August 22, 2019

True God, True Man Incredible

MY FATHER IS THE HUSBANDMAN – “Jesus the True Vine -I am the true vine: and my Father is the husbandman”. Every branch in me that bear not fruit, he will take away: and every one that bear fruit, he will purge it, that it may bring forth more fruit. (Jn15:1-2)


Doctor & St. Ambrose of Milan ca. 338-397

Now if there is no doubt that the Son is called the vine in respect of His Incarnation, you can see our Lord’s hidden Truth in saying, “The Father is greater than I.” For after establishing this premise , He immediately continued: “I am the True Vine an my Father is the Husbandman.” As a result you can know that the Father is greater because He prepares and cares for our Lord’s Flesh, as farmers prepare and care for their vines. Furthermore our Lord’s flesh was able to grow with age and be wounded through suffering. Therefore, the whole human race could rest under the shadow of the cross’ outstretched limbs, guarded from the pestilent heat of the world’s pleasures.

CHRIST SUFFERED : True God – True Man Dogma

It is written that Christ suffered: He suffered then in respect of His flesh: in respect of His Godhead He has immortality. He who denies this, is a devil. (The Proceedings from the Council of Aqueila 25) St Ambrose

HYPOSTATIC UNION by St. John Chrysostom ca. 349-407

Through union, God the Logos and the Flesh are one, without the occurrence of a mingling, without the disappearance of the natures, but because of an ineffable, indefinable union. How this union took place, ask not. God alone knows. Homily26,On the Gospel of Johnin Migne,Patrologia Graeca59, 154)

TRUE FAITH AND TWO NATURES by St. Hilary of Poitiers 300-368

This is the true faith for human blessedness, to preach at once the Godhead and the manhood, to confess the Word and the flesh, neither forgetting God, because He is man, nor ignoring the flesh, because He is Word. (De Trinitate 9.3)

Resurrection of the Flesh , Three Incredibles

And the very manner in which the world’s faith was won is found to be even more incredible, if we consider it. Men uninstructed in any branch of a liberal education, without any of the refinement of heathen learning, unskilled in grammar, not armed with dialectic, not adorned with rhetoric, but plain fishermen, and very few in number – these were the men whom Christ sent with the nets of faith to the sea of this world, thus took out of every race so many fishes, and even the philosophers themselves, wonderful as they are rare. Let us add, if you please, or because you ought to be pleased, this third incredible thing to the two former. And now, we have three incredibles all of which have yet come to pass.

It is incredible that Jesus Christ should have risen in the flesh and ascended with flesh into heaven; it is incredible that the world should have believed so incredible a thing; it is incredible that a very few men, of mean birth and the lowest rank, and no education, should have been able so effectively to persuade the world, and even its learned men, of so incredible a thing.

“Lord, I am a Sinful man”, St. Peter upon reeling in all these fish.(Lk5:8)

Of these three incredibles, the parties with whom we are debating refuse to believe the first; they cannot refuse to see the second, which they are unable to account for if they do not believe the third.

It is incredible that the resurrection of Christ, and his ascension into heaven with the flesh in which He rose, is already preached and believed in the whole world?…… And if the world had put faith in a small number of men, of mean birth and the lowest rank, and no education, it is because the divinity of the thing itself appeared all the more manifestly in such contemptible witnesses. The eloquence, indeed, which lent persuasion to their message, consisted of wonderful works, not words. ….Doctor & St.Augustine City of God Resurrection of the Flesh pg 815.

Daily Indulgence: An Indulgence of for each of the following “ejaculations”, even when separately recited. If said during elevation in the Mass (S.C. Ind., Jun 30,1893, S.P. Feb 25,1933.)

“Hail, saving victim, offered for me and all mankind upon the gibbet of the Cross.”

“Hail, Precious Blood, flowing from the wounds of our crucified Lord Jesus Christ, and washing away the sins of the whole world.”

“Be mindful, O Lord, of Thy creature, whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy Precious Blood.

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