October 21, 2020

Sacred Scripture in Catholic Liturgy

One argument a Catholic hears like a worn out drum: Catholics don’t know scripture? Protestants and evangelicals make such claims, but never walked into a Divine Liturgy of the East or a Roman Mass; seem to have all the answers from their preacher. Of course, my question is; Why are these bible experts so lost at our liturgy. Being the bible experts they claim; never hear the bible in our church? Confirming their false teachings for themselves….but then were they listening?….Certainly not those doing all the talking!

Many Catholics may not read the bible, a complaint of theirs; but then we live the bible not talk it. Cradle Catholics get 12 years of bible in the form of Catholic dogma. We go to Mass or Liturgy daily or every week, so we hear the bible during the liturgical season. It is this discourse, as an apologist, I have heard for years. Today’s post is an outline of a seasonal Liturgy from St Basil. The bible is learned in the hearing, the church for 16 centuries taught the Truth of the Faith in this manner.

So City is going to provide you with a Liturgical Bible background -FYI

Please oh listeners, when you visit my Church, how is it possible, you did not hear the Word of God? The answer my friend, the Spirit of Error closed your eyes and ears; and you were listening to your false prophet to prove his point, rather than worship the God of Heaven and all creation, in His Church ( House). And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.(Mt16:18) “With thee is my praise in a great church: I will pay my vows in the sight of them that fear him.” (Ps21:26)

Brief comments about St Basil and his Liturgy.

Basil became known as the father of Oriental monasticism, the forerunner of St. Benedict. How well he deserved the title, how seriously and in what spirit he undertook the systematizing of the religious life, may be seen by the study of his Rule. He seems to have read Origen’s writings very systematically about this time, for in union with Gregory of Nazianzus, he published a selection of them called the “Philocalia”. The truth is that St. Basil was a practical lover of Christian poverty, and even in his exalted position preserved that simplicity in food and clothing and that austerity of life for which he had been remarked at his first renunciation of the world.

       Some difficulty has arisen out
of the correspondence of St. Basil with the Roman See. That he was in
communion with the Western bishops and that he wrote repeatedly
to Rome asking that steps be taken to assist the Eastern Church in
her struggle with schismatics and heretics is undoubted; but
the disappointing result of his appeals drew from him certain words
which require explanation. 

The “editio princeps” of the original text of the extant works of Basil appeared at Basle, 1551, and the first complete Latin translation at Rome, 1515 (autograph manuscript in the British Museum).

The point then is that Basil does not represent a secluded undernourished form, but one that both East and Western liturgies conform. And it happens to be the one a priest handed me to identify scripture in our seasonal liturgies. So when you Protestors dismiss our liturgy as you do, know full well the source and the variety of scripture used, that you or your preachers in ignorance each and every Sunday, eliminated.

FOLLOWING is an Orderly LIST of Sacred Scripture in Basil’s Liturgy.

  • (also known as a shorten version due to peoples sloth) ( Number of bible verses if more than 1)
  1. 3rd Apostichon from Vespers. ( Various, text is seasonal) Several Psalms are sung!
  2. Pashal Troparion (Various)
  3. Isa 6:3; Psalm 41:3 (2)
  4. Mt6:9-13 (5)
  5. Psalm135:24
  6. Isa64:7-8
  7. Sidalen at the 2nd Kathisma – Monday Octoechos Tone 6
  8. Friday Octoechos Tone 2
  9. Ps33:23
  10. Luk1:28
  11. Theotoken for Sunday eve or Monday Octoechos Tone 2. Theotokos = God bearer.
  12. Ps143:7
  13. Ps5:8-13 (6)
  14. Luk18:13
  15. Isa61:10
  16. Ex15:6-7 (2)
  17. Ps118:73
  18. Isa61:10
  19. Ps132:2
  20. Ps17:33-34 (2)
  21. Ex15:6-7 (2)
  22. Ps 118:73
  23. Ps44:4-5 (2)
  24. Ps131:9
  25. Ps25:6-12 (7)
  26. Luk 18:13
  27. Gl3:13
  28. Troparion of Great and Holy Friday
  29. Isa53:7
  30. Isa53:7
  31. Isa53:8
  32. Isa53:8
  33. Isa53:8
  34. Jn1:29; Jn6:51
  35. Jn19:34-5 (2)
  36. Ps44:10
  37. Eph5:2
  38. Mt2:9
  39. Ps92
  40. Habakkuk3:3
  41. Ps16:8
  42. Jn6:32
  43. Ps135:25
  44. Isa60:15
  45. 1Tim1:1
  46. Pashal Troparion
  47. Canon of the resurrection, Tone 4 Ode 1,2nd Troparion
  48. Third Apostichon from Vespers of Pentecost
  49. Pashal Troparion
  50. Luk2:14
  51. Ps50:17
  52. Ps118:126
  53. Prov16:9
  54. Ps50:17
  55. Pashal Troparion
  56. Eph2:4
  57. Ps24:16
  58. 1Tim1:17
  59. Ps27:9
  60. Ps25:8
  61. Ps26:9
  62. 2Cor1:7
  63. Mt6:13
  64. Mt18:19-20 (2)
  65. Heb10:26
  66. Sunday Ps65:1-2 weekdays Ps91:2 (2)
  67. Sunday Ps66:2 weekdays Ps92:1
  68. Ps102:1
  69. Ps145:1-2 (2)
  70. Ps94:1
  71. Mt5:3-12 (10)
  72. Heb9:12
  73. Ps94:6
  74. Isa57:15
  75. Isa6:2
  76. Wis1:14
  77. Gen1:26
  78. 2Chron1:10
  79. 2Cor7:10
  80. Jude24
  81. Luk1:75
  82. Isa6:3; Ps41:3 > Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God of hosts, all the earth is full of his glory.
  83. Ps117:26; MT21:9; Mk 11:9
  84. 2Cor4:6
  85. Eph1:18
  86. 2Pet2:10
  87. 1Jn3:22
  88. Ps102:8
  89. Ps85:5
  90. Num16:22; and 27:16 (2)
  91. Ps22:2
  92. Isa51:11
  93. 2Cron6:36; 1Jn1:8
  94. Ps118:142
  95. Jn17:17
  96. Jn11:25
  97. Ps112:5
  98. Titus 3:5
  99. Mt26:28
  100. 1Cor15:53-54
  101. 2Cor7:1
  102. Col1:9
  103. 2Thes1:5
  104. Heb9:7
  105. 1Tim3:9
  106. 2Cor7:1
  107. Col:1:9
  108. 2Thes1:5
  109. Ps23:7-10 (3)
  110. Jn1:49
  111. Isa 57:15
  112. Luk17:10
  113. Heb10:22
  114. Luk8:14
  115. Luk18:13
  116. Ps133:2
  117. Jn 19:40-41
  118. Ps50:20-21
  119. Lk1:35
  120. Rom8:26
  121. Ps49:14
  122. Ps9:2
  123. Heb5:1; 1Pet2:5 (2)
  124. Heb9:7
  125. Heb4:16
  126. 1Pet2:5
  127. Ps118:12
  128. Ps17:2-3 (2)
  129. 2Cor13:13
  130. Ps102:22
  131. Wis1:14
  132. Dan7:10
  133. Isa6:2
  134. Rev4:8
  135. Isa6:3
  136. Ps117:26; Mt21:9; Mk11:9
  137. 2Pet1:17
  138. Jn3:16
  139. 1Cor11:23
  140. Jn6:51
  141. Mt26:26; Mk14:22
  142. 1Cor11:25
  143. Mt26:27-28; Mk14:24; Luk22:20
  144. 1Cron29:14
  145. Rom12:1
  146. 2Cor13:13
  147. 1:Cor11:34
  148. Rom12:1
  149. Heb12:23
  150. Ps4:7
  151. 2Tim2:15
  152. Rom12:1
  153. 1Pet2:12
  154. 1Tim2:2
  155. 2Tim2:15
  156. Acts4:32
  157. Rom15:6
  158. Tit2:3
  159. Eph5:2
  160. 2Cor13:13
  161. 2Cor13:13
  162. Heb4:16
  163. 1Pet1:17
  164. Heb4:16
  165. 1Pet1:17
  166. Mt6:9-13 (5)
  167. 1Tim1:17
  168. Ps50:3
  169. Wis1:14
  170. Ps79:15
  171. Dan9:19
  172. 2Cron30:27; 1Kg8:39
  173. 1Thes5:23
  174. Dt9:26
  175. Luk18:13
  176. 1Pet2:9
  177. Rev15:4
  178. Eph4:5
  179. Phil2:11
  180. Grt. Doxology
  181. Mt16:16
  182. 1Tim1:15
  183. Luk23:42
  184. 1Cor11:34
  185. Luk18:13
  186. Ps50:4
  187. Prayer of Maneasseh 9
  188. Isa6:7
  189. Isa6:7
  190. Ps117:26; Mt21:9, Mk11:9; Luk13:35; Jn12:13 and others
  191. Ps117:27
  192. Ps27:9
  193. 4th Sticheron @ Psalm 1Vesper Pentecost
  194. Pashal Troparion
  195. Ps107:6
  196. Ps70:8
  197. 1Cor1:30
  198. Prov3:6
  199. Ps16:5
  200. 1Cor1:30
  201. Gen12:3; Num24:9
  202. Ps127:9
  203. Ps25:8
  204. Ps26:9
  205. Ps16:7
  206. Jms13:10
  207. Ps112:2
  208. Rom13:10
  209. 1Tim1:1
  210. Paschal Troparion
  211. Luk2:29-32
  212. Isa6:3; Ps41:3 (2)
  213. Mt6:9-13 (5)
  214. Paschal Troparion

Now the Church used these scripture verses in Her Liturgy. Where she used the books 100% unanimously in her Liturgy, it was those books that made the CUT in the Canon… It had nothing to do with what language, where or when they were written. Inspired or Apocryphal blah blah!( That is just another lie!) The books of the Bible are in the Catholic Bible because all the Churches used them in Her Liturgy.

Basil the Great” Liturgy above uses approx 274 verses, in 1 Liturgy.

The church holds to what she received. “And they were persevering in the doctrine of the apostles, and in the communication of the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” (Acts2:42)

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