May 30, 2020

# 3 WISDOM IN MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD – Mary of Jesus Agreda, Spain

Mystery – “Wisdom”, “Sophia”, “Be Attentive”

Happy they who find it, and blessed they who shall appreciate its value, rich they who shall come upon this treasure, and blessed and very wise those who shall search into and shall understand its marvels and hidden mysteries. I desire to make known to mortals how much intercession of Her is worth..#009

(Wis2:24) death entered the World
Jesus Avenger of Sin

Book I – CONCEPTION Citynotes # 3

Chapter 6

#073. The most common assumption is, that the eternal Word descended from heaven expressly for the purpose of redeeming men through his most holy Passion and Death. This I proposed doubt? As Father and Teacher I will solve thy doubt and instruct thee in thy ignorance. “Know that the principal and legitimate end of the decree, which I had in view in resolving to communicate my Divinity in the hypostatic union of the Word with human nature,would redound to my name through this communication, and also redound to the creatures capable thereof. ….Therefore the intention of my will, which was primarily to communicate Myself to the soul and humanity of the Word, was to efficaciously fulfilled…… He that was to be first in dignity, would be the Redeemer (1Col15:21) Thus men might come to know the gravity of sin, and love one and the same Creator, Vivifier, Redeemer, and Judge of all mortals. Also to make a proper return in gratitude and love.

#074. Remember, that there is neither any succession of time in my decrees, nor any need of it for the perception and the execution of them. Those that say, that he would have come to become Incarnate also, if man had not sinned, like-wise speak well, only it must be understood in the right way.

#075. The existence of different opinion regarding these sacraments ans mysteries in the Church arises from the fact that I manifest to some teachers, and illumine others concerning other mysteries; for mortals are not capable of receiving all the light. It is not expedient; that the knowledge of al things be given to one man as long as mine are viators….Al gifts is due only to the humanity of my Onlybegotten and to his Mother in porper proportion. Therefore they must acquire it by means of study and the use of letters ans science.

#077..that very often I permit and cause differences I opinion among the Doctors and teachers. Thus some of them maintain what is true and others, according to their natural dispositions, defned what is DOUBTFUL. By this varied light, truth is traced, and the mysteries of faith become manifest. Doubt serves as a stimulus to the understanding for the investigation of truth. Therefore the controversies of the teachers fulfill a proper and holy end. They are also permitted in order, to make it known, that the real science dwells in MY Church more than in the combined study of ALL the holy and perfect teachers, and that she can make them wise above the Wisdom of the worldly wise; that there is One above is the Prompter of the wise,(Wis7:15), namely, Myself; who alone knows all comprehends all; who weighs and measures, without ever being measured or comprehended (Wis9:13) that men, although they may search my judgments and testimonies ever so much. Cannot attain them, unless I give the intelligence and light (Job32:8), who am the beginning and the author of all wisdom and science. I desire that men give me praise, exaltation, confession, supremity and glory forever.

#078. …the fury of hell, …..has raised its throne of inequity, pretending to engulf the waters of Jordan (Job40:18), obscure the light of holy faith by heretical doctrines (speaking to Europe’s schism) and seeking to sow its false seeds by the help of man(Mt13:25) But the rest of the Church and its truths are in perfect order; the Catholics, although much involved and blind in other respects, HOLD NEVERTHELESS THE TRUTHS OF FAITH and Its HOLY LIGHT WITHOUT DIMINUTION. I call all men with fatherly love to share this happiness, yet few are the elect, who choose to respond. To my call.

Chapter 7

#080. The Cause of all causes is God, who created all things that have being.

#082. Of the earth Moses says, that it was VOID, which he does NOT say of the heavens. God said “Let there be LIGHT, and light was made. [Material light, intellectual light and angelic light, nature and mystically the light of their science and grace.] Conjointly heaven, earth and hells were created. He divided the light from the darkness, including day and night good( eternal light) and bad (darkness of sin)

#083. The angels created in the empyrean heavens, in state of grace, first to merit the reward of Glory. They were shown the eternal reward of light and the eternal punishment of darkness, seeing the intimate relationship of Mercy and Justice. The Divinity was not made manifest until each obeyed divine Will. The great battle of the angels began, Saint John describes in twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse.

#085. Investigating the motive of Lucifer and his confederates to sin, what was the occasion of their disobedience and fall?

They could commit many sins, they actually commit freely and induced others to bad acts, approving of those each could not commit. Lucifer fell into the most disordered self love from the conscientiousness of being endowed with greater gifts of nature and grace, over inferior angels. Unable to attain even greater gifts an envious hatred and indignation grew against God and his creatures.

#086. The first angel to sin , Lucifer (Is14). Thus these verses are written about Lucifer (Ps73:23) “I am become as a beast before thee: and I am always with thee.; (Is16:6) We have heard of the pride of Moab, he is exceeding proud: his pride and his arrogance, and his indignation is more than his strength. He induced others to follow him, therefore he is called “the prince of Demons”; not due to his gifts but on account of his guilt.

#087. Lucifer aspired to the works and measures of God (Wis11:21). His Providence decided to show the Angels the purpose of their creation their exalted and perfect nature. At first, additional they received additional explicit intelligence , the good angels obeyed from love and justice and obeying with joy. Lucifer obeyed because the opposite seemed impossible. Thus he was divided between his self will and the infallible truth of the Lord. This springing forth from compulsion and not loving willingness to obey. THUS he put himself in danger of falling.

#088. secondly angels were informed that human nature and reasoning creatures. They were informed these would stand in high favor as the 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity was to become incarnate and assume their nature.

#089. Lucifer resisted, the infection spread to innumerable other angels.

#090. the Great Battle ( Rev ch. 12) broke out upon learning that they would have to obey the incarnate word. Then the third precept was given, that they were to admit superior conjointly with Him, a Woman in whose whom the Onlybegotten of the Father was to assume flesh, this Woman was to be Queen and mistress of all the creatures. IF there is to be a hypostatic union, Lucifer demanded it should be consummated in him.

#091. the decree constituting him inferior to the Mother of the Incarnate Word, he opposed with terrible blasphemies.“I will persecute and destroy.” The plan which thou set up, shall. Come to naught. #092. The Lord spoke to Lucifer, “this woman whom you refuse to honor shall crush thy head and by her shalt thou be vanquished and annihilated (Gen3:15), thru pride death entered into the world. (Wis2:24)

#093. The Almighty worked another wonderful mystery: He showed them the most holy virgin through imaginary vision, an image representing the perfect Woman, thus the Queen of heaven was made known and manifest to all the angels.

End chapter VII Completes Purpose for Creation – let there be light, separating the light from darkness:  of the Mysteries in the Mystical City of God. I share that meets the criteria for this synthesis. Hoping to focus on instructions or communications as revealed from “The Most High, Jesus or Mary” concerning the Mysteries the Lord wants revealed during the 16th century into the future. Just as Mary of Jesus comments in her intro, I too remind you of St. John’s words concerning scripture in his Gospel (Jn21:25) How that, according to revelation, the mystery has been made known to me, as I have written above in a few words; As you reading, may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ, . (Eph3:2-3) ….“city

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