October 21, 2020

Latin Tongue – Doctrinal Catechism 1846 #14b Vernacular Voted In 1962

CHAPTER VI Latin Tongue, Official Language Q. Why Is Mass said in the Latin tongue and not in the vernacular?     A. In the first place, That the service of God may be everywhere uniformly the same, secondly, That the same words and same prayers may be used in order to avoid the changes, to […]

On the CEREMONIES of the CHURCH, Doctrinal Catechism 1846 #14a

(Essay, Includes – pages 260- 268) CHAPTER I. Purpose Q. Why does the Church make use of so many different ceremonies?     A. First, to give external expression to the interior sentiments of respect, devotion, and religion; secondly, to enliven and increase devotion and piety by moving and striking the senses; thirdly, to lead the […]

“This is My Body”, Lost Fragments of His Precious Body, on your Hand!

Ut autem impleti sunt, dixit discipulis suis: Colligite quæ superaverunt fragmenta, ne pereant. ” (And when they were filled, He said to his disciples: gather up the fragments that remain, lest they be lost.) (John 6:12) Every mass, we watch our Holy Priests meticulously rinse the particles of Jesus’ Body into his Chalice, then drink […]

Hidden Treasures of Holy Mass: 7

CHAPTER II , iv – ON SPIRITUAL COMMUNION XI. We have already said that every one who assists at Mass, and who is precluded from receiving sacramentally, ought not to fail to communicate spiritually, at the moment the Priest receives the Sacred Body and Blood of our Lord. It ought, however, to be remembered that, […]

Hidden Treasures of Holy Mass: 6

CH#II iii THIRD METHOD ON HEARING MASS VI. The third method of hearing Holy Mass with fruit, consists of a middle course between the two just mentioned. This last method does not require as many vocal prayers as are used in the first ; nor such a sublime spirit of contemplation as is necessary for […]

Hidden Treasures of Holy Mass: 5

METHODS OF HEARING MASS CHAPTER II GENERAL DISPOSITIONS WITH WHICH WE OUGHT TO HEAR MASS. I. As we have already stated, in the preceding instruction, it was the opinion of St. John Chrysostom *[ Hgrnil. 3, Incomp, Dt Nat*] and this opinion was approved and confirmed by St. Gregory the Great, in his fourth dialogue, […]

Hidden Treasures of Holy Mass: 4

I I I. ADVANTAGES DERIVED FROM HOLY MASS. 1.—Holy Mass pays all the Debts we owe Almighty God. VIII. A sense of virtue and honor has a great influence upon the heart of man ; but what tends to his own advantage has a still greater power to stimulate his efforts, and to enable him […]

“Hidden Treasure” of Holy Mass: City Preface: 06-19-2019

“For from the rising of the sun even to the going down, my name is great among the Gentiles, and in every place there is sacrifice, and there is offered to my name a clean oblation: for my name is great among the Gentiles, saith the Lord of hosts”. (Malc1:11) [written 5 centuries before the […]

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