctly calls these acts “child sacrifices” but then like Eve, shifts her blame to cultural lifestyle choice, “altar of her inconvenience”, Abbey confesses? And not Satan’s Altar of WOE, for his vain glory that it truly is.

Abbey sheds a few tears of emotional distress while her “spiritual” husband gives their Modernism attack on God’s mercy. Mercy is granted to this sinner, because she simply asked. In essence, Justice is served by a few tears and oneself judgment. Sadly her husband is portrayed as a spiritually gifted intuitive person, Ordained with priestly authority! (as protestants generally see themselves), He serves up the devils lie, in the final scenes pronouncing her absolution for her 22,000 murders, after a life time of sinfulness, because he can’t stand to see her cry a few crocodile tears. And “he & God” love her so much? The Christ & his Church, as moral authority is ABSENT in this confession that grants her mercy without justice! Nonchalantly, the husband (the character portrayed as a spiritually gifted christian) absolves her of her sins, based on his self willed moral authority, and defines his will as God’s will. WOW. My daughter’s comment on this sense of justice was, “God ‘hung up’, on these women of abortion a long time ago.”

In the modernist conception, the Church can no longer define dogma in God’s name and with His infallible help; the ecclesiastical authority is now but a secondary interpreter, subject to the collective consciousness which she has to express. Modernism (Kant) is a protestant error whose formation can be traced to Martin Luther, who denied and ridiculed the Church’s authority, after HE VOWED to God, to Church, and his superiors his lifetime Obedience.

Power of Binding & Loosening, not just for Peter?

More insite on Modernism: [ APA citation. Vermeersch, A. (1911). Modernism. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved March 29, 2019 from New Advent:]

Origin: KANT MORAL PHILOSOPHY: (1724 Germany) on the heals of Martin Luther the Augustinian monk. In other words, the basis of modernist philosophy is Kantian if, because Kant is its father and most illustrious moderate representative, all agnosticism be called Kantism (by agnosticism is meant the philosophy which denies that reason, used at any rate in a speculative and theoretical way, can gain true knowledge of suprasensible things).

The Source of LAW is Man’s will. The fundamental principle of morality — the CI [“Categorical Imperative” (CI)] — is none other than the law of an autonomous will. Thus, at the heart of Kant’s moral philosophy is a conception of reason whose reach in practical affairs goes well beyond that of a Humean ‘slave’ to the passions. Moreover, it is the presence of this self-governing reason in each person that Kant thought offered decisive grounds for viewing each as possessed of equal worth and deserving of equal respect. To the extreme Each person’s self Will therefore DICTATES the moral vs. immoral.

In short “ I am ok you are ok”. Allowing each to judge themselves as a “good person”. Each individual defines morality for oneself. This theism is denial of the Source of ALL created things. “God” This pervasive and perverse philosophy so permeates much of Protestant theism’s in our culture, we have accepted Satan’s lie. Today the average college graduate believes that truth is relative and that there can and are more than 1 truth. Can you find a college graduate today that will state, “Truth is Absolute”?


Man the created… A large part of Kant’s work addresses the question “What can we know?” The answer, if it can be stated simply, is that our knowledge is constrained to mathematics and the science of the natural, empirical world. It is impossible, Kant argues, to extend knowledge to the super sensible realm of speculative metaphysics. VS CATHOLIC DOGMA:

In essence, We cannot know God,??? he did not reveal himself through His Creation. certainly not the “Word made Flesh”?? (Jn1:14; Ps34[33]6; Ezk3:17; Heb11:3; Acts15:7) …really?

Psychology: Not discussed on Blog.

Then again they are moved by sentiments of liberalism and moderation, which reduce the importance of formal religion, as they see in the various cults only private opinions which change with time and place, and which merit an equal respect from all. In the West where people are of a more practical turn, a non-intellectual interest explains the success of heresies which win a certain popularity…. Hence it is that some Catholics, who are not quite steady in their faith and religion, attempt to revolt, and count themselves fortunate in having some doctrinal pretexts to cover their secession.

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  1. Yours is the only true Catholic review of the Unplanned movie I have found. I only wish many others would realize the diabolical influence behind this movie’s success. No one can defend Life while at the same time offend Christ and His Church. I was initially deceived myself as someone who prays with 40 Days for Life. I am shocked to learn the truth behind the scenes of this movie. Anyone can watch it being promoted by its stars and producers on the “Benny Hinn Show”. This and many more diabolical influences are behind this movie. I will always Pray to end Abortion and I will always be Pro-Life but first and foremost as a faithful Catholic. It is very sad to see how Satan is behind this movie and what damage that does to a true pro-life movement, To be Catholic is to be Pro-Life and not to be is not.

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