October 21, 2020

I Believe in God

ccc 205, 206 The Living God

is the first affirmation of the Apostle Creed, is also the most fundamental. Whenever; the City is posting on the understanding of God, or belief in God, Truth of God as Creator and Father post could be labeled for this “caption of the Apostle Creed Affirmation. Many times this will be positive affirmation, but just as true for our understanding in knowing, ‘what God IS is knowing what God is NOT.’ So the gods of Man will be condemned in Outside the Walls (link) but just as aptly apply to this page “I Believe in God”.

Catholics believe God has “revealed himself to his creation progressively to men” (ccc199), and can be witnessed with our very eyes, senses and intellect. It is even probable that His creation is an expression of His love for his creation. Or a desire to share that love. Only the most maniacal, hedonistic, self centered, alone, desperate soul can look at this Universe and say because Man is King of this Jungle could have created it, or say to oneself, ‘we cannot know even what we see, feel, touch, taste and perceive with our intellect what He revealed?, exclusive of a living God.

For example: Some of what He has revealed as follows: – all share the One, Living, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who said, my name Adonai. True God of ALL Creation. “I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.(Matthew 22:32) (Exodus 6:3) (Genesis 48:15)

With our limited human language, we attempt to describe our God, “who has revealed Himself: to us”.> God is: ONE (Jn10:33), (Deut6:4); (Isa43:10-13); (Col1:16), Unchanging (Mal3:6), Spirit; Truth; a Being; I AM THAT I AM (Ex3:12-14); Sovereign (Ps93:1), Unbegotten; Light; Indescribable; Unique; Holy (Is6:3); Perfect; Supreme in All; Infinite (1Tim1:17); Ineffable; 1 Lord (Wis1:1); to His Substance is to Be; the fullness of Being; Sublime; Indivisible; Love (1Jn4:8,16). The 1 who called into being the universe, heavens, earth, being from non-being or a vast nothingness. (Ps9:33, Sir18:1); One God and father of all, who is above all. (Eph4:5; Rom1:23; Gal1:3-8); On Truth (Ps119:160); Wis1:3:1-9; 1Jn5:20, Jn17:3) (ccc#215-17) On Love (Isa43:1-7, Isa54:8; Hos2; Jn3:16) (ccc#218-221)

The gods of the LDS church contradicts everything, Our God, the Holy Trinity has revealed about Himself. Our One God is NOT: as LDS President, Lorenzo Snow teaches, “As man now is, god once was, As god now is, man may be.”

I Believe in God posts:


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