June 3, 2020


The Church for centuries has been at odds with the FreeMason’s. Recently the City has been preparing historical research, regarding CityofGod.Blog’s conclusion that the Free Masons and Affiliated secret CULTS are behind the Medjugorge Mirage, the“Big Business Apartatus.” Medjugorje Fruit? : DIABOLIC or Changing DOCTRINE FROM HEAVEN? (posted May.28, 2019.)


No fewer than 13 occasions on which Abp. Viganò has been Vindicated

by Originally published at Complicit Clergy.

When Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò originally released his 11-page testimony in August 2018, Pope Francis stated, that he would not dignify it with a response. Yet on May 28, Francis finally broke his silence claiming that he “knew nothing” about McCarrick. This apparent contradiction has set off a firestorm of commentary in the Catholic media. With each passing revelation, Abp. Viganò has been vindicated time and time again. Complicit Clergy has been tracking news which appears to corroborate Viganò’s original allegations. At last count, there are no fewer than 13 occasions in which Abp. Viganò has been vindicated: NOW the LIST of (you guessed it THE 13)

Viganò Corroboration #13: Report Released By McCarrick’s Former Secretary Confirms Viganò’s Testimony

This track record should once and for all silence Viganò’s critics who claim he is not telling the truth. (City says, Should it?) Not until, WE SEE THE TRUTH!!!!!

End “Complicit Clergy: CAUTION!!!: FREEMASON NUMEROLOGY # 13


The City found these news headlines posted on the Masonic Official news, that sheds light on recent events . Ask that ALL Catholics pray for our Pope, and ask in our prayer that Pope Francis be guided by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of ALL TRUTH!, asking mother Mary’s Intercession!

The Freemason’s pledged enemies of the Church:

CityofGod.blog wants to bring your attention to another news item that helps brings today’s News and this essay full circle. Church militant, released the above article and published this one below:

“Sex Abuse Inquiry Risks Diplomatic Flare-Up Between Holy See and Britain”. Nuncio’s non-cooperation confirms Pope’s lack of seriousness in tackling abuse.

Although the City has respect for Church Militant, we want our readers to keep an open mind. Due to the following:

Secret Cult Central: includes Free Masons in the Court of Britain Monarchy

One of the principles of operation or “Code of Ethics” Conduct (if you will), for how these secret cults operate under is to PREVIEW some portion of truth “right out in the open” for their devious, immoral and often illegal activities. It can be manifested in several ways, symbols, pictures, movies, press stories, providing enough “truths” to ease their evil consciences and meet their form of moral minimums for the public (humanity). It is the City’s sense that the current exposures for the Church may not be ALL that is known.

City proposes that all of it, could be manipulations by the Occult Freemasons, Illuminati’s, and or Skull and Bones, others Clandestine Enemies working together in misinformation campaigns to destroy Christ’s True Church.

For example: The Charismatic movement, that had significant influence during the Vatican II changes with “Praxis” could be a perfect example of such an on gong operation, within the Church. As we know, this movement originated in LA nearly 100 years ago, supposedly from the false religion, apostates of Pentecostalism. Today: the Charismatics became an authentic???? movement inside the Catholic Church, but most likely, infiltrated and originated by such occult groups, using false “Speaking of Tongues”, to indoctrinate the uninformed sheeple.

None of this can be proven, and that is why these Secret Occult organizations continue to grow, thrive in power and deviance. By “Oath” dogma each “dragon” or “grand wizard” has imperfect knowledge, of who is giving the marching orders, but throughout the Loyal order each diligently responds to their evil works. Even unwittingly unaware the end result is machinations of EVIL. (even sometimes not evil but for the human good). As the ends always justify the means.

FREE MASONIC Goals for Preconciliar Church:

Conciliar Church lays no claim to exclusive possession of the means of salvation All are pilgrims approaching the same goal by different roads.

The local community of faith is the source of religious enlightenment. Correct beliefs and correct moral practices no longer come from hierarchical of bishops submissive to central authority worldwide cluster-crime function cooperating earth resources and to eliminate economic oppression and political imperialism.

Rules of the former Catholic church must be brought in line with fraternal alignment outlook desires of the world at large.

City now POSTING from FreeMason News, Source for the following CONNECTIONS…… [note all the use of 6, 13’s 33’s symbology once again!!!]

Masonic Press Agency | #FM24h

[#FM24h: F=6 th letter, M =13th letter, 2+4 =6 (h=8th ) = 33] Use of this numerology they deny!

Thursday, 21 March 2013 Grand Orient of Italy welcomed the election of Pope Francis
Rome, Italy. The Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy expressed his joy regarding the election of Pope Francis. Raffi stated that: “With the election of Pope Francis nothing will ever be the same again.”

Saturday, 16 March 2013 Grand Lodge of Argentina welcomes the election of Pope Francis

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Grand Lodge of Argentina officially welcomed the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the Pope of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican. Argentinian Grand Master Angel Jorge Clavero considers that this appointment brought recognition to Argentine nation.

Thursday, 14 March 2013 Duke of Kent reelected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England

London, United Kingdom. During the Quarterly Annual Communication of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Duke of Kent was confirmed again as Grand Master. Also, Pro Grand Master announced that this year marks two centuries since the unification of the Ancients and Moderns in 1813.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013: 13.03.2013 | Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis I at 187 years since the issuance of Quo Graviora Papal Bull against Freemasonry

Vatican. Today was elected the new Pope, successor of Pope Benedict XVI (Pope Emeritus) at the helm of the Vatican. The one who will be called Pope Francis I (Francis of Assisi), is the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, former Archbishop of Buenos Aires. The new Pope is of Italian origin and member of the Jesuit Order (11 March 1958). His actions in recent years in Argentina have indicated that he is part of the Catholic orthodoxy.

Pope Francis is the first pope from Latin America, where countries have suffered due to the Catholic Inquisition. Today also marks 187 years since Pope Leo XII issued the Quo Graviora Papal Bull a document against Freemasonry. CityofGod.Blog END of ESSAY

Daily Indulgence: Partial indulgence (300 days), (S.P. Ap., Feb 25, 1941).

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast put down all heresies in the whole world.”

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