August 21, 2019

The Cross & Our Mother of Sorrows

Recommended Invocations : (Daily Indulgences)

[ With Fear and Trembling workout your Salvation (Phil2:2) ]

#186. “The Cross is my sure Salvation. The Cross it is that I worship evermore. The Cross of our Lord is with me. The Cross is my refuge.” (St Thomas,p124; Pius IX 1/21/1874, (300days)

#187. “Hail, O Cross, our hope.” (500 days; Mar 20,1934)

#191. We adore Thee, O Christ, and we bless Thee; by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.” (pg125) (3 years) (S.P. Ap., Fwb 2,1934)……The faithful who recite the Apostles’ Creed in a conjunction with the above short prayer in a spirit of devotion to the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ, are granted: (10 years)

#192. “Lord, I give Thee thanks for that Thou didst die upon the Cross for my sins.” St Paul of the Cross, (300 days) plenary if repeated consecutively for 1 month.(pg125)

#194. Pius act of THE WAY OF THE CROSS (plenary Indulgence each time) Clement XIV,Jan26,1773. Pg128

#195. Good Friday meditation 3 hours. On the sufferings of the dying Saviour and the Sacred Words, recite Psalms….Condition Confession and Communion reception Holy Thursday, or Easter Week. (Other Fridays – 7 years)

#196. On any Friday. (7) Our Fathers, Hail Mary, & Glory Be…etc devoutly said before the Crucifixion. [Ind. 7Yrs. ] pg129. Aug4, 1837


#375. “Holy Mother, pierce me through, In my heart each wound renew, Of my Saviour crucified.” (500 days) Plenary after one month usual conditions pg270 , Aug 1, 1934

#376. “Mary Most sorrowful, Mother of Christians, pray for us.” (300days) pg. 270, Pius X, Sep 23, 1935.

#377. “Virgin most sorrowful, pray for us.” Devoutly recite Hail Mary. 7 times w/Invocation = 5yrs. (300 days), invocation alone: Nov 22,1934

#377 “Virgo dolorosissma, ora pro nobis.”

Devout exercises:

#379. 3pm Good Friday, devout meditation, plenary indulgence, on other Fridays, and Noon on the following Sunday. (5ys Ind), Jun18,1822; Jun 16,1931, pg274.

#381. The faithful during September performing BVM devotions gain 5 yrs. Ind. Each day pg275, Apostolic Brief Apr 3,1857; Nov 12,1936. pg 275.

#382. On 7 any precedingFriday – Feast of Sorrows 7- Our Father, Hail Marys, & Glory be’s [7yrs]Apostolic Brief Mar 18,1932, pg275.

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