May 31, 2020


(Mt21:43) “Therefore I say to you, that the kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and shall be given to a nation yielding the fruits thereof.”

One who delights in the world,

who is enticed by flattering and deceiving earthly pleasures wants to remain in the world a long time.… Since the world hates Christians, why do you love that which hates you? And Why don’t you follow Christ instead, who both redeemed you and loves you? John, in his epistle, cries and urges us not to follow the fleshly desires and love the world. “Love not the world,” he says, “neither the things which are in the world “. (1Jn2:15). If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him…. And the world shall pass away, and the lust thereof but he does the will of God abides forever, even as God Abides for ever,” Instead, beloved let us be prepared for the will of God with a sound mind a firm faith, and strong virtue. Laying aside the fear of death, let us think on the eternal life to come. Through this knowledge let us demonstrate that we are what we believe…. Then we won’t delay or resist the Lord on the day He calls us to Himself. ST. CYPRIAN 09 26 304 Martyred.

“The property of the wealthy holds them in chains.” ST Cyprian

Cyprian was a heathen magician of Antioch

Christians of Antioch who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Dioletian at Nico media, 26 September, 304, the date in September being afterwards made the day of their feast. Cyprian was a heathen magician of Antioch who had dealing with demons. By their aid he sought to bring St. Justina, a Christian virgin, to ruin; but she foiled the threefold attacks of the devils by the sign of the cross. Brought to despair Cyprian made the sign of the cross himself and in this way was freed from the toils of satan. He was received into the Church was made pre-eminent by miraculous gifts, and became in succession deacon, priest, and finally bishop, while Justina became the head of a convent. {// }

Daily indulgence prayer: An indulgence when said conjointly (S.P. Ap., Mar 14,1923)

O Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on us! Jesus, son of the virgin Mary have mercy on us! O Jesus, King and center of all hearts, grant that peace may be in Thy Kingdom.

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