November 28, 2020


Do you….offer In your morning prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass…..or do you suffer in NO Avail (merit)? Maybe after Augustine’s words you will make that offering to Jesus?

From Commentary on the Psalms by Saint Augustine (Ps61) “ The Sufferings of Christ are not in Christ alone”

Jesus Christ is one man with head and body, the Savior of the body and the members of the body, two in one flesh, in one voice, in one passion, and when wickedness has passed away in one state of rest. The sufferings of Christ are therefore not in Christ alone; yes, but the sufferings of Christ are only in Christ.

If by Christ you mean both head and body, the sufferings of Christ are only in Christ. But if by Christ you mean only the head, then the sufferings of Christ are not in Christ alone. For if the sufferings of Christ are not in Christ alone. For if the sufferings of Christ are in Christ alone, how can the Apostle Paul, as a member of Christ, say this: That I may fill in my flesh what is lacking of the sufferings of Christ?”(Col1:24)

Via Dolorous “laying in the tomb”

If then you are among the members of Christ whatever human being you are, whoever you are that hears this, whoever you are that does not hear this (but if you are among the members of Christ you do hear this), whatever you suffer at the hands of those who are not among the members of Christ was lacking to the sufferings of Christ.

Your sufferings are added because they were lacking. You fill up a measure, you do not pour something that overflows. You suffer as much as needed to be added from your sufferings to the total suffering of Christ, who suffered as our head, and suffers in his members, that is, in ourselves.

Each one of us in his own measure pays his debt to what may be called this commonwealth of ours. In proportion to our store of strength we contribute as it were a tax of suffering. The final reckoning of all suffering will not take place until the world has come to an end.

Do not then imagine, brethren, that all the just who suffered persecution at the hands of the wicked, even those who were sent to foretell the coming of the Lord before he came, did not belong to the members of Christ. God forbid that one who belongs to the CITY which has Christ for King should not belong to the members of Christ.

City of God Logos

In the blood of Abel, the just one, the whole CITY speaks, and so on until the blood of Zechariah. From then, it is the same CITY that goes on speaking in the blood of John, in the blood of Christ’s faithful people.

City shares one of my daily prayers: Augustine’s from Psalms 37:

Chastise me not in thy wrath,” Thou said, “Go into eternal fire” but chastise me not in thine anger. Purify me rather in such manner in this life that I need not be purified by fire in the next. {Ch13 9th Book Confessions, Purgatory Book 1.}

Daily Indulgence: #198….The faithful, who in memory of the five wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ say (5 times) Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s & Glory be together with the following verse:

Holy Mother pierce me through; In my heart each wound renew Of my savior crucified.”

[An indulgence 3 years; A plenary indulgence once a month on the usual conditions for daily recital of the same (S.P. Ap., Jul 9, 1934). RACCOLTA pg 130.

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