October 23, 2020

“No one can have God for his Father, who does not have the Church for his mother.”

CityofGod.Blog is posting Cyprian of Carthage greatest writing of Bishop, saint and martyr of both East and West, for the Apostle Creed, Marks of the Catholic Church. The Eastern Orthodox commemorates of Cyprianus sainthood today. Roman tradition is Sept 16, date of his death (traditional)…..Why break from Rome? Because, 9th century schismatics, they should know […]

St. Augustine’s, Homily 7 on the First Epistle of John; of Christian Love – 1 John4:4-12

1 John4:2-12 ‘Douay Rheims’ [2] By this is the spirit of God known. Every spirit which confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of God: [3] And every spirit that dissolve Jesus, is not of God: and this is Anti-Christ, of whom you have heard that he come, and he is now […]

Seek the Understanding of Faith from the Holy Spirit

City Intro: For thou hast given me, O Lord, a delight in thy doings: and in the works of thy hands I shall rejoice……all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered…thy thoughts are exceeding deep. (Ps92:5,6,10) “Bonum est confiteri “”WOW” Monday’s gospel reminds us about oaths.(Mt23:13-22) In brief, evil people swear oaths, they are held […]

A Critique of the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod

By Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, published – June 27, 2019 Introduction It is truly astonishing that, contrary to former assemblies, the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Amazon will deal exclusively with a region of the earth whose population is just half that of Mexico City, that is to say, 4 million. This also raises suspicions […]

On the Concept of Revelation as found in the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod

By Cardinal Gerhard Müller July 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The cardinal who was tasked by Pope Benedict with defending the doctrine of the Catholic Church has criticized the Pan-Amazon Synod’s working document (Instrumentum Laboris) for its “radical u-turn in the hermeneutics of Catholic theology” and for its “false teaching. Full statement by Cardinal Müller on the Pan-Amazon Synod […]


“If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hate you.” [John 15:19] This summer, the CityofGod.blog posted on the upcoming October AMAZON SYNOD. When the bishops of seven countries will […]


The Year of 1987 Stained Glass Windows and Statue All from Medjugorje,com/timeline In the year 1987, the stained glass windows created by Croatian artist, Branimir Dorotic, were installed in St. James Church. When standing in the Church, facing the altar, the windows on the right depict 14 scenes from the life of Our Lady while […]

Medjugorje CHARISM Society – RED PILLED URI.org?

WARNING to the FAITHFUL SHEEP of the CATHOLIC CHURCH Now that YOU have completed your Spiritual Discernment class, on Medjugorje, a Case Study…. What is really going on there? Are you unwittingly promoting the MASONIC COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA being perpetrated against the faithful?, since June 24, 1981! Six persons masquerading as SEERS (originally children) and an […]

HEAR the CHURCH OR be as a Heathen or Publican (Mt18:17)

I BELIEVE IN THE ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH – Do YOU? What is it, about His Church? Why did Jesus give his sheep these four visible marks of His Church? Is this “Statement of Faith” just words in a prayer to you? – This Nicea Creed, or is it spiritually meaningful, such as an […]

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