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OVERVIEW – 1st Commandment (part I,II of IV)

Along this Catechism exploration #7, City has chosen the first commandment. So many of us think we do not sin against this commandment , but in fact may be the one sin least confessed and most abused. With Athanasius Catholic hat on , I am not judging, just stating a fact. Of course, I am including non-catholics that violate this 1st commandment, and think they are NOT accountable to reconciling to God’s holy Church. (See – Mt28:18-20 ; Jn20:23; Mt18:17, for starters!!!) So maybe, just possibly, when you read this essay, on this catechism, we will be more cognoscente of loving our God.

One of the points, by choosing this topic City hopes to make, in providing what is required, we can acknowledge what we need to FIX. The error of ignorance, people may make, We “owe a certain amount of Charity to God, and may have forgotten, or wasn’t attentive when the Church taught the truth. For example, Catholics should stay 15 minutes after daily mass for fifteen minutes of prayer, to satisfy this daily obligation. Many of us pray the Rosary before or after mass to fulfill this obligation. But what about the rest of you? Where does that leave you, Faithful? Probably, you are not fulfilling this obligation. I didn’t? How much damage is being done to our souls?, I wish I could tell you, but going to mass and “receiving your daily bread is truly a first best step in meeting your obligations to God. We know that the Holy Mass or Divine Liturgy is the supreme prayer, by participating in this sacrifice of the lamb, breaking bread just as the first Church had done since the day of Pentecost.(Acts2:42), delights the Lord! But what of those who don’t go to mass due to sloth, or indifferent-ism, false conversions? In today’s society that schedule is very difficult with working, not enough priests available at all hours as on Sunday. Can you receive a dispensation or have you asked? But then, are your church pews full every day? I suppose God will be merciful, lets all hope so. Are you a soul, like Mohamet seems to rely, presumption of God’s mercy, as sin of the 2nd Commandment?

The second topic, is this wrong headed idea of what religious freedom is, and what it is not. In America (USA), our constitution provides “freedom of religion”. But were you aware that our Pope, of that day condemned, our government, as not having this authority? Do you believe our church has changed Her from this truth? If you doubt or disagree, ask yourselves, were the Hebrews of the Old Testament, open to every religion of other nations?, that said it believed in god or other gods? Did you ever hear that Isreal was constantly being reprimanded by God for their faithfulness to idols? Who hasn’t heard of Moses reaction when he so proudly brought God’s Ten Commandments down from the mountain? Or you think, oh I am not Jew, so those rules are do not apply to me. Yes such is the state of modern society!, But the truth hasn’t changed. Have you not heard that the Catholic Church teaches, she is the one true religion? Id NOT? Now you have!!! If you pray the Apostles Creed and say, I believe in one holy catholic apostolic church, did you think, these were just to a poem, not a pledge of faith?…

No, man is NOT free to think up, practice, or falsely worship, whatever religion he creates, this is some from of Judeo-masonry deceit packaged in the name of freedom.

Just read the book of Ezdras (Ezra), the entire book is about the Hebrew misunderstanding of God’s Natural Law, applied to only for Jewish blood. And he was a high priest in the order of Levites, Sons of Aaron. The Pharisee purge the Hebrews blood following the babylonian exiles. We see this very thing in Islam and in the false ideology of ISIS, if you don’t believe in their man-made religion, you deserve to have your head sliced from your shoulders. These people claim because, their line precedes the Moses Law (“Abrahmic”) they are exempt, but they do NOT precede God’s Natural Law, do they? Yet this naturally observable truth is ignored? Is Islam a religion?, if it cannot maintain hard coded laws of mankind, from creation? City wonders? and asks?

EVER WONDER? COINCIDENCE or something else?

But we Christians know, or should not deny, there is One God, and He established only one religion, one church, His church. Simon Peter answered and said: “Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God.” And Jesus answering, said to him: Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and blood hath not revealed it to thee, but my Father who is in heaven. And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Mt16:16-18).

As Catholics, we must do an EXAMINATION of CONSCIENCE based on the Ten Commandments of God.

This is the LAW handed to Moses by God. These commandments are definitively observable to man. For this has been intimately built into our genetic makeup from God (“hard coded”). To rebuke, this Natural Law is a denial and rejection of God, no matter how many times we make such false statements, it never becomes true.

The golden rule, IS hard coded into Man. In, one sentence, it goes something like this“ Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.

The Hebrews developed over 600+ Laws from this rule and from the 10 Commandments, from the Torah, (first 5 books of Sacred Scripture). Jesus summed up the Law, fully and completely, understood and instructed to His Church. You must Love your God, with your whole heart, mind and soul, and the second is like the first; love your neighbor (others) as you love yourself. Who is Jesus the Christ? Apostle St Thomas said, “ my Lord, and my God Jn20:28”, as stated by His Church.

The Word became Flesh. Here St Thomas affirms

This essay is discussing the duties relating to the FIRST Commandment part I, II. Below is a reprint of this long form of “Examination of Conscience:

(see, City of God prior post forgiveness of sins) of the first commandment. In this essay, City is only discussing how a Christian’s duty prevents his worship at a Masonic temple (aka Lodge), but just because this essay will focus on Judeo-Masonry errors, do NOT presume on God’s Mercy and believe that all other religions (not being mentioned) are exempted! (a 2nd Commandment Issue). So the standard is basic, and all mankind is BOUND by His Church, even if you think you are not! This does not change this reality. Ok, you may not like this. So? I guess, you may just go on presuming on His mercy, violating the second commandment. Some may say, but I did not know, and that is partially true, but we are hardcoded for the truth, and required to seek it.

Jesus said, many will say, “ “Many will say to me in that day: Lord, Lord…..I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me….!

I AM the Lord God; (I) YOU shall Worship the LORD YOUR GOD, and HIM ALONE SHALL YOU SERVE:

Sins contrary to the First Commandment are the following:

Neglect of prayer; ingratitude toward God; spiritual sloth; hatred of God or of the Catholic Church; tempting God (explicitly or implicitly, e.g. by exposing one’s self to danger of soul, life, or health without grave cause); not behaving reverently when in church (e.g. not genuflecting to the Blessed Sacrament when entering or leaving the church, etc.); excessive attraction to things/creatures (e.g. over-affection to animals, sports fanatic, having movie star /music/TV idols, love for money, pleasure or power); idolatry (worshiping false gods such as giving honor to a creature in place of God (e.g. Satan, science, ancestors, country); superstition (ascribing powers to a created thing which it does not have); hypnotism (without sufficient cause); divination (communication with Satan, demons, the dead or other false practices in order to discover the unknown, consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, fortunetelling); attaching undue importance to dreams, omens or lots; all practices of magic or sorcery (e.g. witchcraft, voodoo); wearing charms; playing with Ouija boards or rotating tables; spiritism (talking with the spirits); sacrilege (profaning or treating unworthily the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist, and other liturgical actions, as well as religious persons, blessed things such as sacred vessels or statues, or places consecrated to God); sacrilege by receiving a sacrament, especially the Holy Eucharist, in the state of mortal sin; simony (buying or selling of spiritual things); profane or superstitious use of blessed objects (sometimes done in order to remain in sin); practical materialism (one believes he needs and desires only material things); atheistic humanism(falsely considers man to be an end in himself, and the sole maker with supreme control of his own history);

atheism in general (rejects, denies or doubts the existence of God, either in theory or practice, i.e. ignoring Him in the daily living of our lives);

agnosticism (postulates the existence of a transcendent being which is incapable of revealing itself, and about which nothing can be said or makes no judgment about God’s existence declaring it impossible to prove or even to affirm or deny).

Sins against Faith:

Willful doubt of any article of faith; deliberate ignorance of the truths of faith which ought to be known; neglect of instructing oneself in the faith according to one’s state in life; rash credulity (e.g. giving credence to private revelation too easily or believing in a private revelations that has been condemned by the lawful Church authorities); apostasy; heresy;


Indifferent-ism (to believe that one religion is as good as another, and that all religions are equally true and pleasing to God, or that one is free to accept or reject any or all religions);

reading or circulating books or writings against the Catholic belief or practice in such wise as to jeopardize one’s faith; to remain silent when asked about one’s faith;

engaging is schismatic or heretical worship; joining or supporting masonic groups or other forbidden societies.

Sins against Charity:

2nd order Mason Idolators of the World
This is NOT the CCC

Sins against Hope:

Despair of God’s mercy (to give up all hope of salvation, and the means necessary to be saved) or want of confidence in the power of His Grace to support us in trouble or temptation; no desire to possess eternal happiness in heaven or after this earthly life; presumption (to hope for salvation without help from God or to assume God’s forgiveness with out conversion,or to hope to obtain heavenly glory without merit); presuming on God’s mercy or on the supposed efficacy of certain pious practices, in order to continue in sin; refusing any dependence on God.

Not making an act of charity at regular intervals during life especially during times of necessity; egoism (one cares only about himself, praises himself, selfish, enjoys receiving praise) willfully rebellious thoughts against God; boasting of sin; violating God’s law, or omitting good works through human respect.


CCC#2084 – God makes himself known by recalling his all-powerful loving, and liberating action in the history of the one he addresses: “I brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” The first word contains the first commandment of the Law: “You shall fear the LORD your God; you shall serve him. …. You shall not go after other gods.”5(Deut 6:13-14.) God’s first call and just demand is that man accept him and worship him.

CCC#2085 – The one and true God first reveals his glory to Israel.6(Ex 19:16-25; 24:15-18.) The revelation of the vocation and truth of man is linked to the revelation of God. Man’s vocation is to make God manifest by acting in conformity with his creation “in the image and likeness of God”: There will never be another God, Trypho, and there has been no other since the world began …. than he who made and ordered the universe. We do not think that our God is different from yours. He is the same who brought your fathers out of Egypt “by his powerful hand and his outstretched arm.” We do not place our hope in some other god, for there is none, but in the same God as you do: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.7(St. Justin, Dial. cum Tryphone Judaeo 11,1:PG 6,497.)

CCC#2086 – “The first commandment embraces faith, hope, and charity. When we say ‘God’ we confess a constant, unchangeable being, always the same, faithful and just, without any evil. It follows that we must necessarily accept his words and have complete faith in him and acknowledge his authority. He is almighty, merciful, and infinitely beneficent. Who could not place all hope in him? Who could not love him when contemplating the treasures of goodness and love he has poured out on us? Hence the formula God employs in the Scripture at the beginning and end of his commandments: ‘I am the LORD.'”8(Roman Catechism 3,2,4.)

CCC#2087 – 2094 Faith Hope and Charity see prior post here -(In-cert link to Augustine Enchirion Faith Hope Charity (seven essays) 03/07 thru 15/19) [ https://cityofgod.blog/wp-admin/post.php?post=1338&action=edit ]

CCC#2095 – The theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity inform and give life to the moral virtues. Thus charity leads us to render to God what we as creatures owe him in all justice. The virtue of religion disposes us to have this attitude.

CCC#2096Adoration is the first act of the virtue of religion. To adore God is to acknowledge him as God, as the Creator and Savior, the Lord and Master of everything that exists, as infinite and merciful Love. “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve,” says Jesus, citing Deuteronomy.13(Lk 4:8; Cf. Deut 6:13.)

CCC#2097 – To adore God is to acknowledge, in respect and absolute submission, the “nothingness of the creature” who would not exist but for God. To adore God is to praise and exalt him and to humble oneself, as Mary did in the Magnificat, confessing with gratitude that he has done great things and holy is his name.14(Lk 1:46-49.) The worship of the one God sets man free from turning in on himself, from the slavery of sin and the idolatry of the world.

CCC#2098 – The acts of faith, hope, and charity enjoined by the first commandment are accomplished in prayer. Lifting up the mind toward God is an expression of our adoration of God: prayer of praise and thanksgiving, intercession and petition. Prayer is an indispensable condition for being able to obey God’s commandments. “[We] ought always to pray and not lose heart.”15(Lk 18:1.)

CCC#2099 – It is right to offer sacrifice to God as a sign of adoration and gratitude, supplication and communion: “Every action done so as to cling to God in communion of holiness, and thus achieve blessedness, is a true sacrifice.”16(St. Augustine, De civ Dei 10,6:PL 41,283.)

CCC#2100Outward sacrifice, to be genuine, must be the expression of spiritual sacrifice: “The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit…. “17(Ps 51:17.) The prophets of the Old Covenant often denounced sacrifices that were not from the heart or not coupled with love of neighbor.18(Am 5:21-25; Isa 1:10-20.) Jesus recalls the words of the prophet Hosea: “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.”19(Mt 9:13; 12:7; Cf. Hos 6:6.) The only perfect sacrifice is the one that Christ offered on the cross as a total offering to the Father’s love and for our salvation.20(Heb 9:13-14.) By uniting ourselves with his sacrifice we can make our lives a sacrifice to God.

CCC#2101 – In many circumstances, the Christian is called to make promises to God. Baptism and Confirmation, Matrimony and Holy Orders always entail promises. Out of personal devotion, the Christian may also promise to God this action, that prayer, this alms-giving, that pilgrimage, and so forth. Fidelity to promises made to God is a sign of the respect owed to the divine majesty and of love for a faithful God.

CCC#2102 – “A vow is a deliberate and free promise made to God concerning a possible and better good which must be fulfilled by reason of the virtue of religion,”21 (CIC, can. 1191 § 1.) A vow is an act of devotion in which the Christian dedicates himself to God or promises him some good work. By fulfilling his vows he renders to God what has been promised and consecrated to Him. The Acts of the Apostles shows us St. Paul concerned to fulfill the vows he had made.22(Acts 18:18; 21:23-24.)

CCC#2103 – the Church recognizes an exemplary value in the vows to practice the evangelical counsels:23(CIC, can. 654.) Mother Church rejoices that she has within herself many men and women who pursue the Savior’s self-emptying more closely and show it forth more clearly, by undertaking poverty with the freedom of the children of God, and renouncing their own will: they submit themselves to man for the sake of God, thus going beyond what is of precept in the matter of perfection, so as to conform themselves more fully to the obedient Christ.24(LG 42 § 2.)

The Church can, in certain cases and for proportionate reasons, dispense from vows and promises25(CIC, cann. 692; 1196-1197.)

CITY: The above statement in no way implies, that Natural Law is exempted. All spiritual breaking of Natural law is a break of God’s Law, that the Holy Office of Worship 1949 stated, It does not have authority over, to trangress.

SOCIAL duty of religion and the right to RELIGIOUS FREEDOM

CCC#2104All men are bound to seek the truth, especially in what concerns God and his Church, and to embrace it and hold on to it as they come to know it.”26(DH 1 § 2.) This duty derives from “the very dignity of the human person.”27(DH 2 § 1.) It does not contradict a “sincere respect” for different religions which frequently “reflect a ray of that truth which enlightens all men,”28(NA 2 § 2.) nor the requirement of charity, which urges Christians “to treat with love, prudence and patience those who are in error or ignorance with regard to the faith.”29(DH 14 § 4.)

The Kaaba Stone of Muslims – respect the rock

City: Therefore ignorance ( I did not know) is not a get out of HELL free card!

CCC#2105 – The duty of offering God genuine worship concerns man both individually and socially. This is “the traditional Catholic teaching on the moral duty of individuals and societies toward the true religion and the one Church of Christ.”30(DH 1 § 3.) By constantly evangelizing men, the Church works toward enabling them “to infuse the Christian spirit into the mentality and mores, laws and structures of the communities in which they

live.”31(AA 13 § 1.) The social duty of Christians is to respect and awaken in each man the love of the true and the good. It requires them to make known the worship of the one true religion which subsists in the Catholic and apostolic Church.32(DH 1.) Christians are called to be the light of the world. Thus, the Church shows forth the kingship of Christ over all creation and in particular over human societies.33(AA 13; Leo XIII, Immortale Dei 3,17; Pius XI, Quas primas 8,20.)

CCC#2106 “Nobody may be forced to act against his convictions, nor is anyone to be restrained from acting in accordance with his conscience in religious matters in private or in public, alone or in association with others, within due limits.”34 (DH 2 § 1) This right is based on the very nature of the human person, whose dignity enables him freely to assent to the divine truth which transcends the temporal order. For this reason it “continues to exist even in those who do not live up to their obligation of seeking the truth and adhering to it.”35(DH 2 § 2.)

No one forces Masonic members to SWEAR a LIE to GOD, they do it anyway!

CITY: It is your free WILL to follow God’s Word, and do his will, does not mean that disobedience is not punished! Or can be a presumption on His Mercy.

CCC#2107 – “If because of the circumstances of a particular people special civil recognition is given to one religious community in the constitutional organization of a state, the right of all citizens and religious communities to religious freedom must be recognized and respected as well.”36(DH 6 § 3.)

CITY: The proper sense of this #2107, Government must permit the free worship of God. Not freedom to worship any man made religion. For example the IRS states Satanism is a religion. This is contrary to the catholic definition of religion. Masonry is considered ANTI-GOD.

Catholic Encyclopedia: in its strictest sense, religion on its subjective side is the disposition to acknowledge our dependence on God, and on the objective side it is the voluntary acknowledgement of that dependence through acts of homage.

CITY: Therefore religion in name only – that leads to worship of God’s creatures is not religion, for example Satanism, wick-ism, Pantheism, humanism, Judeo-masonry, in the strictest sense.


Supernatural religion implies a supernatural end, gratuitously bestowed on man, namely a lively union with God through sanctifying grace, begun and imperfectly attained here, but completed in heaven, where the beatific vision of God will be its eternal reward. It also implies a special Divine revelation, through which man comes to know this end as well as the Divinely appointed means for its attainment. Subjection of oneself to God, based on this knowledge of faith and kept fruitful by grace, is supernatural religion.

CCC#2108 – The right to religious liberty is neither a moral license to adhere to error, nor a supposed right to error,37 (Leo XIII, Libertas praestantissimum 18; Pius XII AAS 1953,799.) but rather a natural right of the human person to civil liberty, i.e., immunity, within just limits, from external constraint in religious matters by political authorities. This natural right ought to be acknowledged in the juridical order of society in such a way that it constitutes a civil right.38 (DH 2.)

CCC#2109 – The right to religious liberty can of itself be neither unlimited nor limited only by a “public order” conceived in a positivist or naturalist manner.39 (Cf. Pius VI, Quod aliquantum (1791) 10; Pius IX, Quanta cura 3.) The “due limits” which are inherent in it must be determined for each social situation by political prudence, according to the requirements of the common good, and ratified by the civil authority in accordance with “legal principles which are in conformity with the objective moral order.”40-DH 7 § 3.

CCC#2110 – and beyond 2141 for another Time:

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