September 21, 2020

How well do you know the Blessed Mother?

what roll in your personal life ,How do you seek to deepen, her relationship?

Testimonial /

I know the blessed mother, as always been important in my life, so I know her very-well. I know her in my prayers, in my readings, through my vacations and in my heart.

First I know her in my prayer.

Ever since a youth attending a polish parish and serving as an altar boy. I was invested in the brown scapular upon receipt of my 1st holy communion. I participated in the Blue Army as a child as my mother and our neighborhood friends drove us each week to city called Farrell, to attend St Anthony to pray the Fatima prayers and rosary every Friday for the Blue Army. Often we were were standing outside as hundreds, if not thousands came from the entire valley to pray and sing the Blue Army Devotion. When we went (mother, my sister and I) to A.A. (alcoholics anonymous, Al-anon), we prayed the rosary as we traveled. I always felt protected, throughout life whomever seemed to interfere, cause harm or whatever, the problem cleared itself and the aggravator received their just punishment. As years went by my devotions became both hot and cold. Today, I pray daily devotions to our Virgo Portens ( Virgin most powerful and Our Lady’s Seven Dolars (rosary). (7 decades of 10, not the 7). There is no doubt I received countless consolations as a youth and as an adult from her intercession.

Secondly, I know Mary in my readings.

By this I mean I see her in scriptures, old and new. I have read several books about her. The two, that most come to mind are, The Glories of Mary by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church.( Our gate to heaven, and her long sufferings); the second, and the Mystical City of God[ CIUDAD DE DIOS ] . The latter, I first read the abridged then the four volume set. Now I have blog (named City of God) doing a synopsis from the Mystical City of Mary’s dictated instructions to Venerable Sister Maria Agreda. (attaching the 1st such post on the Wisdom: Knowledge of God). So far I have only completed the first book of six in the synopsis. The Mystical City of God contains, innumerable details of Mary’s life, though it is considered private revelation, five popes have approved of this work, yet today it is not readily available, in catholic book stores.

Third, I know the Blessed Virgin in my travels to Marian sites.

The pity “PIETA”

I have been to Fatima, took my sister to Lourdes hoping for a cure for her, and went to Medjugorge because I thought Mary may be appearing there daily. I have been to our nations Cathedral in Washington D.C. From Rome, I had sent back a large PIETA, 18” high and about 40 pounds, replica (that has a special location in my living room) that is in St Peter’s Basilica “chapel of the Peita.” Now, I once again have a license plate that reads PIETA! It is my love for our Mother, and the truth, that I am opposed (“NOT do not like”) to Megjugorge. I know, my mother would never say the outrageous masonic things that deny our faith, church and holy obedience the local Ordinary or to God. That these frauds claim and do! I have documented the same on my Blog. This includes a 117 points Spiritual Discernment, that the Church uses for apparitions. And my blog received comments, like, “ finally a site that speaks truth and makes sense of 30 years of nonsense.”

In conclusion,

I know our mother as the single hand that rescues me when I have fallen (away from the church). I can recall, that sometimes it begins when my scapular breaks or I toss it in a drawer. I can recall one time it broke in the shower, and I went looking in a Catholic book store and not being able to find one in two of them, gave up and went home. Recently my wife reminded me. That it was shortly after our Medjugorge trip (within 6 mos.). Before long, I was receiving messages from the TV, Billboards on roads, radio, even from music. Or downtown in a three piece business suit begging money for the poor, as if I was St Francis of Assis? One person actually tossed a bill in my poor box. Then one night, it was the music of a song, that played on the radio that reminded me of Mary, that woke me up from this absurd, “taking of instructions”, thinking I was doing God’s will. There I was sitting in my car at 10:30 pm waiting for the next message in an empty parking lot, with my two little girls strapped in their car seats in the back. Yes, “waiting for the next message”.

Only years, later did I learn, how I had broken this oppression, from a video of an exorcist priest. Today, I understand how I overcame this oppression, by going to noon mass daily at St Joan of Arch’s and very frequent confessions, sometimes weekly. I never took drugs. For years I thought I conquered this all myself. Truth is, I have always relied on her intercession, as this became natural for me since both my parents passed when I was in my twenties.

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