September 23, 2020


Continued from PART 2 – Medjugorje CASE STUDY: Matter of Ignorance:

Teachers to Suit their Own Liking or Wander into Myths” (2Tim4:1-5)


A genuine mystic respects the Church authorities. That includes his Spiritual Director and the guidance that he receives. He respects the manner in which the Catholic Church proceeds in determining the validity of the supernatural manifestations. He does not seek to find something wrong with the Church investigation, nor try to correct the investigator in the way he is proceeding. The mystic does not place himself above the Church authority when it comes to discernment. He surrenders all that is asked of him to the Church, leaving the matter in the hands of the Holy Spirit to guide the Catholic Church for the best interest of the Body of Christ. .Medjugorje Seers- This apparition has 20 years of disrespecting the Divine Church Authority, Lord have Mercy on us.. Their obstinate behavior so interesting on a human behavioral level! …Except for the Novatories of Luther that has led to billions of lost souls obstinately in grave mortal sin, the Church has never witnessed such Anarchy.


Touched by a heavenly manifestation, a genuine mystic becomes a perfect example of a shining light in the world. In words and actions, he shows a deeper love for others. He is drawn towards doing charitable works that will help others in their worldly and spiritual needs. . ..Medjugorje Seers- In fact, the “seers” continue to dress like everyone else. Frequently changing the hairstyle, even different hair-styles while in “ecstasy”; attitudes in tune with all adolescents, red lipstick on the lips … In short, they are not innocent children such as those of Fatima; Even Laurentin scoffed at Mirjana’s grandma because he said to her, “Do you think that the Madonna will appear to her if she doesn’t avoid the company of young men, taking pleasure in joking with them?…” But Mirjana replied: “Our Lady does not intend to make of us false hypocritical devotees.” 2 Even Fr. Kraljevicnotes: Mirjana is a modern girl, similar to those that you may encounter on the streets of our big cities. The apparitions have not changed much in her style of life. (Svetozar Kraljevic, op. cit., p. 68 ).


As Jesus carried His Cross, a true mystic carries his cross. He perseveres in his living faith, finding joy and peace in the Lord in the midst of daily trials that come across his path. He persistently strives to grow in the fruit of the Holy Spirit. His faith is rooted on a solid foundation, he accepting all of his crosses with thanksgiving….. .Medjugorje Seers-Here,The “apparitions,”however, have continued, in abundance, in all the places chosen by the “seers”, by night and day. Only for Mirjana Dragigevic the visions ceased with the last one on December 25, 1982, because Our Lady had invited her to return to a pure faith! She felt empty and over-come with depression. She asked Our Lady, Why would you cease to appear to me? Fr. Tomislav (Vlasic) questioned her: If you had decided to enter the convent, do you think that she would continue to appear to you? Mirjana hesitates to respond, falters, and makes Our Lady say: I think so, indeed, no! I’m not sure. Then, she said she had been appearing already too long (this was made public in 1982 “was too long”, today 2019! what is that?) … She did not intend to stay so long. But which Madonna is this one of Medjugorje if she didn’t even know what she wanted, or what she did? … She ended by saying that because I was more mature than them (the other seers) “I had to help them a lot!” And then she said: I will have to face life without her help(!) and her advice. I had to realize that I was like the other girls, I had the obligation to cope with life without her … and that she will return on all my name days – Perseverance – 4 of the 6 SEERS, but not everyone can be an innkeeper moguls.


He who has been blessed with supernatural manifestations has a craving to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church teachings and doctrines. He seeks to enrich his soul through the wealth of spiritual foods that Jesus has bestowed upon His mystical Body. ..Medjugorje Seers- From the very beginning these SEERS begin to announce perverse Doctrines of the Faith. “all religions are good, Mockery of St Peter’s holy jail break, mother of Jakov goes straight to Heaven, Deviant priests proclaimed a Saint by gospa. (one jailed for Ustache involvement, other breaks vows with pregnant mistress nun), and the classic line “the pope can say what ever he wants, I am telling you like it is.!”


As Jonah, Jeremiah and many of the prophets tried to run from God, the genuine mystic does not want to be a prophet of God. He would prefer that God had chosen someone else. This response to God’s call is not because the mystic cannot serve God in obedience, rather, it is because he feels unworthy of being a messenger of God. The Church does not look lightly at a mystic who enjoys being a messenger of God. For the sin of pride is commonly found in false mystics and at the sites of falsely alleged supernatural manifestations. .. ..Medjugorje Seers-Here


A mystic of God does not neglect his personal obligations. While being a messenger of God, he continues to tend to his family. He does not neglect his spouse and children to promote private revelations as many false mystics have done. Charity starts at home. If one cannot shine in the love of Jesus in actions at home, he cannot shine in Divine love outside the home.

… .Medjugorje Seers-Here: YES, We see at least 2 SEERS are not neglecting their families: It defies credulity that the other 4 would not be participating, yet the report only mentions Ivan & Mirana.

See source:[ ]

IVAN – A few moments later, they talk with him: he is no longer coming. He has no comment to make on the house in Hvar. […]
… the family has two pensions: the one we visited, right next to the Apparition Hill, is officially owned by Svjetlana Dragičević – Dragičević is Mirjana’s maiden name – and the other is not far away, at Vionica [
a village that – like Bijakovići – is part of the parish of Medjugorje], where Mirjana’s husband is from. As far as the locals know, both hotels are owned by Mirjana.
“Everyone here knows that the visionaries are very rich and that their sons drive expensive cars. The locals talk about it, but no one will say it publicly because everyone benefits from it,” a local man explains.
[Vladimir Matijanić, Bili smo u Sućurju pa u Međugorju: Pronašli smo hotel vidjelice, njoj nema traga, Index, 31 July 2019]

MIRANA : “Mirjana and Marko Soldo bought the villa more than 10 years ago and improved it, so now it’s two-floor building with over 200 square meters and a pool. The house, as far as we know, is regularly rented and the prescribed taxes are paid.”
[A Topić, Hvarski općinari konačno stigli pred vilu međugorske vidjelice: nju ondje nisu zatekli, ali su posvjedočili jednom drugom čudu na betoniranom sunčalištu…; Hoće li odgovarati i investitor i izvođač radova?, Slobodna Dalmacija, 31 luglio 2019 ….Slobodna Dalmacija, in another article entitled The seer of Medjugorje rents to tourists her Hvar stunning luxury house! And there are also hotels in Medjugorje in her name…, wrote: Mirjana Dragićević-Soldo, a seer of Medjugorje, bought a house in Sućuraj, Hvar – the local people recall – fifteen years ago. She rarely comes to the island, only when there is a hole in her agenda […]. The building complex is rented to tourists.
[A. Topić, Međugorska vidjelica svoju luksuznu kuću na Hvaru iznajmljuje turistima, i to za cifru od koje ‘boli glava’! A uz njezino se ime vežu i hoteli u Međugorju…, Slobodna Dalmacija, 30 July 2019]

In the afternoon, on that same day, in an article by Denis Gaščić of 24 Sata, the most prominent Croatian online newspaper, having managed to contact Mirjana by telephone, reported: “What house? What beach? What cementation? It is the first time I’m hearing about it. It is not true and I do not intend to go down to their level or make any comments.” The visionary of Medjugorje Mirjana Dragićević Soldo cut the call short.
She didn’t want to talk about the details. Yet the facts say the opposite.

[Denis Gaščić, ‘Kakva kuća? Koja plaža? Nije istina da sam išta betonirala’, 24 Sata, 30 July 2019]

City asks, oh Catholics, of the Deviant Church…. Do you need more? Google SEERS own websites and related, within minutes, less time than it takes to book your trip around the globe, you can learn what your SEERS are actually up to?…..Or maybe you’re a moralist and think after all these years they deserve these gains, God blessed them. Rather than understanding that false mystics are always in it for Satan’s false promises…….Avarice, one of his chief deceptions...


A genuine mystic always remains open to spiritual deception. He knows that the possibility exists that some or all of the spiritual manifestations that surround his life may not come from Heaven. For that reason, he welcomes any Church investigation and longs for the final Ecclesiastical Proclamation. .Medjugorje Seers-Here On October 1, 1981 Our Lady was asked, “Are all religions good?” Yugoslavia is made up of three religions: Catholic, Islam and Greek Orthodox. Our Lady answered: NEW DOCTRINE FROM HEAVEN – MASONRY IS PROCLAIMED

Free Masonry using (B.V. M.) Mary visions, and young children to advance their dogmas, “all religion good”, vs. Catholic Church Doctrine. Though Mason’s neither believing of Mary or of Jesus, they still ask the Mother of God to bless their theology?

When a mystic, especially an adult, believes beyond a doubt that his spiritual experiences are of a Divine nature, and he insists on it without any past, present or future supernatural event to support his claim, there is a 99% chance that his spiritual experiences are not of God.

.. .Medjugorje Seers- It has come to the Church’s Knowledge, that the 6 Seers were NOT the first to know of the gospa visits. It turns out – It is a fact, however, that Laurentin was aware of the apparitions in Medjugorje before they came. This is demonstrated by the fact that several of Charismatic Franciscans had already been warned by this fact. God is preparing great things in your country, which will have a pro-found impact on fate of all of Europe. (Lj., p. 102)!Even in Italy, a self-styled stigmatized priest,several years before the event, announced to the faithful of the surroundings of Medjugorje: «The Blessed Virgin will soon visit your country»(Lj. P. 73) Finally, {My vote for Favorite) – Fr. Tardif, one who was leading “Charismatic Movement”, in May1981, said to Fr. Tomislav Vlasic: “Fear not! I will send you my Mother.(R.F. p38)


During its investigation, the authority of the Catholic Church reviews the psychological state of the alleged mystic. The claims of those who suffer from neurotic or psychotic disorders are rejected because such disorders can lead to hearing and seeing things that result from the disorder of their own imaginations or minds.

An example of a questionable genuine mystic is when a person speaks publicly on the subject of his private revelations with an ongoing change of emotions. One moment he is joyful, laughing and singing. Then suddenly, he switches to sadness, tears and crying, only to revert back and forth throughout his public speech. In such a case, there is a great probability that the person is not emotionally balanced, thus discrediting the alleged manifestations.

Contrary to this, where genuine spiritual manifestations are present, the mystic who answers to the Church authority may display a gradual or sudden change in his expression when relating the awesomeness of his spiritual experience. Such, usually happening just once during the interrogation, results from being filled with awe and/or the Holy Spirit.

This SEER found Stability in a home (IVAN) and Travel agency.


The age of the alleged mystic is an important factor to consider in the determination of valid supernatural manifestations. There is a greater likelihood that a first time alleged spiritual experience in a community is valid when a young child is involved. When reviewing the major Catholic Church approved apparitions and/or spiritual manifestations that took place during the past two centuries, such as at Fatima (Portugal), Lourdes and La Salette (France), these all involved children.

Without discriminating against adults, the Church appears to have always given more credibility to a child who relates a spiritual manifestation. This is because a child, when called by God, can accurately relate a dogmatic message of a profound meaning to the Church authority without any knowledge and understanding of its meaning. In such a case, the child becomes a true messenger of God.

Profiteer’s? Avarice Satan’s Deception…… “Look into the child’s Eyes”


Jesus said, “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, but only the Father.” [Latin Vulgate; Mt. 24:36] In these Sacred Words, Jesus revealed something to us. Satan does not know the future! Remember this! Satan does not know the future! Therefore, in all cases, where mystics have made prophecies, if these were fulfilled, they were of God. If they were not fulfilled, they were not of God. Prophecies are the sure sign of identifying the source of a mystic’s supernatural manifestations…... .Medjugorje Seers-Here I believe we are still waiting on that Miracle sign 30 years now??????? They do not know how to shut it down or never intended to!!!

Many Catholics are so full of pride that they do not want to accept that they have been deceived. Rather than humbling themselves before God and the Church, they rather follow the leadership of a false mystic who has made false prophecies. ..Medjugorje Seers- The City was there in 1987…..I admit it, I had a great time. But I was terribly deceived and what happened to me later became one of the worst experiences I aver endured. This, I Now attribute to my participation in this MASONIC FRAUD.

Someone will quote the statement of Pope Urban VIII in the 17 th Century, that “It’s better to believe than not to believe.” This statement has been taken out of context. Pope Urban VIII was referring to an unapproved private revelation that was under investigation. Once a Bishop has rejected a false mystic, the faithful are bound to obey the Church. The faithful will no longer receive all the heavenly blessings as if the mystic and/or his messages were of a heavenly nature.

The faithful should also beware of the many false mystics who prey on the fear of naive Christian by quoting Chapter 24 in the Gospel of Matthew. They speak of disasters, the end of time, doomsday, etc… all quoting Jesus. But what they all deliberately avoid telling you is verse 34. “Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.” [Mt. 24:34] When Jesus was speaking of the disasters that are mentioned in Chapter 24, He clearly said that all would happen in that generation. And they Did.

History tells us that all the above did come to pass according to the prophecy of Jesus! Then, why are so many mystics quoting Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew? It is because they have been deceived by Satan and refuse to believe it. In their pride, they have become children of Satan, helping the devil to entrap as many souls as it is possible.


Genuine private revelations respect the Catholic Church, past, present and future. Whatever the Church binds on earth shall be bound in Heaven. [Mt. 16:19] Accordingly, God does not oppose the Church, nor reject Vatican II, communion in the hand, kneeling versus standing during the Consecration, etc… The actions of the Catholic Church are guided by the Holy Spirit. God cannot be against Himself!

From the above, we can clearly summarize the following. When a mystic alleges private revelations that reject any of the above, these are the mystic’s personal desires. Such reflects that the alleged mystic has not adjusted to the progressive growth of the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


All private revelations that foretell of a worldly coming Kingdom of God must be rejected. For the mystical Body of Christ includes the invisible Kingdom of God in Heaven that is made visible through the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that was instituted by Jesus Christ on earth. While we hope for the eternal Kingdom of God in Heaven, we are already partakers of His earthly Kingdom through the Church and the Sacraments.

In the Tabernacles of the Catholic Churches, we find the Real Presence of Jesus who already dwells on earth. His Kingdom is here, now, among us.

Any private revelations that makes reference to a second coming birth of Jesus or to His return on earth to reign as King for 1,000 years must also be rejected without further need of investigation. The Catholic Church calls these beliefs the “Antichrist’s deception.”

The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the ‘intrinsically perverse’ political form of a secular messianism.” (C.C.C. # 676) A “secular messianism” means “a physical Savior who will rule a physical Kingdom of God.”


When supernatural manifestations lead to division within the Church, such must be automatically rejected without the need of further study. For division is the fruit of Satan. Division can be caused by alleged private revelations that condemn Vatican I, Vatican II, the infallibility of the Pope, the authority of a local Bishop, etc…

The same can be said about private revelations that encourage disobedience and disrespect to the Holy Office of the Papacy. Such may include allegation of false Popes, previous Popes having been poisoned, etc…

..Medjugorje Seers- Division the fruit of Satan….Medjugorje Seers- Division the Fruit of Satan. Clearly there is a division with this Medjugorje phenomena. No miracles! Changing of rosary beads or cloud pictures, but nothing as promised, just deceptions. [Conversion stories are not miracles] Those that lean charismatic or hope in only the devotions to the Virgin want to believe. Catholics easily persuaded to ignore ALL the signs of the fraud. Often we prefer to ignore truths or refuse to listen to reason, and logic, as we possess Supernatural faith. Unfortunately, many will be tested with Negative Spirits that have been permitted by “contract” thru this failure to listen to the truth and the Church ( Natural Law). The Bishop of Mostar, the ONLY One with the complete Authority in this matter, is the Truth, and the Authority. Regrettably speaking in 1987, my questions or concerns that arose then, were answered with lies, from profiteers, I should not have Trusted….


The Catholic Church is the Mother Church of all Christian Churches. Non-Catholic Christian Churches are sister Churches to each other, for all find their root in the Catholic Church. For this reason, the Catholic Church cannot be referred to as a sister Church of other Christian Churches.
Any supernatural manifestations that imply either: (1) that all religions are equal, or
(2) that each religion is a different way of attaining the fullness of salvation, or
(3) that the fullness of salvation can be attained in any way other than through the Mother Church, must be rejected. Such teachings oppose Catholic doctrines.

Mecca – People come to touch the Meteorite..


In its investigation, the Church attempts to determine if the mystic is seeking publicity. Such is a negative sign. Seeking publicity means having a great zeal to promote the supernatural manifestation, doing public speaking, traveling, publishing one’s story at every opportunity, etc… These actions are not associated with true mystics who usually withdraw themselves from the world and who would prefer not to be know as mystics. ….Medjugorje Seers – Go PUBLIC – First claim to“apparition” took place on June 24, 1981. Police arrived at the homes of the visionaries and forced them inside an ambulance where they were taken to a psychiatric hospital in Mostar. 06-29-1981.

Many false mystics, through Satanic manipulation, have arranged to have a photograph taken of themselves in the presence of the Holy Father in order to give credibility to their alleged private revelations, supernatural manifestations, or selling of books. Unless a mystic has been personally called upon by His Holiness, the Pope of his days, to discuss the matter of alleged supernatural manifestations, the photograph should be regarded with great concern. Why would a person go to such an extreme? What is in it for him?

The Fourth Anniversary

June 25, 1985

The Fourth Anniversary

More than 50,000 pilgrims arrived in Medjugorje to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the beginning of the apparitions. Mass was celebrated by 60 priests, 40 of whom were Italian. The number of pilgrims coming to Medjugorje continue to grow year after year, as more and more people around the world learn of Our Lady’s apparitions. [Commercial success in 4 years…not approved Apparition- Why City asks?]

….Medjugorje Seers- Sacrileges- the Fruit of Satan. On the apparition beat, it has been brought to our attention that a community associated with the famous apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, the Oasis of Peace, has been prohibited from having Mass or Adoration any longer. The community, on land just outside of the hamlet, was a favorite stop and prayer spot for many pilgrims and where seer Marija Pavlovic often had her apparitions. The order came from Ratko Peric, the bishop of Mostar, last week. [City: this is insanity]

The Adoration monstrance there was broken open Thursday and the Host eaten, as ordered by the diocese, which also is disallowing Confession from being heard there, according to well-placed sources. While Bishop Peric, who long has battled with Franciscans who dominate the Medjugorje area, no longer has jurisdiction over the apparitions themselves,- (That authority is now in the hands of a Vatican Commission),- he maintains control over liturgical issues and also barred another community known as Cenacolo (which rehabilitates drug addicts and other troubled young people) from allowing a second seer,

Mirjana Soldo, from having her monthly apparition in its large auditorium (she now receives the Blessed Mother at the “blue cross” near the base of Apparition Hill). Really?


In spiritual discernment, the Church authority watches out for seekers of money. If the mystic and/or his associates have turned the alleged supernatural manifestation into a financial venture, this is a sign that God is not involved.

When it concerns the promoting and selling of books, such as in the case of private revelations, it is necessary to know who is profiting from such sales. It is necessary to ask the question, “Is it more important to share God’s message or to make money from it?” When money becomes a priority, private revelations cannot be of God. . .. .Medjugorje Seers- City has provided reliable evidence for the SEERS (discussed previously), but also suspects the local Franciscans (besides the book sales, by disgraced priest and Abbot) went along with this idea out of Charismatic Germany hierarchy, to fund their pet Revolution the Ustache movement resulting in the Civil War, to which a monk priest was held in prison for their involvement. The gospa we were told, was concerned for her revolutionary Saint priest. It is CityofGod.Blog most urgent hope that Avarice, and fame is all that motivated these people, and not a diabolic scheme to destroy our True faith with this Apparition HOAX; and replace it with the United Religious Initiative, and war time profiteering.

“Viva Le Revolutione” – say the Judeo-Masonic Bankers, who have been on both sides of every war for 400+ years

With the arrival of the computer age, we now find many websites of alleged mystics. While these websites allege to promote their private revelations, there, you will find very little material about their alleged heavenly messages. Rather, these websites promote books that you must buy in order to read their private revelations. These websites are not God-centered. They are money centered! . .. .Medjugorje Seers – This truly has been a money making enterprise for 30+ years, in this village. The obvious prosperity that now exist and was absent in 1987. The Communists villagers have done well, with this FRAUD. Little did I believe, the SEERS were bilking believers tooo, before this Case Study was researched.

AHH a Religiou retreat, Innkeeper SEER Hotel

Private revelations that are provided free of cost have more credibility than those requiring that you buy books or those that request a minimum donation for spiritual material related to the alleged spiritual manifestations. This is especially true when the alleged mystic is the one managing the distribution of the material, or he has set up an organization for its distribution. Therefore the false mystic is personally gaining from his work, in fame, power and/or money..Medjugorje Seers – In 1987, everyone thought how lucky are those pilgrims who visited in Mirana or Vicka’s home. Little did anyone suspect at that time, that she (they?) would use that as seed money for the great Innkeeper Real Estate Tycoon empire. Gee how Mischievously industrious, these little girls were? Who helped them?


When a supernatural manifestation or private revelation alleges a new way of salvation other than through Jesus Christ, such is not worthy of belief. No one goes to God unless he goes through “Jesus Christ who is the Mediator between God and man.” [1 Tim. 2:5] He who believes that he can bypass Jesus by going directly to God the Father or he who places his faith in a man, he has lost his salvation. For both of these actions are a rejection of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Who gave His life for the salvation of all.

….Medjugorje Seers – Yet the SEERS stated over and over again, this is what the gospa tells them. If you call yourself catholic, and believe this, then you fully deserve to be SWINDLED by Satan. Go to confession and beg for God’s Mercy and STOP chasing ghosts or gospas. These SEERS even claimed you were NOT a Christian IF you don’t adhere to this” Arian Masonic Mantra”– New World Order from the United Religious Initiative humdrem-ed over and over…..And yet the “catholic novatories”, the pilgrims just keep coming? FYI: Jesus is OUR REDEEMER, not Mohamet, or Dali Lama, or stubborn patrios-stic leader in a robe and a beard.???


When a mystic alleges that the Church Sacraments are no longer required or will no longer be needed in the future for salvation, such a teaching must be rejected. Without going into too much details on this subject, it is sufficient to say that Jesus said, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.” [Jn. 3:3, 5] Water is a reference to the Sacrament of Baptism through which one enters the Church. The Spirit is a reference to the Holy Spirit who sanctifies the souls who have embraced the Church of Jesus Christ.

According to Jesus, the Sacrament of Baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation. . .Medjugorje Seers, have yet to pronounce a message from heaven (by their Medjugorje-gospa), but is assuredly on the “URI” agenda. This conclusion reasoned, in that only Catholicism maintains these holy signs are of God, for our good, and Satan is opposed to works that hinders his effort. Such Catholic knowledge and perceptions must be redirected…….SO……….Wait for It…..

DO you SEE IT FOLKS?? This is the proof ? more confessions and conversions….


When supernatural manifestations or private revelations discredit the validity of Sacred Orders, either of the Bishops or the priests, such should be rejected. The same applies when these indicate or encourage disrespect for the Church authorities….

.. .Medjugorje Seers- [ edited from a Vatican initiated magazine, believed as a reliable Vatican source “Chiesaviva Magazine” :] Who was Arch-Bishop Frane Franic? – A Bishop of the charismatic Movement;– The only Bishop, of the 35 bishops in the Yugo-slavian synod to believe at the “apparitions” of Medjugorje;– This Bishop, who confuses our Madonna of Fatima as one with his “Madonna” of Medjugorje; A Bishop who puts forward the idea that Christians and Masons have the same God, in a form of ancient Arainism; A Bishop who puts forward the idea that “the Masonic Temple embraces all religion as vanilla ice cream”; A Bishop who puts forward the universal theory that “the Catholic Church and Masonry must reach a compromise, expected by so many people (who? -themselves), with the aim of offering Man kind new pages of life and human progress” so God can be glorified in our successes.

Providentially some church hierarchical leaders are outing themselves, with errors of arrogance and other deviance. Unfortunately, the evidence leads from this apparition to a diabolic plot hatched in Germany through Satan’s masonic minions professing pentecostal heresies to reform the Church. This Bishop, and others like him, ignorantly proceed as IF, “ALL the Sheep” are as naive and disobedient as many charismatics in Medjugorje. They tell us of fruits of the Spirit – a) conversions and b) confessions. As if no one could refer to St Paul’s definition, for example – “But the fruit of the Spirit is, charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity, mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity. Against such there is no law”.(Gal5:22-23). Instead; their acts remind us of this proverb, “The wicked man take gifts out of the bosom, that he may pervert the paths of judgment.” [Proverbs 17:23]

MicroData Summary for Frane Franić
Archbishop Frane Franić (born 29 Dec 1912, died 17 Mar 2007) Archbishop Emeritus of Split-Makarska –

  • Second Vatican Council: Session One: Council Father
  • Second Vatican Council: Session Two: Council Father
  • Second Vatican Council: Session Three: Council Father
  • Second Vatican Council: Session Four: Council Father


Public revelations concerns dogmas of faith that must be believed by all the faithful. An example is the apparition of Our Lady in Lourdes, France, where the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed herself as the Immaculate Conception. The Immaculate Conception is an official dogma of the Catholic Church.

Private revelations do not necessarily relate to dogmas of faith and are not necessary for the salvation of the faithful. While they may serve as a tool to improve the spiritual life of a believer, they are not a necessity for his salvation.

Only the Catholic Church can determine if someone’s private revelations should be classified as a public revelation, such happening rarely. Should a private revelation claim on its own to be a public revelation, such a teaching must be rejected.

.. .Medjugorje Seers – this FACT has indirectly been discussed on another “heading”. With SEER self condemning in testimony for new Doctrines from their gospa. The SEERs have said (paraphrasing), ‘Prayer through Our Lady should stop’;OR ‘you are NOT christian if you disagree with her‘ “all religions are agreeable to the Lord, and their gospa”; OR “The pope can say what ever he wants, I am telling YOU like it IS!”


When a supernatural manifestation or private revelation alleges that belief in the event is absolutely necessary for salvation, such should be rejected. For the fullness of salvation is found in the Most Holy Name of Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church that He has instituted on earth.

The same applies when it is alleged that a mystic has been personally chosen by God to save the world, that he is the only light left in the world, or that salvation depends on him (how people respond to his messages). Such fabricated stories are not worthy of belief. They oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church .…………..Medjugorje Seers – these FACTS: IBID.


In its wisdom and prudence, the Holy Catholic Church is very slow when it comes to approving supernatural manifestations. As a general rule, all spiritual manifestation must pass the test of time, this ensuring that they are of God. Time exposes: (1) the future of the mystic, (2) the fruits of the alleged supernatural manifestation, (3) the spiritual response of the faithful, and (4) the validity of the miracles when such are present. All of these factors must be considered.

Medjugorje Seers – EXPOSING FACTS: 1) Seers are cashing in as mogul Innkeepers, travel agent owner, internet retailers, speakers, book writers, etc. 2) Fruits – conversions and confessions? Hidden are the countless demonic oppression and obsessions impacting pilgrims manifested in their lives shortly after traveling and experiencing this aurora of lies. (outside City’s current topic of Spiritual Discernment). 3) The pilgrims have become accustomed to disobedience in the Church, all other God-Centered prayerful activities DO NOT off set; unrepentant disobedience, failure to use reason, accepting lies for truth against Church Dogmatic Teaching as ancient as two millennia, and unfaithfulness to the local Bishop’s decision. 4) Pictures of clouds, colored rosary chains are not miracles and the BIG ONE promised years ago…..well the seers are still learning “ten Sola’s”…..or the leadership hasn’t deemed its time for the “grande finale” magic trick just yet. OR they are hoping to co-Opt the Garabandal Miracle in the Pines?

On the matter of ongoing spiritual manifestations, a final judgment cannot be made until such time as they have come to an end. As a general rule, ongoing apparitions are not approved. The Church authority may indicate that the manifestations are spiritually beneficial at this time, but this is not an official recognition of the private revelations. Nor is such an official proclamation an approval of the private revelations that are received after the statement has been made. In these cases, final judgment usually comes after the death of the mystic. Medjugorje Seers – the Church’s saving Grace, other than the Truth. Since the Avarice is so rampant, they may never shut this down. Thus the Church will not be forced to an “Official Final” decision. Calmly maintaining all prior decisions, “nothing supernatural” is happening, and we don’t understand why they keep coming?

These Sheep, Refuse to Listen to the Church?

In its review of alleged supernatural manifestations, the Church reviews the time frames between when the alleged mystic had his first spiritual experience and when it was reported to the Church. There is more credibility when an alleged adult mystic took some time, weeks to a year, to reflect on the matter prior to approaching a priest for spiritual discernment.
There is grave concern regarding the authenticity of spiritual experiences when the alleged mystic immediately goes to the priest, then goes public, starts promoting his private revelations, sells books to promote them, etc… When this chain of events moves fairly quick and causes confusion, prudence appears to be absent. A lack of prudence exposes an overly zealous person, not a genuine mystic.

Medjugorje Seers – With thirty years of daily Babal it may take the Church one hundred years, full review to make a pronouncement. The vision are said to be so routine, the SEERS are naming the time and place for them.?….in their cars en-route to their busy celebrity schedule. In the Medjugorje case, the children are now adults, they themselves are responsible for their deceptions. But under this Spiritual Discernment guide line, Medjugorje SEERS and Franciscans went public shortly after the initial element. Making video tapes of the proposed “ecstasy” and news releases of their daily messages. Thus failing this test, just one more check mark, in the false mystic side of ledger from the start.

News Media Supporting 30 yrs of APPARITIONS YIKES!! Beware.


As can be seen from the above extensive list, there is no simple guideline to follow. And this list is far from complete because there are many factors involved in the discernment of spirits. At the same time, this guideline is sufficient as a tool to discern at least 95% of the alleged supernatural manifestations that are made public.

Most of today’s spiritual manifestations fall on the negative side of the aforementioned list, this placing in question the validity of such alleged manifestations. While it is said that there are presently hundreds of claims of spiritual manifestation that are ongoing throughout the world, of these, only a handful will pass the test of time because they are authentic. The others will fade away and be forgotten as if they had never happened. Medjugorje Seers – With thirty years and 40 million pilgrims, this statement seems far fetched. But we can hope it is true, Medjugorje, one day, rides off into the Sunset in a whimper..

Most genuine spiritual manifestation are usually not well known and when they do become known, it is not by the power of the mystic, but by the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God. If Jesus or the Blessed Virgin Mary wants the Catholic Church to know something, He or she shall provide the necessary means to ensure that their heavenly message shall come to the attention of the Church authority. And the fruits of the Spirit of Christ will be there to support to validity of such spiritual manifestations.

In the meantime, Satan shall continue to cast doubts on logical discernment. Many will read this guide, discern the signs of deception in the mystics that they are following, will reject this spiritual tool, and will continue to walk in their darkness. Their response will not be the result of a lack of logical discernment, but their refusal to accept that they have been deceived.

Medjugorje Seers – Others in the know of the Medjugorje abuses, have publicly stated “this is Satan’s answer to the true and approved Marian apparitions. He is hoping to cast dispersion against Our Blessed Virgin and our Church. Or as stated….at least have many convinced that Medjugorje fraudulent appearance is the last, when hundreds of sister-cats are popping up like a “Wack a mole game.” So with future, visions discredited, the end of the need for intercessory prayer is a logical conclusion, just as their gospa had requested. In the demonic’s mind then, Medjugorje is a heads I win, tails Catholicism loses scenario. Either way, Satan’s lies have spread deep into millions of believers psyche. Even IF their number one goal is not achieved, “total destruction and capitulation of the One Holy Catholic Church,” this “charism” mission has been successful in dividing the Church.

So what is the Diabolic End Game for Medjugorje?:

Cityof God.Blog has but an opinion, not facts. But in confidence of faith, this evil will fail. Possibly as the protestant movement, in multiplicity of division in unorganized shambles, recalling Satan’s fruit is the spirit of division. In the chess match of “spiritual warfare” could be exposed, Medjugorje’s sovereign? Would it reach to the pinnacle? To possibly the Patriarch of Freemasonry, the Supreme Head of the Satanic Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria, and the Patriarch of the World, as the real “Shot-Caller”, whose decisions are non-debatable, and only he and one other human would know the truth? This is just an opinion, the plan is long range, diabolic and a “rain-making” machine. What ever is ultimately exposed, We Trust in Jesus’ Sacred Heart, His Holy Eucharistic Face, together with Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the Church will triumph as promised.

“To the BANK ALICE”, I mean Mirana, Ivan etc;

Hopefully Cityof God.Blog’s “Case Study” in the Medjugorje 30 years of ongoing denial of Catholic Doctrine provides an excellent example to develop your discernment skills. Be vigilant and be faithful. City concludes with this, ‘Jesus said to Pilate, “For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth, hears my voice.”(Jn18:37)’

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Daily Indulgence: Partial (5yrs) A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, provided that the devout recitation of this prayer be continued daily for an entire month. (S.P. Ap., Nov 12, 1938). RACCOLTA pg51.

#109. Deliver me, Lord Jesus Christ, from all my inequities and from every evil, make me ever hold fast to Thy commandments and never allow me to be separated from thee. Roman missal


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