August 5, 2020

Medjugorje Fruit? : DIABOLIC or Changing DOCTRINE FROM HEAVEN?

But prove all things; hold fast that which is good. From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves.” (1Thes5:21-22)

As a pilgrim to the valley of Medjugorje in 1987, before their civil war. I long have been interested, but admittedly was not following this phenomenon since that trip. Holy people want to believe and grow closer to God, through Mary many times she has blessed our Church with her Grace and Wisdom. As a pilgrim of Rome, Paris, Compestella, Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje; I am not without few pilgrim credentials, when I speak of this Apparition.

The City of God.Blog is dedicated to Apologetics, Truth and Mystery. Catholic Truth in debated only, at Outside the Walls, in these City gates.

YET, where should this Mystery belong at this time? The City’s Litmus test is TRUTH. By example: Jesus answered Pilate,…“For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth, hear my voice.(Jn18:37)

Church’s Bridegroom Extreme Humility Icon

Because, several local Carmelite secular, and Fatima devotees, our sisters have sojourned to Europe (Medjugorje), for the Love of Jesus and Mary, the City wanted to provide evidence for future pilgrims not already committed or determined to “taste and see the goodness of the Lord”(Ps33:10), to this 27 year long Apparition. Jesus being truthful to His promise, “wherever two or three of my little ones are gathered, there too am I” (Mt18:20 ). City could not deny and can confirm that this Valley of Mejugorje truly has “believers seeking holiness”, and this is undeniable. City still has many fond memories of the thousands of Irish teens that seemed to be everywhere in that quite Valley, in the summer of 1987. Pilgrims starting every morning at Divine Holy Mass and evening prayer vigils, and receiving remission for sins is fruit of the Spirit that is happening in every Catholic Diocese, one needn’t travel around the globe to participate in this! City recommends you begin visiting your Catholic Church and Adoration chapel more often, for your yearnings. But these prayer filled happenings do not make “supernatural events an apparition”!

Church Dogma demands Truth, and so should every Catholic. Our heavenly supernatural beings either angels or Saints can only correspond and witness to truth, if not? They are “diabolic”! Where TRUTH exists, we can believe. So after twenty-seven years of unprecedented visitations? Does Medjugorje qualify, withstand the Witness to Truth? Fruitful signs of virtues, prayer, daily mass, communion and confessions; are visible signs daily in our Catholic Church and do not singularly apply to super natural angelic beings in apparitions in a far off Country.

Our Church is slow in these matters because it is eternal.

# We should all pray that the Vatican gives its final judgment on the matter soon and the followers of these ‘apparitions’ obey and do not cause a schism of sorts in the Church.

# “The surprising statement on Medjugorje by the CDF to be communicated to the U.S. bishops appears to signal a negative Vatican judgment on the authenticity of the Marian apparitions in the former Yugoslavia. What is even more surprising is that the negative judgment of the two Bishops of Mostar as well as that of all the bishops of the Conference has not been heeded for many years by millions of Catholics who continue to give credibility to quite questionable apparitions of Our Lady.”


# Commission of Cardinals regarding Medjugorje, it is certainly difficult to believe that the Commission would reverse the judgments of Bishops who for years have investigated the matter on the spot and declared in effect, that ‘supernatural apparitions and revelations’ had not taken place.

# Dated “21 October 2013”, the letter references a short tour of U.S. parishes by “one of the so-called visionaries of Medjugorje, Ivan Dragičević” scheduled for the end of October. The events were subsequently canceled. The letter confirms that the CDF is still “in the process of investigating certain doctrinal and disciplinary aspects of the phenomenon of Medjugorje”, but says in the mean time, “all should accept the declaration, dated 10 April 1991, from the Bishops of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, which asserts: ‘On the basis of the research that has been done, it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations.’”

# Msgr. Charles M. Mangan of the Diocese of Sioux Falls takes the letter as a smart pastoral move by the Vatican. “The letter of Archbishop Vigano‘ on behalf of Archbishop Muller is a timely reminder that the events reported from Medjugorje remain under review and that caution regarding any claim for their supernatural character is needed from both the clergy and the faithful.”

# Author and pastor of the Church of St. Michael in Manhattan, Fr. George Rutler views the Medjugorje phenomenon overall very negatively, “Benefits of grace accrued by pilgrims are testimony to the power of God to reward sincerity of heart through any devotion, bogus or not. I have also known of many disappointments, errors, and scandals attached to Medjugorje, not least of which is disobedience to the local Ordinary. It amazes me that after so many years, this cult endures despite the banality of the locutions, and while one of course defers to the final decision of the Church, one would not be surprised if a negative judgment on authenticity is rejected by fanatics.”

# ‘The numerous absurd messages, insincerity, falsehoods, and disobedience associated with the events and ‘apparitions’ of Medjugorje from the very outset, all disprove any claims of authenticity.’ (Bishop Ratko Peric) In my opinion, the Vatican’s welcome stress on collegiality would hardly favor throwing orthodox bishops under the bus.”

see original source:

A Mystic web page ends their assertions for Pro-Medjugorje with this message “Our Lady is also giving us 5 Stones or Weapons we can use to defeat Satan. They are:

  • Daily Prayer (Of the Rosary)
  • Fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays (a church Precept)
  • Daily Reading of the Bible
  • Monthly Confession
  • Holy Mass

Anything new here folks?,


Medjugorje Church


5 of 5 Spiritual Directors of Seers – Disobedient to Superiors including local Bishops, Excommunicated (Laicized), or Unchaste: {looking for signs?}

One such priest is named Vego, an X Franciscan Friar “suspended by his General, ‘a divinis’ – Yet continued to celebrate mass, distribute Sacraments, and pass the time with his mistress Vicka writes of Vega, in her Diary: Dec 12, 1981: “Our Lady said the Bishop is to blame for the “disorder”.

After asking our Lady Apr 15,1982: “they can say mass”,…..stay away from attention until things calm down...”They have NO faults”…What the Bishop is doing is contrary to the will of God”.

Again Apr 26,1982” “the Bishop has no real love for God in his heart”. Priests without Authority, hearing confessions of Pilgrims

Vicka when asked, “If our Lady said this and the Pope says they cannot?”

Vicka response: “The pope can say what he wants, I am telling it like it is.” The rest of the transcript is loaded with similar discourse and was sent to the Yugoslavian bishop conference.

By Oct 30, 1984, the Vatican Congregation for Religious suspended Vego to a lay state. Vicka claims numerous statement from our Lady of his innocence and the Bishop error. When the Vatican stepped in they withheld the Franciscan General rulings, supported the Bishop and Laisized the wayward priest against Vicka’s wishes. Whose Blasphemy was repeated and taped and sent to the Bishop conference. City asks, “DO YOU NEED MORE”? {All this the pilgrims knew nothing, I did not!!}

World blame Catholic Church in 1990, not Friar Vego

Fr. Jozo ZOVKO: was imprisoned by the Government for political reasons, not due to apparitions. [AS was the rumor 20 years ago]His police file records activity against the government since 1977. This is be 4 years before the Medjugorje events. Apparently for his support of Croatian Ustasa. ( aka not Our Lady as the seers claimed.) Placing the entire community of Franciscans under suspicion.

1990’s war Croations v Serbs

Gospa responds: “ Jozo looks well.(speaking of him in jail)……..”he is a Saint I already told you.” (In reality this priest was blatantly and habitually disobedient to his Superiors, Aug 1989 Bishop Zanic suspends Jozo ( the Saint?), he appealed to Congregations for the Evangelization of the Peoples 2/15/ 1990, but lost, confirmed and sent him far from Medjgorje to a convent. However, Jozo (like Martin Luther refuses to comply) by August 1993, a new Bishop is installed Peric…. Jozo ( the Saint) remains in non-compliance, even when this 2nd bishop, orders him to leave the area refer to – Canon 1378 par 2.

Anti Serb Anti-Communist – Ustashe

Jun26, 2004, JOZO remaining in disobedience is suspended for a third time.. “obstinate disobedience”

Not until Fr T. Vlasik was suspended by the Vatican in 2008, did Jozo comply now stationed in a distant island far from Medjugorje!

Words of John the Cross : We must suspect those apparitions, that lack dignity or proper reserve, above all those that are ridiculous. This last characteristic is a mark of human or diabolical machinations.

We do well to remember, that Jesus gave the Keys to Peter and his successors, to the Bishops like him and in his union. When even this is NOT respected, and you still remain in your OBSTANATE DISOBEDIENCE, such apparitions are clearly not the work of God and our Lady, but a manifestation for another purpose.


It is now well known that the events of Medjugorje began before the apparitions of “ the Virgin.  “These apparitions had been announced in advance by Fr. Heribert Mühlen, responsible for the Charismatic Movement in Germany, and then prophesied in May 1981 to Fr. Vlasic by Fr Tardif and Sr. Briege McKenna in Rome, during the International Congress of the leaders of the Charismatic Renewal.

Raining on pilgrims

The propagandists on behalf of Medjugorje have themselves stressed the importance of these strange prophecies. Laurentin had spoken of a “pre-established harmony between the apparitions and the Charismatic Renewal. ” This collusion of the two causes has never been denied on either side  : the Apparition in its messages has never ceased to give discreet approval, without any possible doubt, to the Charismatic Renewal, its doctrine, practices and leaders. The Franciscans who have succeeded one another as directors of the parish, the pilgrimage and of the seers are all charismatics. To the first two, Fr. Zovko and Fr. Vlasic, “ the Virgin of Medjugorje ” had herself appeared. Archbishop Franic, who protected them, was passionately charismatic. The seers themselves have set up charismatic prayer groups. The most zealous propagandists of Medjugorje were all charismatics or became so before long.

So much so that it is now no longer possible to ignore this unbreakable link or to deny the reciprocal recognition between the Charismatic Movement and the Yugoslav Apparition, as they mutually support each other.

Bishop Pavao Zanic of Mostar had a reputation of being an intelligent, supernatural and moderate man who had a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin. It was incumbent on him to make an investigation and to judge the veracity of the apparitions. ….

False Mysticism:


The words of the Apparition of Medjugorje teem with ambiguities, errors and marked heresies. The accusation was too grave for Laurentin to continue ignoring it. He admitted  : “ One of the difficulties against the exemplary [?!] message of Medjugorje concerns ecumenism. For the now dissolved diocesan commission that was one of the main objections, and Rome received it with the greatest attention. The substance of the offense was the answer given by the Gospa to a written question handed to the seers on October 1, 1981  : “ Are all religions good  ? – “ All religions are equal before God”. If this reply attributed to all religions the same truth or the same value [which is indeed its obvious and incontestable meaning, confirmed by the context of ten or fifteen similar answers of the Apparition, and no answer has yet corrected or attenuated this patent heresy!] the Apparition would be disqualified in accordance with saint Paul’s criterion  : “ Even if an angel from Heaven were to announce another Gospel to you, let him be anathema ” (Ga1  :8)  : it could not be an angel of God. ”

Relativist ecumenism was not the only heresy of the Apparition of Medjugorje  : there was erroneous doctrine on the resurrection of the body, on Hell where the damned were presented as still being “ God’s children, ” and where, according to Mirjana “ people begin to feel comfortable, ” on the universal mediation of the Blessed Virgin which was insistently denied by the Gospa  : “ I do not dispose of all graces. I receive from God what I obtain through prayer. ” “ Jesus prefers that you address your petitions directly to Him, rather than through an intermediary. ”

Big business for Fr.joe?


I weigh my words carefully, aware of the gravity of such accusations, but to unmask impostors is a duty of charity towards the multitudes who are abused by their fallacious allegations. From the beginning, the Apparition lied by announcing on June 30, 1981, without the slightest ambiguity, that it would appear only three more times.

Friday, July 3 , 1981 : Tenth and last apparition. “ At this last apparition, which took place at the presbytery of Medjugorje, ” reported Bishop Zanic, “ a few priests were also present. When the apparition had ended, the seers declared  : ‘That is the last apparition  !’ ” And yet it carried on, it is still going on, and the end is not yet in sight  !

It lied on several occasions by promising forthcoming and precise dates for the appearance of a great sign. Still waiting?

It lied by making people believe that it would rapidly appease the Herzegovina problem whereby the Franciscans are opposed to their bishops.

Bishop Zanic “ affirmed that he caught all the seers lying ” and he provided proof of this. Mirjana and Ivanka lied from the beginning when they concealed that on June 24, 1981, the day of the first apparition, they had gone to the hill, with cigarettes in pocket to smoke on the sly. They admitted it to Bishop Zanic in July 1981, then they obstinately denied it to Laurentin who preferred to believe them rather than the bishop, and accused the latter of calumniating them. On the June 25, 1986, Ivanka, however, ended by confessing it to Laurentin himself  ! Jakov lied or distorted the facts in his accounts from June 30, 1981.

The seers lied and contradicted themselves on the subject of the great sign. Vicka lied on January 14, 1985 when she related that she had seen “ the Virgin let the Infant Jesus slip out of her arms ”. She lied ten or twenty times on the subject of her famous diaries, the very existence of which she began by denying. Vicka even went so far as to justify her behavior by claiming that it is normal and permissible to lie : “ No one, ” she stated, “ says everything that comes to his mind all the time. Everyone takes it for granted that one can lie on occasions ”  !

The Franciscans of Medjugorje, the Seers’ directors and confidants have practiced the same morality. Fr. Vlasic was not afraid to lie and to perjure himself concerning Vicka’s diary, the irrefutable proofs of which were provided by Bishop Zanic. Laurentin took care not to publish the little work he had promised to bring out to exonerate his charismatic friend of this dishonorable perjury. Fr. Zovko was not to be outdone. To be convinced of this, it is enough to read his conference to the pilgrims of “ Pour l’Unité ” of April 12, 1988. In relating the first apparitions, he reconstituted events to please himself, he invented out of thin air messages never mentioned by the seers, and he odiously calumniated his bishop, whilst lying about his own attitude which is well known to us through the recordings of interviews  !

Finally, the Medjugorje propagandists have lied on page after page, Laurentin more than any other.

I shall give just one example  : he stated that he knew and made use of the recordings of the seers’ first interviews. Not foreseeing, however, that Fr. Sivric allowed himself to present the announcement of the end of the apparitions on June 30, 1981 thus  : “ On that day, Mirjana thought she understood that the Gospa would return only three more times, up to Friday. But that is only her interpretation ”  ! In reality the recording of the interview of June 30, which took place immediately after the apparition, leaves no room for doubt  : Mirjana and all the seers unanimously stated on several occasions that the Gospa itself announced that the apparitions would last “ only three more days. ”

Omissions and tampering with the texts were still insufficient to render the ridiculously poor message of Medjugorje credible. Laurentin, therefore, surreptitiously enriched the text, doubtless expecting no one to see so much as a drop amid such a torrent of idle words. Thus he made the Gospa say  : “ Humbly fulfill your human and Christian duty to make yourselves worthy of Heaven ” Pure invention  !

And yet Pilgrims keep coming. The seers get paid money to tell their lies at other venues. The sheeple not looking to their Shepherd aimlessly follow this Syron call. Lies are a large part of Muslim culture not Christian.


A worthy amount of evidence and final Vatican decision on these rebellious Franciscan Spiritual Directors from the first source is sufficient. The Priests are heretics and have been banished, yet the Seers claim 1, Jozo is a Saint?


I have quoted testimonies relating how “ theVirginallowed all those who desired it to come and touch her, ” how the seers guided them saying  : ‘Now, you are touching her veil, her head, her hand, her dress… ” Accounts of these intolerable touching and hugging sessions are numbered by the dozen. I have reproached Fr. Laurentin for saying nothing about them. To which he replied  : “ Where it is said that Fr. Laurentin fails to quote such and such a word or deed, and why does he hide it (through what dishonesty or subterfuge, etc. )? Generally, it is because I have discarded it as unfounded or purely accessory… ” Unfounded or negligible, all these disturbing and scandalous facts ? They are now guaranteed by Vicka herself, who related them to Fr. Bubalo without any embarrassment.

…..By the light of the true Catholic Faith only, free of all passionate a priori which blinds those who are connected with the world-wide Charismatic Movement, it appears that beyond the fumes of its noisy propaganda, the fruits of Medjugorje as a whole are not good. Source []

Picture speaks a 1000 words!


If these early instance and messages alone were the only deviations, maybe we could shrug, and look away. Say “Look to the Fruits” as Pope Francis has recently done. However they are NOT! These SEERS and their spiritual Directors are plain and simple, “Heretics”. The Franciscan Oder in the area should be removed based on their unrivaled “obstinate disobedience” Unfortunately, these entire events are riddled with deceptions. If our sources are proven in error, then the stands corrected and will take down this post.

I AM ??? Prince??????

However these heretics are of a particular nature and not of a new order. Medjugorje preaches a demonic Freemasonry Occult message centuries old. Yet our current travelers seem unaware? The pilgrimage industry stresses the mystical, looks to positive signs of prayer, conversions of heart and dismisses the obvious corruptions. The lies listed above are significant enough, but those few listed, do not stand alone. Unless the information above is misrepresented, then these SEERS are frauds not simply Heretics.

In the book “the Thunder of Justice” page 41, referencing LaSalette “ Freemasonry and secret societies in the same time frame ….were attacking the Pope who became a prisoner, fled the Vatican. Could this Croatian Usatasa be affiliated? So we are watching history repeat, as we see the renegade Franciscan Friars in this region working with them and for years against our Holy Mother Church, and the Bishops of Mostar? It seems all knew that suspended priests were continuing to offer pilgrims “sacrileges” with invalid sacraments, as Martin Luther and his lot did for years after they started their new religion. Fortunately only 40 million souls have not all been converted, or tainted by this “fraud”. Many if NOT all have opened themselves spiritually and contractually to Diabolic Influences, by ignoring mother Church 1991 recommnedations.

Despite Holy Mother Church and the local Mostar Bishops announcing “the Emperor is naked” and the SEERS stating the visions would end at three, then ‘only one more”. Then again a few weeks later, stated and were recorded, only ten total visions. Now 40,000 visions later two of the seers “still haven’t learned ten things?” It appears they don’t know how to shut this down or don’t want to? So not only do the SEERS lie, Our Lady can’t make up her mind? This Gospa sides with defrocked priests like Martin Luther! Recently, however, Gospa is determined to reach ALL her children, she will visit every home of her children if necessary, or until we all show up to their “Vaudeville party”??? or “pay for play” speaking engagements of the SEERS?

This brings us, to the most flabbergasting Catholic quote of this Gospa from these seers,( that I have heard). The Seers claim, Gospa speaking for herself and her Son, “see all religions are equal before God”, inside the Church that established the “One True Religion” humans made this all up???? OR to something of this order. [ “Sheeple,” Can you imagine Jesus equal to budda? Or worse yet – Mohamet, an epileptic bigamist warrior?] Pluralism of the Masonic LDS? Acceptable before God?!

All Religions Acceptable – 34 degrees names in demonology

Of course the Church has taught God revealed the OPPOSITE of this since St Irenaeus ( a disciple of Polycarp who learned from St John the Evangelist Apostle, and Athanasius at least, Or even Apostle Paul warns us of “angels” teaching another religion do not fall for it! But many are and have! These Seers stand in disrepute of authentic private revelation after private revelations of nearly 2000 years. Accordingly, this Gospa according to these SEERS follows the Masonic Credo “All religions are equal”. Two thousand years later, her and her Son have concluded the Free Masons were right all along and God’s church founded on revealed Truth is in error, “after all?

Her Son’s Church, that He founded established and guided, even promised would never see the gates of Hell overcome; is just one of the many that please God? Still, the sheep still wander over to these Mejugorje pastures, to listen to the next diabolic utterings that pops into these SEERS and their Franciscan managers heads?

And where have Catholics heard such critical Dogmatic thought as this?

Jesus prefers all prayer (Petitions) to be directed to Him??” And yet our Fatima Marian rosary prayers go to this Valley to be insulted, told the Fatima rosary was last century news. They should “Stop!” This may actually make Jesus angry? Despite many Centuries of revealed truth, to the contrary, this Gospa, (according to the Seers,) has changed her Son’s plan for salvation? Really, this is what you expect the sheeple to believe?

As the City has debated in past posts, the Charismatic Movement is most likely DIABOLICAL. According to Fr. Ripperger, an Exorcist priest claims to have many client dealings with these folks needing demonic relief. If the German plot is proven, the Charismatics are exposed and diabolical. See: “Pentecostal Movement Charisms, Catholics believe or not? Posted April 19, 2019.

City’s hope then is to provide sufficient documentation to fine tune your skepticism, sharpen your intellect, even get you down right angry, over these OUTRAGES of Heresies that these promoters perpetrate with this apparition. The Body of Christ are mere Ponds in a Diabolic Scheme that may be leading up to an end times, Anti-Christ movement. Medjugorje is just setting the table with dogmatic errors, doubt, even closing off future true Marian protections in their confusion. The Church’s sheeple, are too easily led astray, with irrelevant magical miracles of lights and changing tarnished rosaries, the few and far between claims of this village of Medjgorje. The great “Sign” the Seers’ promised yet remains illusive!

Did the Diabolical learn the sheeple no longer have their eyes on their shepherd? Is His voice silent? Apparently Medjugorje children (now adults) prefer distrusting and lying about their Shepherd! EvenAbandoning scripture!

“He that hears you, hears me; and he that despises you, despises me; and he that despises me, despises him that sent me.” [Luke 10:16] “Amen, amen I say to you, he that receive whomsoever I send, receive me; and he that receive me, receive him that sent me.”
[John 13:20]….

Are ANTI- CHRIST Minions: using Marian apparitions as their tool?!

“Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that Antichrist come, even now there are become many Antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last hour.” [1 John 2:18 ]

“Who is a liar, but he who deny that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who deny the Father, and the Son.” [1 John 2:22]

“And every spirit that dissolve Jesus, is not of God: and this is Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he come, and he is now already in the world.” [1 John 4:3]

“For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an Antichrist.” [2 John 1:7]

Daily Indulgence: 300 days partial, plenary once a month under usual conditions, is said every day. (S.P. Ap., Nov 22, 1934). RACCOLTA pg. 484.

#605 “O Lord, grant unto Thy Church saintly priests and fervent religious

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