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The Year of 1987 Stained Glass Windows and Statue All from Medjugorje,com/timeline

In the year 1987, the stained glass windows created by Croatian artist, Branimir Dorotic, were installed in St. James Church. When standing in the Church, facing the altar, the windows on the right depict 14 scenes from the life of Our Lady while those on the left portray scenes pertaining to the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje. City after nearly six years… a minor UPGRADE to the old church!, hope they added some air conditioning?

YOU wont find St Augustine as one Medjugorje’s new stained glass wndows!

January 8, 1987 Thursday Messages End, Monthly Messages Begin

“…I desire to keep on giving you still further messages, only not every Thursday, dear children, but on the 25th of each month. The time has come when what my Lord desired has been fulfilled. Now I will give you fewer messages but I am still with you. Therefore, dear children, I beseech you, listen to my messages and live them, so I can guide you…” gospa stated. City vagueness.Seers tired?

January 25, 1987 First Monthly Message

Our Lady revealed why She had come. She had come for a “great” plan for the salvation of the whole world. Our Lady said: City ?? nothing was revealed, AGAIN!

January 28, 1987 – Serious Message Given to Mirjana

Mirjana is in Sarajevo when she receives, on behalf of all Our Lady’s followers, this admonishment from this gospa:

“…Whenever I come to you my Son comes with me, but so does satan. …

City : Wisdom…in classic masonic distorted ethics and mockery….hints their truth, revealing their god, Satan!

This gospa always brings “lil ole ME” ?

January 29, 1987 – Cardinal Franjo Kuharic

However, his (Bishop Zanic) opinion did not carry any greater weight of authority than any other bishop from this moment forward. City – they are selling HOPE, and lying, this none of this is true, witness to end result.

satan “Offered us the “HOPE” , we chose Real Estate instead,” we are just Simple Shamen-Villagers

March 8, 1987 – Bishop Francesco Tarcisio Carboni from Italy says

I have heard confessions for two whole days and this was enough to convince me that Our Lord is present in Medjugorje…and so is Our Lady! City says- place this priest on UN – Masonic watch list

March 19-23, 1987 -Vicka in Italy – What Mockery

While in Italy, Vicka had an apparition regularly in a room near their chapel, but on Sunday she had it in the chapel itself. City -I call_ _ mockery, gospa travels to the their cars, hotel rooms now chapels in Italy….they never miss an opportunity to advance their fame and lies.

June 15, 1987 Ivanka in Scotland

“I know that the Pope wanted the Marian Year because of the messages of our Blessed Lady of Medjugorje. I know that the Pope privately accepts the apparitions of Medjugorje…because what confirms the truth of these apparitions is the fruit.” City- I second that. Got paper- bags of money from heaven, that is your fruit.

June 20, 1987 Marriage Reconsecration

Caritas’ founder arranged for the married couples from a BVM Caritas Pilgrimage who were in Medjugorje in June 1987 to meet with Marija and reconsecrate their marriages to Our Lady. City, I guessed I arrived a month late for this spectacular event. They even had the gospa show up and make a speech…..I wonder If I knew this I would have canceled our trip?

June 24, 1987 special apparition on cross mountain?

Our Lady asks everyone to come up Cross Mountain for a special apparition at 11:30 p.m. while a military helicopter hovered overhead in a show of intimidation CITY – what mockery I am getting SICK.

June 25, 1987 Sixth Anniversary of the Apparitions

The sixth anniversary was celebrated by over 100,000 pilgrims. The Anniversary is now a licensed national event in Yugoslavia in that the national government of Yugoslavia was encouraging the authorities of Sarajevo“One feels another wind blowing.” City – yes the signature of the gospa coming, a breeze….yes, I recall this, the crowds respond with silence….we hear nothing see nothing speak nothing: like the three monkeys.

In July of 1987 Mirjana Meets With Pope John Paul II

Archbishop Frane Franic accompanied 1,000 students from his diocese to Castel Gandolfo near Rome to see the Holy Father. City- remember this OUTED Masonic bishop, the only one of 100 bishops in 1991 approving this Masonic Fraud! Now leading children to the POPE. Later he is selected to hand this POPE JPII – the Masonic working document for ecumenism…..with MASONS….previously reported when this arch-bishop was shuttling in and out of Medjugorje behind the Local Ordinaries BACK! BOLD AND ARROGANT

July 23, 1987 Cardinal Frantisek Tomasek

Cardinal Frantisek Tomasek from Prague reports that the Holy Father told him that, were he not the Pope ??? <<fr. Tomacek words > and here>> ““I am profoundly grateful to God for Medjugorje. It relates very well with the 70 years since the Fatima apparitions, City- place this man under Masonic WATCH immediately.

July 25, 1987 Zanic Denounces the Apparitions

Bishop Zanic, while in Medjugorje to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation, speaks his disapproval of the apparitions a second time..Bishop Zanic preaches his sermon – “There is a great deal of praying and fasting going on here (in Medjugorje) but it is in the belief that all the events are truly supernatural. However, to preach falsehood to the faithful concerning God, Jesus, and Our Lady—that merits the depths of hell.” City: Note they can’t even respect that he came to do confirmation as Bishop. Only the second time? What lies… this priest is tortured knowing the truth from his tapping of their early conversations…but has been placed to the death pits by these evil money grabbers.

July 30, 1987 Jelena Receives an Important Message from Our Lady

gospa says, “I should NOT intercede!” my Son wants prayers directed to Him……but now 35 years later, they still have me appearing and talking to these visionaries any way? The lack of reason in a Masonic Mind!

An important message is given to Jelena, which Our Lady strives to impress upon the parish how high a calling they have received from God. The world needs their witness, Our Lady says, because: gospa – “through you, [I want] to save the whole world.” City – now their gospa is here to save the world….remember when they said she no longer is a mediatrix – send petitions directly to her Son....NOW they MOCK US with – Mary will save the WHOLE world through these FRAUDS.! WHO IS JOLENA when did she get in on the ACT???

August 2, 1987 Mirjana’s Interior Locutions Begin

Mirjana begins receiving interior locutions on the second of each month. Our Lady explains to Mirjana that she is to pray for nonbelievers. City: – Amazingly convenient….and pray for non-beleivers in their fraud of course was the message. Now she can give the crowd her messages at the drop of a hat…..I guess they were praying for me? Sinners such as these are not much help…..says the scriptures… Please DO NOT interpret this comment as I am opposed to interior locutions….. I am just unable to swallow nonsense from these “money changer frauds”.

September 9, 1987 Bishop Zanic Bans Apparitions from Rectory

Since March 1985, the apparitions were taking place at the rectory, in Fr. Slavko’s bedroom

City:- Yes, It is all coming back…we stood outside his doorway all praying the Rosary, awaiting to FLASH some pictures of a tree shaded window, we could see nothing. Ours pictures all “shabby hope”, I even still have my best vision. I thought I could see a virgin, but the wife just rolled her eyes….yes we were all grasping, me too, I admit it. Salvko in his bedroom, really, as you may recall was mentioned in a sexual scandal of his own….but sweep this under the rug….we are cashing in!

September 16, 1987 Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia

The Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia issues nine directives of what one should do regarding Medjugorje . The Session of the Croatian speaking section of the Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia (BCY) discussed the subject of Medjugorje in Zagreb for three hours on September 16, 1987. From that discussion, the following conclusions may be drawn:………..

9. I ordain that all this is valid as a directive for my faithful, for my priests, religious men and religious women. CITY – now we have this guy overriding the Local Bishops Authority….bishops against bishops…all this before the 100 Bishop commission that ruled 99-100…..nothing supernatural… lets put his guy on Masonic watch after this Disobedience to Canon Law. Oh Sorry he is anonymous? Maybe we can find out ? Was it this guy?

In October of 1987 Cardinal Giuseppe Siri

“The facts are the facts and nobody can deny them. The Church will give a judgment. I can only say that I see many atheists leaving Genoa for Medjugorje who return with a Rosary in their hands.” CITY- this cardinal makes a neutral statement meaningless for the most part.. First who knows what, he does what an aithiest looks like. Then he knows the ones with rosary beads, were aitheists? But this Medjugorje site, thinks its positive for them…...more suckers coming!! BOGUS! You go on Masonic watch, until proven otherwise.

November 13, 1987 Letter to Ronald Reagan from Marija, the Visionary

Kingon and his wife both came away from Medjugorje convinced that the apparitions were real.

Medjugorje SEER wants credit / fame

Marija letter to President R Reagan – “‘With prayer and with fasting we can even stop wars.” CITY- this was the president’s 2nd term, after he was almost executed, and receiving a cold blood transfusion, that has been accredited to his Altimers and nearly killed him….The Secret Societies now had him under their control….Our SEER however is not much of MYSTIC as her direct line prayers to their gospa, do not stop the Civil war that begins Jun25, 1991. On beginning of her 11th year of the queen of gospa visits.

Later December 1987 Gift from Ronald Reagan

After Christmas, Marija received a picture of U.S. President Ronald Reagan with a short hand written note that said: “To Maria Pavlovic, with my heart filled thanks and every good wish, God Bless You. Sincerely, Ronald Reagan. city – Now the PRIDE of the SEER wants to take credit for the USA Russian SALT talks, unbelievable…..” the letters that change the world.” Are YOU serious!

Gospa SEER of Medjugorje

Seer single-handedly intercedes (without her gospa!) with the 2 Nuclear power presidents and saves the world from WWIII… Marija – MONEY, FAME, now a Nobel peace prize?…..City- just kidding no Nobel peace prize, they gave it Obama…instead, for killing Bin Ladin for the ninth time….now officially officially dead. I must stop, I can’t take anymore of this! [Medjugorje CRAZY]

January 9, 1988

Visionary Vicka accepted a fourth interruption in her apparitions ..“Dear Gospa, you told me, after the third interruption, that would have been the last. How is it that now you ask me another?

Our gospa replied: “I need it! I need it!”

City – Incredible MOCKERY from our Masonic friends. Now the virgin NEEDS this LIAR? Then she follows with another HUGE DOCTRINAL ERROR, speaking of her gospa as GOD. Blasphemous – Decide for yourself.

When later Fr. Vivio asked her if she minded the sacrifice, Vicka responded: “Why should I mind? What God asks we have to give Him with love always.” ??? where did God, enter into this vision?

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