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A SERIOUS WARNING FOR THOSE WHO REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS TREASURE OF HOLY MASS. By St Leonard of Port Maurice from his book Hidden Treasures of Mass – Coming soon: (06/19) posted by City of God. Blog

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Two great Doctors of the Church, the angelic St. Thomas, and the Seraphic St. Bonaventure, teach that the thrice Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is of infinite value, both by reason of the Victim offered, which is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ our beloved Lord, as also by reason of the primary offerer, who is Jesus Christ Himself. And, yet, how many there are who set so little value on this inestimable treasure, that they esteem it less than the least of their most perishable and sordid interests. My principal end, in writing this little book, is, solely to promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of all those who may deign to read it. I am confident, that any one who studies its pages will be enlightened by them, and will appreciate hereafter this Hidden Pearl, whose worth is beyond all price. And, if up to the present this most Holy Sacrifice has been to them a Hidden Treasure, now that they know its infinite value, they will strive by every means in their power to become possessed of it, by assisting daily at Holy Mass. Let me then conclude this little work with the following dreadful example, which will place a seal on all I have written on this matter :—

Holy sacrifice

Aneas Sylvius, who was afterwards Pope Pius II., tells us that in a city of Germany called Suezia, there lived a gentleman of noble birth, who, after having lost the greatest part of his property, retired to a remote country house to live sparingly on his reduced income. But here he became a prey to the most profound melancholy, so much so, that he was on the verge of despair for the past, and of dread for the future. The demon, seeing him in this wretched state, repeatedly tempted him to commit suicide, and thus put an end to his miseries ; for, said the tempter, ” there is nothing for a rotten tree but the woodman’s axe.” In this combat against temptation and remorse, the nobleman had recourse to a holy Confessor, who gave him this good advice : *

Do not allow one day to pass without hearing Mass ; and if you do this, you need not dread these temptations of the devil.”

The gentleman was so pleased with the advice that he resolved never to be absent from Mass on any account whatever. And, in order to make sure of this he engaged a chaplain to offer up every day the Most Holy Sacrifice for him, at which he was always present with the most edifying devotion. One day, however, this chaplain was obliged to assist at the first Mass of a priest recently ordained. The nobleman, afraid lest he should lose Mass on that day, set out for the church whither his chaplain had already gone. On the way he met a peasant, who told him that he might as well turn back, as the Mass was already ended, and that there was to be no other Mass that day in the church. Deeply afflicted at this news, the gentleman began to weep bitterly, and to repeat over and over again : ” Alas I what will become of me, a miserable man? What shall I do to-day? Perhaps this may be the last day of my life.” The country man was astonished to see him thus troubled for the loss of one Mass, and said : ” If you wish, I shall, in exchange for your cloak, sell my part of the Mass I have just heard.” The gentleman readily consented to the strange proposal, and gave his cloak to the peasant, hoping to gain something because of his good intention of hearing Mass on that day. He afterwards walked on to the church where he knelt down and remained some time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Having finished his devotions, he returned home, but when he reached the spot where the peasant had made that most absurd and execrable bargain, to his horror he saw before him the unfortunate wretch hanging from the branch of a tree and already dead. In fact the temptation to suicide had left him and entered into the heart of the unhappy peasant, who voluntarily had deprived himself of the helps of grace he had received in the Most Holy Sacrifice ; and had thus become an easy prey to the demon of despair. The nobleman, considering all this seriously on his way home, was firmly convinced that his confessor had shown him the most powerful means of overcoming the attacks of the devil, and he then renewed his resolution of never allowing a day to pass without hearing holy Mass.

Invite Heaven to assist us at Mass & on earth “the Angels and your favorite Saints”

I now wish to draw from this dreadful example, two great and necessary truths:

First, the gross ignorance of some Christians, who, instead of setting a just value on the infinite treasure of Holy Mass, consider it a trifling matter of filthy lucre. Hence that scandalous language of some persons who say to a priest : ” How much must I pay you for a Mass ?”— Pay for a Mass! Where will you find a sum of money worth one Mass? Since one Mass exceeds in value, not only the riches of the entire world, but even of heaven itself. Such ignorance is, indeed, intolerable. The trifling sum you give the Priest is solely for his sustenance; but it is not in any sense the payment or purchase-money of Holy Mass, which is beyond all price. I beseech you, then, once more, to hear as many Masses as possible, and to have as many as you can afford to be celebrated for you ; thus you will lay up for yourself treasures exceeding great, both for time and eternity.

The second great truth to be drawn from this example, is the efficacy of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to obtain for us every blessing from heaven, and to preserve us from every spiritual and temporal misfortune. But, above all, it saves us from the many snares and temptations of the devil. Let me, then, repeat over and over again, go to daily Mass ; go unceasingly to your daily Mass, if you wish to overcome all your enemies, and to see the devil crushed and trampled on beneath your feet. If this devotion be practiced by all the Faithful, then we shall see the fervor of the Primitive Christians renewed in our days, and God will be sovereignly honored and glorified in the whole Church.

Now, one parting advice before you finish the lecture of this little book. If you wish to reap abundant fruits from the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you must attend it with the greatest devotion.

I have already repeatedly insisted on this point, in the course of this work, and I now insist on it, still more, at its close. Attend, then, with devotion at Holy Mass, and put in practice what is prescribed in the second chapter of this little book. If you do so, I am certain you will quickly find a change in your own heart, and you will enjoy the immense riches contained in this Hidden Treasure of Holy Mass. God bless you, and pray for me—say one Hail Mary.*


I love Thee, O Sacred Heart of my Jesus, enclosed in the Sacrament of the Altar, and I desire to make amends for the many outrages Thou receive here, in this Divine Mystery of love, on the part of infidels, heretics, bad Christians, and especially souls consecrated to Thee. Amen.

Daily Indulgence: Partial (300 days) Plenary indulgence on the usual conditions when recited devoutly daily for 1 month. (S.P. Ap., Dec 17,1932). RACCOLTA pg 33.

#70. “My Jesus, Mercy”

[by St Leonard of Port Maurice]

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