Whether they like it or not, those who are Outside the Church are our Brothers

Saint Augustine discourse on Ps32,29; CCL38, 272-273

We entreat you, brothers, as earnestly as we are able, to have charity, not only for one another, but also for those who are Outside the Church. Of these some are still pagans, who have not yet made an act of faith in Christ. Others are separated, in so far as they are joined with us in professing in Christ, our head, but are yet divided from the unity of his body.

{“see this distinction Augustine makes?, in today’s society this has become smokey, clouded making many think or even believe that these brothers who remain “outside the walls” of Supernatural Faith can still be PART of the Body of Christ and possess the Holy Spirit. IT is JUST NOT SO!” City of God.Blog}

My friends, we must Grieve over these as over our brothers; and they will only cease to be so when they no longer say our Father. Whether they like it or not, they are our brothers; and they will only cease to be so when they no longer say, “Our Father.”

{For why else should we grieve?, if each have not condemned themselves in “disobedience” to the Church Christ instituted?}

The prophet refers to some men saying: “When they say to you: You are not our brothers, you are to tell them: You are our brothers. Consider whom he intended by these words Were they pagans? Hardly; for NOWHERE either in Scripture or in our traditional manner of speaking do we find them called our brothers. Nor could it refer to the Jews, who did not believe in Christ. Read Saint Paul and you will see that when he speaks of “brothers”, without any qualification, he refers always to Christians. For example, he says, “ Why do you judge your brother or why do you despise your brother? And again: “You perform inequity and comit fraud, and against your brothers.

Those then who tell us: You are not our brothers, are saying that we are pagans. That is why they want to baptize us again, claiming that we do no have what they can give. Hence their error of denying that we ae their brothers. Why then did the prophet tell us; “Say to them; You are our brothers? It is because we acknowledge in them hat which we do not repeat. By not recognizing our baptism, they deny that we are their brothers; on the other hand, when we do not repeat their baptism but acknowledge it to be our own, we are saying to them: You are our brothers.

If they say, “Why do you seek us?” “What do you want of us?” we should reply: “You are our brothers.” They may say, “Leave us alone. We have nothing to do with you” But we have everything to do with you, for we are one in our belief of Christ; and so we should be in one body, under one head. { Once more Augustine makes the distinction, that these brothers are baptized they are NOT part of the One body under Jesus our Godhead.}

And so, dear brothers, we entreat you on their behalf, in the name of the very source of our love, by whose milk we are nourished, and whose bread is our strength, in the name of Christ our Lord and His gentle love For it is time now for us to show them great love and abundant compassion by praying to God for them. May he one day give them clear mind to repent and to realize that they have nothing whatever to say against the TRUTH; they have nothing now but the sickness of their hatred, and the stronger they think they are the weaker they become. We entreat you then to pray for them, for they are weak, given to the wisdom of the flesh, to fleshy and carnal things, but yet they are our brothers. They celebrate the same sacraments {not so today among these Luterism brothers and their descendants}, as we, not indeed with us, but still the same, They respond with the same Amen, not with us, but still the same. And so pour out your hearts for them in prayer to God.

{ Cityof God.blog:} “And he said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed.” (Gen11:6)

Did Satan reverse the Tower of Jerusalem in this age, in his 100 years wisdom gained from Tower of Babal? All for the sake of our Brother?:

We pray, now in hallowed out golden temples built to the Glory of God, exchanged for empty wooden barns. We pray, a watered down liturgy, our official language that once glowed “of one tongue to the heavens,” we babalized ourselves, for our brother. We sacrifice and suffer to bring our brothers back, to make them “feel” comfortable, while our hairs and teeth stood on edge. We prayed! For fifty-five years, we suffered thus, for our brother, where is this fruit of our brothers return? Was this? Yet even all this was not enough?, as our Churches dis-proportionally emptied?

This brother remains in his hatred of us, just as Augustine describes of his very day.

Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us.”[Ecclesiastes 1:10 ]

Daily Indulgence: Partial (300 days) (S.P. Ap., Jun 8, 1940). RACCOLTA Pg. 12.(from Cardinal Merry dek Val)

#35. ”Lord, I am my own enemy, when I seek my peace apart from Thee”

One thought on “Whether they like it or not, those who are Outside the Church are our Brothers

  1. “we are one in our belief in Christ and we so should be in one body”. – IMHO it is clear that St. Augustine is referring to schismatics, not to those under “anathemas” that do not share our belief in Christ. The language referring to heretics – in Scriptures, in acts of the Councils as well as in writings of Church Fathers is usually very, very harsh.


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