August 21, 2019

PRAYER to the SORROWFUL Mother – #204 Raccolta p139

SACRA PAENITENTIARIA APOSTOLICA Authorized by the Holy See 30 maji 1951 /2010

Most Holy Mother of Sorrows, by that soul piercing martyrdom thou didst undergo at the foot of the Cross during the three hours’ agony of Jesus, deign to assist me also, who am the child of thy sorrows, in my agony, so that by thine intercession I may be found worthy to pass from my deathbed to thy blessed society in paradise.

From a sudden and unprovided death,
Deliver me, O Lord

From the snares of the devil,
Deliver me, O Lord

From everlasting death,
Deliver me, O Lord , Let us pray.

O God, who for the salvation of mankind hast made for us in the most bitter death of Thy Son both an example and a refuge; grant we beseech Thee, that we may be found worthy to obtain the fruit of His great love in our final peril at the hour of death, and to be made partakers of our Redeemer’s glory. through the same Christ our lord. Amen.

{ An Indulgence of 7 years. A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, if this prayer is recited daily for a month.} {S.C. Rit., Aug.26,1814; S.C. Ind.,Dec/8,1897; S.P. Ap., May 27, 1935)}, Praise Be to God, what a great Religion and Our Lord is Merciful to his faithful.

Our Mother of sorrows, Suffers with Others

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