August 21, 2019

SLAVERY Denies Human Dignity, Pope Eugene IV, in 1435 AD

In the United States, we are confronted with a call for “Reparation for Slavery”, (see map below) However, Three hundred fifty years earlier, Catholicism, our Pope Eugene IV, confronted Slavery in 1435, long before Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492. (papal encyclical below) But American Blacks that had their ancestors infringed upon are NOT CATHOLIC? Even today, they remain obstinately apostates, choosing their old slave owners, displeasing religion verses the Divine, primarily through some form of a Protestant Baptist or Pentecostal Cultic Sects!

The following Dogma produced 300 years prior to the Declaration of Independence in the USA., yet but blacks are overwhelmingly NOT in Catholic churches, are not followers of their only advocates in Faith? WHY? Given five acres and a mule? We hear this is NOT enough? Others money they want, but their souls are of NO concern? Meanwhile, “And the Spirit and the bride say: Come. And he that hear, let him say: Come. And he that thirst, let him come: and he that will, let him take the water of life, freely.” (Rev22:17)

Against the Enslaving of Black Natives from the Canary Islands


Pope Eugene IV – 1435 Given at Florence, January 13th, in the Year of Our Lord, 1435

To our venerable brothers, peace and apostolic benediction, etcetera.

1. Not long ago, we learned from our brother Ferdinand, bishop at Rubicon and representative of the faithful who are residents of the Canary Islands, and from messengers sent by them to the Apostolic See, and from other trustworthy informers, the following facts: in the said islands—some called Lanzarote—and other nearby islands, the inhabitants, imitating the natural law alone, and not having known previously any sect of apostates or heretics, have a short time since been led into the Orthodox Catholic Faith with the aid of God’s mercy. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, it has happened that in some of the said islands, because of a lack of suitable governors and defenders to direct those who live there to a proper observance of the Faith in things spiritual and temporal, and to protect valiantly their property and goods, some Christians (we speak of this with sorrow), with fictitious reasoning and seizing and opportunity, have approached said islands by ship, and with armed forces taken captive and even carried off to lands overseas very many persons of both sexes, taking advantage of their simplicity.


2. Some of these people were already baptized; others were even at times tricked and deceived by the promise of Baptism, having been made a promise of safety that was not kept. They have deprived the natives of the property, or turned it to their own use, and have subjected some of the inhabitants of said islands to perpetual slavery, sold them to other persons, and committed other various illicit and evil deeds against them, because of which very many of those remaining on said islands, and condemning such slavery, have remained involved in their former errors, having drawn back their intention to receive Baptism, thus offending the majesty of God, putting their souls in danger, and causing no little harm to the Christian religion.

3. Therefore, We, to whom it pertains, especially in respect to the aforesaid matters, to rebuke each sinner about his sin, and not wishing to pass by dissimulating, and desiring—as is expected from the pastoral office we hold—as far as possible, to provide salutarily, with a holy and fatherly concern, for the sufferings of the inhabitants, beseech the Lord, and exhort, through the sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus Christ shed for their sins, one and all, temporal princes, lords, captains, armed men, barons, soldiers, nobles, communities, and all others of every kind among the Christian faithful of whatever state, grade, or condition, that they themselves desist from the aforementioned deeds, cause those subject to them to desist from them, and restrain them rigorously.

.4. And no less do We order and command all and each of the faithful of each sex, within the space of fifteen days of the publication of these letters in the place where they live, that they restore to their earlier liberty all and each person of either sex who were once residents of said Canary Islands, and made captives since the time of their capture, and who have been made subject to slavery. These people are to be totally and perpetually free, and are to be let go without the exaction or reception of money. If this is not done when the fifteen days have passed, they incur the sentence of excommunication by the act itself, from which they cannot be absolved, except at the point of death, even by the Holy See, or by any Spanish bishop, or by the aforementioned Ferdinand, unless they have first given freedom to these captive persons and restored their goods.

EXCOMMUNICATION… longer Catholic

We will that like sentence of excommunication be incurred by one and all who attempt to capture, sell, or subject to slavery, baptized residents of the Canary Islands, or those who are freely seeking Baptism, from which excommunication cannot be absolved except as was stated above.

.5. Those who humbly and efficaciously obey these, our exhortations and commands deserve, in addition to our favor, and that of the Apostolic See, and the blessings which follow there from, but are to be possessors of eternal happiness and to be placed at the right hand of God, etcetera

Nmetherlands Afro Euro trade hints of Blacks & Jews profiting 18th Century

Source: Appendix B of Fr. Joel S. Panzer’s book, “The Popes and Slavery” (Society of St. Paul, 1996) on page 75 from Baronius’ Annales Ecclesiastici, ed. O. Raynaldus (Luca, 1752) vol. 28, pp. 226-227. (Webmaster note: A special thanks to for this document)

Current teaching:

CCC#2414. The seventh commandment forbids acts or enterprises that for any reason _ selfish of ideological, commercial, or Totalitarian – lead to the enslavement of human beings, to their being bought , sold, and exchanged like merchandise, in disregard for their personal dignity. It is a sin against the dignity of persons and their fundamental rights to reduce them by violence to their productive value or a source of profit. St Paul directed a Christian master to treat his Christian slave “no longer” as a slave, as a beloved brother,…but in the flesh and in the Lord.

So, SLAVERY is a sin of the 7th Commandment, against human dignity, per Catholic Doctrine!

Let us go down and touch the Kabel rock

ISIS Is Now Selling Thousands Of Under aged Sex Slaves In The Nude (WATCH THE VERY RARE VIDEO ON THE SEX SLAVERY MARKET) Source: By Shoebat Foundation on December 22, 2014

WHY, then are you not Catholic? Why keep your false religion of your slave master? Or even worse,

Why are so many blacks in America, followers of the teachings of a mass murdering racist, slave owner, Mohamet, who claimed his armpits are white? Who enslaved you first, whored out your children and women, and enviously castrated your men for 14 centuries! Yes many blacks are following a mass murderer, who wastes their souls with imaginative human prose, and plagiarized Hebrew scripture full of error? Why follow this Lie?

Today, Open slave markets exist ONLY in Islamic countries! Slavery being so repugnant, that you demand reparation from well over 100 years ago from everyone (even from Catholics with ancestors that were forbidden).

But You remain silent verses Islam, today. Join Islam! Collect cans of money, begging on every street corner for Islam. This is the tradition, many MORE black American’s accept, than Catholicism? WHY?

Please give this poor sinner Understanding, for your duplicity of heart!

Daily Indulgence: Partial (500 days) A partial indulgence (3 yrs) when recited in July. A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions for the daily recitation of this act of Oblation for an entire month. (Pius VII, Sep 22,1817; S.P. Ap., MAr 10,1933 and Apr 3, 1941). RACCOLTA pg 151.

#219. “Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ in atonement for my sins, and in supplication for the holy souls in purgatory and for the needs of holy Church.”

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