November 28, 2020

Is ISLAM a religion?

On this page, the City may reference Islam. In so doing, this blog is in constant wonder is ISLAM a religion? Therefore when posts related to other subjects, happen to include a secondary topic of ISLAM, City will attach this category, so that references to ISLAM, can be sourced in one location. City is NOT a protagonist of ISLAM, it is merely in wonder about the billion of so people, who adhere (or say they adhere) to a religion?, that does not maintain to the human condition, the very basic, self observing theology that humanity believes and follows, the “golden rule”. The golden rule, ” Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Carving off heads, Barbaric, even in 700AD?, is this how YOU want others to treat you? City wonders? about the claim to be Abrahamic?, thus conveniently prior to the LAW of MOSES, but clearly after the NATURAL LAW given by God, is also not observed?, yet has a history several centuries after Christianity, and nearly 4 millennia after Judaism? Did humankind, in the Arab world exist before Moses, of course, who questions this?, so did elephants, and other wild donkeys? But Mohamet’s religion did not? In Islam, many references to the book and the people of the Book” are made to the holy Scripture, even the Virgin Mary, also a curious wonderment? But as an outsider, Islam only gives lip service to this, added to the baking ingredients, of it’s dualism of doctrines from the Koran and the Haddiths, that all were written after the Greeks and Mohammad? as if logic was never invented?, but these people claims also algebra in mathematics as their own? City wonders, religion of PEACE, when its meaning is just as dualistic, “no peace without ISLAM, and without Islam is no peace? City has deep respect for the Islamic people and parts of its culture, yet is in a total quandary about their validity and willingness to seek the TRUTH? Not a DUALISTIC Truth but an objective, absolute TRUTH, that their living soul depends, before one goes off with a backpack of explosives? Islam therefore is a mystery to City of God, as defined by Augustine of Hippo, Egypt, two Cities, one believers of God, of Truth and Justice and the other City, nonbelievers, people of the material world. In a world where, clearly observed and written in the “book,” God created one man and one woman, Noah added to his boat animals of every conception male and female, yet polygamy is taught? Slavery is all but stamped out of world in society as a grave in justice, EXCEPT in this ISLAMIC world where adherents to this faith, go about stealing people, kidnapping little children in the name of a living God, Allah? At every turn is a another new question, therefore, City asks can ISLAM a religion?

Is ISLAM a religion? posts:

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In the United States, we are confronted with a call for “Reparation for Slavery”, (see map below) However, Three hundred fifty years earlier, Catholicism, our Pope Eugene IV, confronted Slavery in 1435, long before Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492. (papal encyclical below) But American Blacks that had their ancestors infringed upon are NOT […]

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WWW.Jewish Encyclopedia by Joseph Jacobs and Mary W. Montgomery, mi editing by the Second sacred city of Islam; situated in the Hijaz in Arabia, about 250 miles north of Mecca. It is celebrated as the place to which the Hegira (Mohamet’s flight from Mecca) was directed, and as the capital and burial-place of Mohamet […]

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Oh, Believers of our One True Living God; Islam is totally Irreversibly, Inescapably, in need of REDEMPTION. Only through – Super Natural intervention from God; “but by prayers and fasting!” (Mk9:14-29) Instruction: Oh Believers, in the One True God of the Living. When dealing with a believer of Islam, you must always and forever […]

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