May 30, 2020


Today, City is exploring the Enlightened New World Order idea that, it is not relevant, “what religion you are, or are not, they are all the same.” After thousands of years isn’t this opposed to revelation received of God? How can scripture support this novel conclusion? Yet, the soothsayer “chanellors at Medjugorge (false apparition), are claiming new doctrine from heaven. “Religion is man’s ideas”, and God is suddenly indifferent to the truth.” Before City dissembles this Masonic NWO-Doctrine, (rooted in Luther’s individualism), please read the Catholic 1910 definition on Indifferent-ism. For understanding, of what we face with this New World Order Theology.


Terms often used as if they mean the same thing in regard to religious matters, though to be precise the former means carelessness as to practice on the part of those who believe, and the latter professes unconcern about belief as well as practice, denying that there is any duty to believe and practice the true religion. Indifferentism may deny that man need be concerned about religion at all of any kind, and then it is absolute, or it may hold that all religions are equally good, or, again, that any form of Christianity is as true and good as another. A sufficient argument against it is that it had its origin and chief propagating force in rationalism. So far as Christianity is concerned (one true religion), it is plain that if God revealed truths and moral principles to men they cannot depend on human whim or choice, but must be one and the same always and everywhere, as made known by the Church which He constituted to preserve them and make them known. Indifferentism is culpable if it be due to the fact that one makes no honest effort at examining into religious claims and credentials. To brush aside religion as of no account, especially the Christian religion, for which millions have willingly sacrificed possessions and life, and which has numbered among its adherents the wisest of mankind, is to act with a degree of unreasonableness which no one would be guilty of in other affairs of life. Indifference will vanish, ordinarily, if one acts sincerely and logically in seeking religious truth. 1910 New Catholic Dictionary-

The Catholic Church teaches God has revealed himself to men. He chooses messengers, prophets, and kings. These ambassadors from God are given clear indisputable credentials. Men of God, from God and consistently prophesied in Truth, or were discarded as inauthentic messengers. With the advent of Enlightenment however; man began discarding long held truths, and replaced them inside the will of man’s achievements. These enlightened non-believers, tell us we can not know God, and God is an illusion within our minds. Therefore, individual freedom to accept a moral belief is justified, self will and self interpretation of scripture are critical in the birth of Indifferntism. Is the Catholic Church correct, “God’s truth can be known as revealed, or are the enlightened ones correct? What philosophy, can withstand the weight of mathematics in modern day probability theory ? Let us begin!

City asks: Does the Old Testament proclaim prophets being sent of God?

But come, and I will send thee to Pharao, that thou mayst bring forth my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt. (Ex3:10) Moses said to God: Lo, I shall go to the children of Israel, and say to them: The God of your fathers hath sent me to you. If they should say to me: What is his name? what shall I say to them? God said to Moses:I AM WHO AM. He said: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: HE WHO IS, hath sent me to you. And God said again to Moses: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me to you: This is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations. (EX3:10, 13-15)

Moses on Holy ground, He is SENT

So we see, Moses was SENT by God. Moses was God’s messenger, he was given His NAME. But Moses was given other credentials. God enriched his ministry with many miracles see: (For I will at this time send all my plagues upon thy heart, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people: that thou mayst know there is none like me in all the earth. And therefore have I raised thee, that I may shew my power in thee, and my name may be spoken of throughout all the earth [(Ex9:14, 16); Judith 5:10)] Thus, Moses as God’s messenger and priest, freed the Hebrew slaves from carnal bondage escaping their captors, the Egyptians. He opened the Red Sea for Hebrews to cross safely, struck a rock out-poured water to drink in the desert, and provided manna every morning when they were starving. These are Moses credentials as revealed, in His priesthood, SENT by the Almighty God. Fact or imagination, after 400 years, Israel’s people were liberated from Egyptian Pharaoh or not? Find One, Jew who believes this slavery and freedom was all in their ancestors minds?


Jesus tells us:He that love me not, keep not my words. And the word which you have heard, is not mine; but the Father’s who sent me (Jn14:24) But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you. (Jn24:26).

Old. Testament – CREDENTIALS of the Messiah:

Jesus is pre-announced in these same ancient scriptures written of Moses confirmed with greater signs and wonders of the power of God, the Almighty. Imagination or He is the One; the way, the truth and the life, Jesus the Christ. In fact, his parents heritage, his life, his death, many signs and wonders much of which foretold by inspired and accepted prophets of the Old Testament, are held in esteem by Christians, Hebrews, Muslims and LDS. Many count that 300 verses or prophesies are fulfilled in Jesus the Christ.


Using modern math, “probability theory” known in the 21st Century, we can place a statistical confidence and certainty that no other man can match, side by side with Jesus’ credentials as Messiah of the Old Testament. We are using Peter Stoner ‘Science speaks’ approach adapted for this presentation, and Bayes Therom. See Chuck Missler Cosmic Codes, 1999, footnote 362 and 370.

First examining – only 8 prophesies that are attributable to Jesus as Messiah alone. All predating the advent of Christ by centuries, over several time periods and different prophets, acknowledged by God’s people, as inspired.

  • Scripture Verses and underlying assumptions in our probability equation.
  • Micah 5:2Bethlehem …little of Judah…from of old and everlasting.” [Est. – 1 in 200,000 born here].
  • Zech9:9 “O daughter of Jerusalem, King on an ass.” [Est. as1 in 100 road a donkey into Jerusalem]
  • Zech11:12 “my price, thirty pieces of silver” Betrayal – [Est. odds 1 in 1 million].
  • Zech11:13 “ thirty pieces of silver for potters field” – [although this verse specifically mentions 3 unique events, we [Est. odds 1 in 1 million]. Who throws away the money payment? (to error on the conservative)
  • Zech13:6 “Wounds in thy hands” confirmed by Thomas the Apostle Jn20:25) [Est. odds – 1 in 1000].
  • Isa 53:7 “ as a lamb to the slaughter” On trial for his life innocent is silent, no defense. [Est. odds 1 in 1000].
  • Isa53:9 “grave with wicked rich in death” Crucified as criminal buried in rich man’s tomb. [Odds 1 in 1000].
  • Ps22:16 “an Assembly of wicked pierced my hands and feet.” An Astonishing preview, [Est. odds -1 in 10,000]. Verse – predates crucifixion by 4 centuries.
Price of Friendship 30 pieces of silver and a Potter’s Field for poor.

Using a simplified method of Bayes Therom, we conservatively estimate the fulfillment of just these 8 prophesies to be 1 in 10 to the 28th power. (Or 1 in a 10 followed by 28 zeroes). Who else in history, your prophets, preachers, shamans were so anciently announced and can have their life’s detail match by ANY 8 such prophesies to show us as Credentials? Next, we now must divide this by the total number of people that have lived on earth. Using best available sources (as of 1999). Only one man in 8.8 billion, match only 8 prophesies. Odds for just one prophesy match in one man is 10 to the 17th power.

Going forward, we add to the mix 8 more prophesies to our formula, using (16 of 300 or 5% of prophesies), Jesus fulfilled, divided by the same number of people ever born, the probability is 1 in 10 to the power of 45. [ This compares favorably with greater certainty than a 21st Century DNA test] While the FBI estimated the odds of finding unrelated people sharing those genetic markers to be 1 in 113 billion. These enlightened ones convict people to prison, with far less certainty than we have of Jesus being the Messiah when using only 5% fulfillment of preannounced prophesies. (45 zeroes vs FBI’s 10?)]

When doubling the prophesies by adding another 32 fulfilled prophesies to the sixteen above. Now a total of 48 of the 300 prophesies, or 16% of what Jesus actually fulfilled, the probability declines to 1 man in 10 to the 157th power… In all of human history, 1 such man in 10 plus 157 zeroes following.

What does this mean?

1 in 10 to the 157th power: “IS BEYOND the ABSURD”:

Greater Certainty than the # of grains of Sand on this beach.

In the field of physics the probability standard of beyond 10 – to the fiftieth power is considered ABSURD. Yes, we Christians have received this assurance, a certainty in multiple far greater than this, that Jesus is who He said He is and who the ancients of the Old Testament spanning over 5000 years before the Birth of the Virgin had foretold His coming. This is Not a figment of imaginations! Rather, Jesus was announced by several prophets, centuries in advance, with such authority and precision that to disbelieve is of a mathematical absurdity!

Chuck Missler makes this statement concerning the prophesy fulfillment by Jesus, “ any person who rejects the supernatural origin , ministry, and destiny of Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel is rejecting a fact established, perhaps, more absolutely than any other fact in the world.” (pg230 Cosmic Code, 1999.) Missler is a U S Navel academy graduate, expert in intelligence, cryptanalysis, and informational services. [ie. codebreaker]

BEYOND the ABSURD” are there more Credentials?:

Proof of His Divinity – see City of God. “Divinity of Jesus the Christ” posted Dec 20, 2018. This post has 44 printed pages of new Testament scripture verses with the claims and miracles in Scripture of His divinity, many were a long foretold of the Messiah. Thus these represent signs and wonders like Moses, of Jesus’ Credentials, witnessed by his Apostles, the Jewish people of Judea as well as Satan and his demonic troops. Even the Talmud speaks ( a hostile witness) of this prophet, but accuses Him to be of demonic influences, that have yet to be replicated by any such force since! Only Jesus supernatural works or that of His apostles have never been matched or witnessed by the world of Indifferntism. Christians have miracles of the Shroud, resurrections and incorruptible saints, all yet unexplained in today’s indifferent world of modern science.

Jesus is the Only Messiah. Who did he send?

  • Catholic Church credentials and authority: [build My Church (Mt16:18-19, 18:17-18, 28:18-20); (Mk16:15-16); (Jn14:16, 26, 16:13, 20:23); (Lk10:16); (1Cor11:23-24), (1Tim3:15)
  • Who sent your Church?: (Jn10:16, 15:16, 20:21, 21:17); (Lk22:29-30); (Mt16:18). (hierarchical -( Eph4:11); (1Tim3:1, 8,5:17) and (Tit1:5)]
  • Primacy of Peter: [(Mt16:18-19); (Mk16:17); (Lk21:17, 22:32, 24:34); (Jn21:17); (Acts1:13-26, 2:14, 41, 3:6-7, 5:1-11, 8:21, 10:44-46, 15-7, 19); (Gal1:18, 2:11-14),] [Peter -Spoke for Apostles -(Mt18:21), (Mk8:29); (Lk8:45,12:41); and (Jn6:69)]


your bishop, priest, pastor, minister, preacher, reverend, budha, shaman, imam, moolah, sage, monk, or prophet?

Who sent, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Dahali Lama, John Piper, Bin Laden, Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, Abi Talib, John Knox, Imam Ali, Theophilus Lindley, Mary Baker Eddy, Hazrat Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Swaggart, John Smyth, William Booth, Joel Osteen, John Wesley, Benny Hinn, vs. any Catholic bishop or priest ?…..Who sent them to YOU? Are they of God? From God? And By God? Or NOT? Can you know!? Who chose these? Or are they thieves and robbers, who called themselves? False prophets, Jesus warned us about?

Could your minister trace his credentials from God, with prophetic authority? City asks, “Who SENT THEM?” We want to examine their religious claims and “credentials”, of your prophet or soothsayers.” Surely, this is a reasonable question, to ask before you commit to your “belief in a knowable True God” Has God sent them all? Do they speak with One Voice of God? Or any doctrine willed is the same? Your answer to the statement will emphatically impact your salvation, drain your treasure and ask a life long commitment, to any of them? Our God defines Truth, announces and sends Moses and Jesus to us. Could He then send you contradictions, but not one prophesy for all these others?

In our world, we do expect ambassadors to be announced and then sent? Or do they just show up and start preaching? Every envoy (messenger) of government, is preannounced of his is coming. When he arrives, he provides proof of his credentials, from who sent him! Maybe you are so enlightened, you think this unimportant? Yet you travel with a Visa [pre-announcement of your coming] and your passport [your credentials] to enter another country?

Jesus asks Saul, ” Why do You Persecute ME?” ACTS9:4

Did “ I Am”? The Father? Send them? What miracle did Mohamet produce for the Jews, (or anyone for that matter?), Jews spoiled with signs and wonders from their God, demanded miracles of Mohamet! What credentials did Martin Luther present upon leaving the Catholic Church? Or Joseph Smith beyond his “Recommend Card” from the Masonic Ordo? Who above have credentials and were sent?

ANSWER: The Catholic Church is the Only Church that can verify their source, and brings credentials, with this Apostolic Doctrine of Jesus the Christ.

No other religion can legitimately claim these credentials of the diplomats to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the second person of the Holy Trinity, the One True God. Others may make many false claims, but where are their credentials for those claims? When your presbyters preach, on whose authority? The flock of Jesus Christ has this proof, they have a good shepherd, a Vicar and documents to show with assurance that the teachings of God are true and faithful. So where are your credentials? Who sent you?

The Catholic Church publicly says, “Come”, witnessing to this Truth,

the Lamb of God Crucified

What are these credentials? Authorities?, who are their Shepherds, who can make this statement. “Our faith was founded in 33 AD by our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Jesus sent 12 Apostles and 70 disciples and named Simon (Peter) as the preeminent among them as principal Shepherd of his flock, “feed my sheep” I give you Peter the keys to the kingdom. So are you in Union with Peter, the twelve, Jesus, and therefore God? OR maybe facts just don’t matter for you?

We can see, that Jesus established His Church, that the Apostles were His Witnesses and that the Catholic Church is the only Church with these credentials. (Eph2:20, 4:11), (1Cor12:28-29); Acts1:20, 25-26, 14:23; (1Tim4:14, 5:22) . Also we quote early Church fathers here, for our Orthodox friends: St. Irenaeus (200AD) the Church having received this preaching and this faith, although disseminated throughout the world.( Only one)… if she had one soul and one in same heart, but one mouth..Against Heresies 1,10,2... St Augustine (AD 392), “the Catholic Church is the work of Divine Providence…and it possesses the Crown of Teaching Authority”. From the Advantage of Believing 35.

City asks, You; What Jesus asked of his Apostles…

Who do you say that “I AM”?

Of course, only one man in faith answered, “Simon Peter answered and said: Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God. (Mt16:16). And Jesus answering, said to him: Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and blood hath not revealed it to thee, but my Father who is in heaven. And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (MT16-17-18).

Our conclusion;

Denial of Jesus, as the Old Testament Messiah [Jesus credentials] is beyond a mathematical absurdity in reason. Jesus having fulfilled 300 prophesies, our approach demonstrates truth, with only 48 such prophesies, more than sufficient proof “to know”the truth beyond the absurd . Therefore, it is mathematically absurd to disbelieve, Jesus was the Messiah sent by God, as the ancients foretold in Hebrew scripture.

Thus, the gospels of His Apostles, witness to the truth. This Messiah was pre-announced and Sent of God, lived on earth, among his adopted children, instituted his One True church, chose twelve Apostles, ordaining One preeminent leader, as documented above. These are the facts and they are not disputable using modern-day probability theory.

Therefore, Indifferentism, as a religion, is completely false and a lie. Any rational thinking person must conclude Jesus, as the Messiah, then having established the Catholic Church, that is today’s reality of Jesus the Christ Church built on the rock of Peter….. the End.

Daily Indulgence: An indulgence partial (5 yrs) on the usual conditions Or a Plenary indulgence if they take part on the exercises of the novena for 5 days and go to confession, receive Holy Communion, and pray for the intentions of the Sovereign Pontiff. (S.P. Ap., Jun12, 1932).

#481.“ the faithful who devoutly assist at a public novena in honor of the holy Apostles , Peter and Paul, before their feast, are granted.

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