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#11 WISDOM of MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD – Maria Agreda, Spain

Chapter XVIII – The Mystery of Conception of holy Mary – Explaining Rev. chapter 21 (2of3) sequil Second part of Rev Chapter 21.

Mystery – “Wisdom”, “Sophia”, “Be Attentive”

The Queen promised (Maria of Agreda) that when I should begin to describe the first operations of her faculties and virtues She would instruct me (us) how to model our life after her own; for this would be the principal purpose of showing it to me as in a mirror,..and to expect more of the same as long as I continue to write her history. #238 Queen of Heaven, “ My daughter, I wish that thou reap for thyself the fruits which thou desire from the description of the mysteries and sacraments of my holy life; and let the reward of thy labors be the greater purity and perfection of thy life, disposing thyself by the grace of the Most High to practice what thou hear. Hear me with attentive faith, for I will speak to thee words of eternal life and teach thee the most holy things of perfect Christian life and what is most acceptable to God. Begin even now to dispose thyself for the reception of the light, in which thou shalt see the hidden mysteries of my most holy life and the doctrine, which thou desire. I will teach thee in this regard. And NOW LISTEN.” #239. Sister Agreda: ”My Mistress, whose SLAVE I AM and to whom I dedicate and consecrate myself anew; #243.

Book I – CONCEPTION CityNotes #11 posted 5-14-19

#265. Further wording of the 21st Chapter of the Apocalypse is as Follows:

#9.”and there came one of the seven angels,who had the vials full of the seven last plagues, and spoke with me saying” Come, and I will show thee the bride, the wife of the Lamb.

#10. And he took me up in a spirit to a great and high mountain, and he showed me the holy city of Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God.

#11. Having glory of God, and the light thereof was like to a precious stone, as to the jasper-stone, even as crystal.

#12. And it had a great wall and high, having twelve gates: and in the gates twelve angels and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve angels and names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.

#13. On the east, three gates and on the north three gates; and on the south three gates; and on the west three gates,

#14. And on the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the lamb.

#15. And he that spoke with me had a measure of reed, of gold, to measure the city and the gates thereof and the wall;

#16. And the city lie in a four -square, and the length thereof is as great as the breadth; and he measured the city with the golden reed for twelve thousand furlongs, and the length and the height and the breadth thereof are equal.

#17. And he measured the wall thereof a hundred and forty-four cubits, the measure of a man, which is of an angel.

#18. And the buildings of the wall thereof was of jasper- stone; but the city itself was pure gold, like to pure glass.”

#266. This vengeance and wrath of the Omnipotent (Apoc15:1)…greater than which neither before nor after is possible during mortal existence. Thus angel that St John speaks, is the one through whom God will avenge with an especial and dreadful chastisement the injuries committed against his most holy mother; for the insane daring, with which they have despised Her, has roused the indignation of His Omnipotence. God has taken it in a particular manner upon Himself to avenge the heresies, errors, outrages and all injuries against Her. Since thereby men have not glorified, acknowledged and adored Him in this tabernacle and have not made use of this incomparable mercy.

#267. Come and I will show you the bride, wife of the lamb. The angel declares in this passage, that the holy city Jerusalem, which he showed him is the espoused wife of the lamb, referring to this metaphor to the most holy Mary, whom St John saw as both mother, or woman and a spouse of the lamb. The Queen held and fulfilled both offices. She was the spouse of the Divinity, the only One (Cant6:8) and incomparable on account of unequaled faith and love. He showed me the most holy city of Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven.

#268. Therefore he add; “Having the glory of God,” for the most holy soul of Mary was favored with such a participation of the Divinity and of its attributes and perfections She would appear as if illumined with the eternal splendor of God himself. …. and only after the Artificer who alone can estimate her origin and the affinity, which He contracted with the most holy Mary, by perfecting her gifts to a semblance of the attributes of his infinite greatness and Divinity.

#269. “and the light thereof was like to a precious stone, the jasper-stone, even as crystal”, etc. The jasper glitters and sparkles in colors of many different shades, while the crystal is characterized by limpid and uniform transparency; both combined form a rare and beautiful variety…. These graces and perfections made her soul like unto a most pure crystal, without blemish or stain of guilt; in her purity and transparency it scattered the enrapturing rays of the Divinity, just as the crystal meeting the sun, seems to absorb and again send forth it rays as if it was the sun itself. She is a Daughter of Adam and a mere creature within and all the splendors of the Divinity contained.

#270. “And it had a great wall and high, having twelve gates,” The mysteries enclosed in the walls and portals of this mystical City, most holy Mother are so hidden and great….At the first moment of Conception of the most holy Mary (referred #228-236), the blessed Trinity…

#271.It is befitting to the dignity of our Bride and Mother of the Word, that She be constituted the Queen and Mistress of all creation Besides the gifts and riches of the Divinity which We confer upon own sake, it is meet that she exercise the right of distributing the treasures of our mercy, so that She may communicate according to her pleasure the graces and favors necessary to mortals, especially those who invoke Her as her children and clients, thus enriching the needy freeing the sinners, elevating the just and affording a universal refuge to all men….

We will entrust Her with the keys of our will and heart; she shall be in all things the Executrix of our pleasure toward creatures. Above all we will give her dominion over the dragon, our enemy, and over all his allied demons. Let them fear Her presence and her name and in it, a sure certain protection, free from all the dread of the demons..” [City note: Fr. Ripperger, of Denver and Exorcist can confirm this to be true, based on his experiences. He says, “Our Lady has absolute power of them.”]

#272. …the Lord directed Her in that first instant to pray for with great love, o intercede for all souls, and to solicit and procure fro them eternal life, especially for those, who in the course of their lives should commend themselves to her care…The blessed Trinity made known to her that before his most just tribunal nothing would ever be denied o Her; that She should command the devil and that She should have power, by virtue of her commands,to keep him away from souls , since She would have at her disposal the arm of the Almighty. But the reason for this favor was not made known. …..and this reason was no other than that She was to be the Mother of the Word.

#273. “Having twelve gates,” for the entrance into this holy city is free to all nations and generations, but inviting all; so that no one shall be deprived of the meditation of this Queen of mercy for obtaining the gifts and graces, nor the eternal glory of the Most High. In the gates twelve angels. These are among those guardians that protect the Mother of the incarnate Word. They are also called to protect and defend those souls who devoutly call on Mary, our Queen, for help, and who distinguish themselves in their devotion, veneration and love for Her. They help and assist mortals to enter the portals of piety, opened by the most holy Mary to eternal happiness.

#274.”And names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel;” for the angels receive their names according to the ministry and service, for which they are sent to the earth…enter the portals of the intercession of the most holy Mary into the celestial Jerusalem.

#275. … portal of ALL the predestined, I was given to understand that this prerogative befits Her, who as Mother of Christ was to do such great things for men conjointly with her most holy Son. …. suffering with him according to her power with heavenly humility and fortitude, thru cooperating with His passion and offering herself as a victim for the human race, so the same Lord made Her in charge of the merits and fruits of the redemption to be distributed by her own hand and communicated to the redeemed….. The entrance into free and open city gates is so easy, that if anyone fails to enter, it is not because the gates prevent him, but because he himself tarries and does not wish to seek safety.

#276. “and the walls of the City had twelve foundations, and in them the twelve names of the apostles of the Lamb.” The strong and unshakable foundations upon which God built up the holy City of Mary his Mother, are her virtues, as governed and proportioned in Her by the Holy Ghost. He enumerated twelve corresponding with the names of the Apostles, in order to show that it is founded upon the surpassing sanctity of the Apostles, who are the leaders among the saints…..and also inversely , the sanctity and the wisdom of Mary grounded and confirmed the Apostles after the death and Ascension of Christ. …those times the chief support of the primitive Church.

Road to Emma us – We recognized Him in the breaking of the Bread

#277. “and he spoke with me had a measure of reed and gold, and he measured the city with the golden reed for twelve thousand furlongs,” etc……From all sides She is equally formed without sign of deficiency or disproportion…..That the measure of the dignity , the merits and graces of the most holy Mary, was none other than the humanity of the most holy Mary of her most blessed Son, united to the divine Word.

#278. the Evangelist call the humanity of Christ a “reed” because He assumed the frailty of our weak and carnal nature, and of Gold, on account of his divinity.

#279. …. “And he measured the city with the golden reed for twelve thousand furlongs.” this measure of stadia and the number “twelve thousand” with which the heavenly queen at her Conception was measured, indicate most exalted mysteries. The Evangelist calls the perfect measure, by which are measured the high sanctity of the predestined, “stadia”, therefore by referring to the grace and gifts, which God in his eternal knowledge.

Decreed to communicate through the Incarnate Son….For all the elect must submit to the teaching of the Apostles of the Lamb, as I have already said above #273.

#280. From all this can be estimated the greatness of that City of God, the most holy Mary. For if we assume that the stadium which the Evangelist mentions measures at least 125 steps, the a City that extends 12,000 furlongs or stadia on each of its four sides an in its height, must appear of huge dimensions. The measurement and number of all the predestined taken together was found to be equal to that of our blessed Lady, the most holy Mary, and their length, breadth and height was not greater than hers. For She that was the Mother of God, himself and the Queen and the Mistress of all creatures, was equal to them joined in one mighty host. In Her alone was contained more than in all the rest of creation.

#281. “He measured the wall thereof, one hundred forty cubits, the measure of a man, which is of an angel.” this measure of the walls of the City of God, was not of their length , but of their height. This represents the height and security of all the gifts and graces which the Almighty conferred on most holy Mary as befitting her dignity and sanctity.

Choir of Angels Standing guard at the City gates

#282. “And the building of the wall thereof was jasper-stone.” ..composing the wall of Mary- the City of God, bespeak the ineffable humility with which all the excellencies and graces of the great Queen were clothed and permeated. Never the less this wall of jasper displaying these color-tints of the rest of womankind, was to serve as an invincible defense of the city. Inside the Evangelist says is pure gold like to most pure and flawless glass,” never admitting stain which could obscure her crystalline clearness. This City was gold, like the purest glass,” because She was pure and like unto the Divinity.


End chapter XVII- the Mysteries in the Mystical City of God. I share what meets the criteria for this synthesis. Hoping to focus on instructions or communications as revealed from “The Most High/Jesus, or Mary” concerning the Mysteries the Lord wants revealed during the 16th century into the future. Just as Mary of Jesus comments in her intro, I too remind you of St. John’s words concerning scripture in his Gospel (Jn21:25) But there are also many other things which Jesus did; I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Jesus also reminded Mary-Jesus, of this, I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. ….“” How that, according to revelation, the mystery has been made known to me, as I have written above in a few words; As you reading, may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ, . (Eph3:2-3) ….“”

Disclosure: The Mystical City of God, by Maria of Agreda is one of several well known narrations of the Life of Christ based on private revelations. It can offer the reader good food for meditation. However, since Sacred Scripture and Tradition as explained and taught by the Church’s Magisterium provide the essentials of our Catholic faith , revelations in this volume that go beyond these foundations should be accepted with human faith. [ Pope Leo X 5th Council of Lateran 1513, When it comes to prophetic revelations the Pope is the Sole Judge.”] Therefore City of God, approved by Order of Innocent XI, Alexander VIII, Clement IX, Benedict XIII, and Benedict XIV received from 5 POPES – (pgXvii)

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