August 21, 2019


(from a letter of St Gregory VII, Pope )

St Gregory VII (Hildebrand) – born 1020-25? died May 25, 1085AD)

The two most important transactions of this pontificate–the celebrated decree of election, by which the power of choosing the pope was vested in the college of cardinals, and the alliance with the Normans, secured by the Treaty of Meifi, 1059–were in large measure the achievement of Hildebrand, whose power and influence had now become supreme in Rome. He was beatified by Gregory XIII in 1584, and canonized in 1728 by Benedict XIII. His writings treat mainly of the principles and practice of Church government.

POPE GREGORY VII, May 25, 1085

Hildebrand was clearly the man of the hour, his austere virtue commanded respect, his genius admiration; and the promptitude and unanimity with which he was chosen would indicate, rather, a general recognition of his fitness for the high office. In the decree of election those who had chosen him as pontiff proclaimed

him “a devout man, a man mighty in human and divine knowledge, a distinguished lover of equity and justice, a man firm in adversity and temperate in prosperity, a man, according to the saying of the Apostle, of good behavior, blameless, modest, sober, chaste, given to hospitality, and one that rule well his own house; a man from his childhood generously brought up in the bosom of this Mother Church,

and for the merit of his life already raised to the Archdiaconal dignity”. “We choose then”, they said to the people, “our Archdeacon Hildebrand to be pope and successor to the Apostle, and to bear henceforward and forever the name of Gregory” (22 April, 1073), Mansi, “Conciliorum Collectio”, XX, 60. APA citation. Oestereich, T. (1909). Pope St. Gregory VII. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved May 24, 2019 from New Advent:

Holy Office Reading:

I beg and implore the Lord Jesus Christ , who redeemed us by His death, that by careful investigation you may become aware of the trials and distresses brought on me by the enemies of Christianity and understand why and how I endure them.

By God’s will Mother Church placed me in my unworthiness (and God knows I was unwilling too) upon the Apostolic throne, and with all my powers I have tried to see that the holy Church, the bride of God, our lady and mother, might return to the beauty which is rightly hers and remain free, chaste, and Catholic. But, because this so displeases our ancient foe, he has armed his minions against us so that they might overturn all our efforts. What he has been unable to do from the days of Constantine the Great he now does against us and particularly against the Apostolic See, Do not be surprised that, as the time goes on, he will fight all the harder to wipe out the Christian religion.

But now, my dearest Brothers, listen carefully to what I tell you. All those throughout the world who are numbered as Christians and who truly acknowledge the Christian faith know and believe that the blessed Peter, the prince of Apostles is the father of all Christians and after Christ, the first shepherd, and that the holy Roman Church is the mother and teacher of all the churches.{see Peter Apostle of Faith, (posted.May 9,2019)} Therefore, if you believe this, and hold to it without hesitation, I ask you and enjoin upon you by almighty God, I, your brother and your unworthy teacher as I am – to support and assist your father and your mother, if you wish to have, through them, the remission of all your sins, along with blessing and grace in this world and in the life to come.

CARDINALS at John Paul II Funeral long shot Wikipedia

May almighty God, from whom all good things come, continually enlighten your minds and fill them with love for him and for your neighbor, so that by your devotion you may deserve to make this father and mother of whom I have spoken your debtors and enter without shame into their company. Amen.

City : Rev22:10-21: “Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the City.

Outside the Walls: Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that love and make a lie.

I Jesus have sent my angel, to testify to you these things in the churches. And the spirit and the bride say: Come. (Rev.22:14- 17)

Daily Indulgence: partial 300 days #729 RACCOLTA pg 579. (S.P. Ap., May 13,1937).

“Heart of Jesus, Victim of love, make me a living victim for Thee, holy and pleasing unto God.”

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