September 23, 2020


Sermon by Augustine, Bishop and Doctor: 171 1-3 5 PL 38

The Apostles tell us to rejoice, in the Lord, not in the world. Whoever wishes to be a friend of the world, says scripture, will be reckoned an enemy of God. As a man cannot serve two masters, so one cannot rejoice both in the world and in the Lord.

The red dots scattered throughout the cosmic landscape captured in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image are a rich population of forming stars that are still wrapped in their gas and dust cocoons. These stellar foetuses have not yet ignited the hydrogen in their cores to light-up as stars. However, Hubble’s near-infrared vision allows astronomers to identify these fledglings. The brilliant blue stars seen throughout the image are mostly in the foreground. This is a section of the new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image of Westerlund 2 and its surroundings, released to celebrate Hubble’s 25th anniversary.

Let joy in the Lord prevail, then until joy in the world is no more. Let joy in the Lord go on increasing; let joy in the world go on decreasing until it is no more. This is said, not because we are to rejoice while we are in the world, but in order that, even while we are still in the world, we may already rejoice in the Lord.

This brilliant image, courtesy of NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope, is a fitting 19th anniversary tribute to the workhorse space observatory. This interacting group contains several galaxies, along with a “cosmic fountain” of stars, gas and dust that stretches over 100 000 light-years. Resembling a pair of owl’s eyes, the two nuclei of the colliding galaxies can be seen in the process of merging at the upper left. The bizarre blue bridge of material extending out from the northern component looks as if it connects to a third galaxy but in reality the galaxy is in the background and not connected at all. The blue “fountain” is the most striking feature of this galaxy troupe and it contains complexes of super star clusters that may have as many as dozens of individual young star clusters in them.

You may object ; I am in the world; if I rejoice I certainly rejoice where I am. What is this? Do you mean that because you are in the world you are not in the Lord? Listen again to the Apostle, speaking now to Athenians: in the Acts of the Apostles he says this is of God and the Lord our Creator: In Him we move and live and have our being. If He is everywhere, where is he NOT? Surely this was what he was exhorting us to realize. The Lord is near, do not be anxious about anything. This is a great truth, that he ascended above all the heavens, yet is near to those on earth. Who is this stranger and neighbor out of compassion?

This portrait of Stephan’s Quintet, also known as Hickson Compact Group 92, was taken by NASA’s Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3). Stephan’s Quintet, as the name implies, is a group of five galaxies. However, studies have shown that group member NGC 7320, at upper left, is actually a foreground galaxy about 40 million light-years from Earth. The other members of the quintet reside 290 million light-years away. Three of the galaxies have distorted shapes, elongated spiral arms, and long, gaseous tidal tails containing myriad star clusters, proof of their close encounters. These interactions have sparked a frenzy of star birth in the central pair of galaxies. This drama is being played out against a rich backdrop of faraway galaxies. The galaxy group Stephan’s Quintet is located in the constellation Pegasus.

The man lying in the road left half – dead by the priest and the Levite who passed by, the man approached by the passing Samaritan to take care of him and help him, that man is the while human race. When the immortal one, Holy one, was far removed from us, so that he , the stranger may become our neighbor.

Galactic Impact

He did not treat us as our sins deserved. For we are now sons of God. How do we show this? The only Son of God died for us., so that he might not remain as the only Son. For the only Son of God made many sins of God. He bought brothers for himself by his blood, he made them welcome by being rejected; he ransomed them by being sold; he honored them by being dishonored; he gave them life by being put to death.

Named the “VEIL”

So, brethren, rejoice in the Lord, not in the world. That is, rejoice in the truth, not in the wickedness; rejoice in the hope of eternity, not in the fading flower of vanity. That is the way to rejoice. Wherever you are on earth, however long you remain on earth, the Lord is near, do not be anxious about anything.

Daily Indulgence: 500 days partial;plenary on the usual conditions, devoutly recited daily for 1 month. (S.C. ind., Jun 6, 11769 and Jun 26,1770; S.P. ap., Mar 23, 1936 and May 25, 1949). RACCOLTA Pg3.

# 2 “HOLY HOLY HOLY, LORD GOD of Hosts: the Heavens and earth are full of Thy Glory! Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus

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