May 30, 2020

Wisdom of the Cross Psalms 18, 10, & 11: #673

Mystical City of God Mary’s Instructions – Lent 2019

#673 Instructions****: Esteem for the blessings of Tribulations, that in the hidden providence God dispenses for justification of mortals. These are the judgments justified in themselves [Ps. 18,10, 11] and are more valuable than precious stones and gold, more sweet than honeycomb, to those who know how to hold them in proper esteem. My beloved, that to suffer and to be afflicted with or without special and great mercy of the Almighty; moreover to be allowed to suffer for one’s sins. Is not Only mercy, but is demanded of justice. [CityNotes. The numbering of the psalms in current texts diverts from those of the 1600’s. [City generally posts from the Latin Vulgate, using Douay-Rheims from a search engine. However, the City’s Didache Ignatious Bible shows both numbering. City includes both here, it is my judgement that #18 Lord is my Rock is NOT what Maria is referring as Ps 18 now Ps19 Glory of God’s creation and Law is the correct passages, has the precious stones.]

“These are the judgments justified in themselves” [Ps 18,10, 11]

Psalm of David #(Ps19) God’s Glory in Creation and the Law ,   The Heavens Declare the Glory of God [Ps18]

Unto the end. A psalm for David. The heavens shew forth the glory of God, and the firmament declare the work of his hands. Day to day utter speech, and night to night shew knowledge. There are no speeches nor languages, where their voices are not heard. Their sound hath gone forth into all the earth: and their words unto the ends of the world. He hath set his tabernacle in the sun: and he, as a bridegroom coming out of his bride chamber, Hath rejoiced as a giant to run the way: His going out is from the end of heaven, And his circuit even to the end thereof: and there is no one that can hide himself from his heat. The law of the Lord is unspotted, converting souls: the testimony of the Lord is faithful, giving wisdom to little ones. The justices of the Lord are right, rejoicing hearts: the commandment of the Lord is lightsome, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the Lord is holy, enduring for ever and ever: the judgments of the Lord are true, justified in themselves.

More to be desired than gold and many precious stones: and sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. For thy servant keep them, and in keeping them there is a great reward. Who can understand sins? from my secret ones cleanse me, O Lord: and from those of others spare thy servant. If they shall have no dominion over me, then shall I be without spot: and I shall be cleansed from the greatest sin. And the words of my mouth shall be such as may please: and the meditation of my heart always in thy sight. O Lord, my helper, and my redeemer.

Mary’s Immaculate Conception,
symbolized unharmed Burning Bush just as her earthly seed in Anne
Church Founded on Rock Icon (Christ is the Cornerstone)

Psalm of David #(Ps10) Deliverance from Enemies , Perils of the Pilgrim

Why, O Lord, hast thou retired afar off? why dost thou slight us in our wants, in the time of trouble? Whilst the wicked man is proud, the poor is set on fire: they are caught in the counsels which they devise. For the sinner is praised in the desires of his soul: and the unjust man is blessed.

The sinner hath provoked the Lord according to the multitude of his wrath he will not seek him: God is not before his eyes: his ways are filthy at all times. Thy judgments are removed from his sight: he shall rule over all his enemies. For he hath said in his heart: I shall not be moved from generation to generation, and shall be without evil. His mouth is full of cursing, and of bitterness, and of deceit: under his tongue are labor and sorrow. He sit in ambush with the rich in private places, that he may kill the innocent.

His eyes are upon the poor man: He lie in wait in secret like a lion in his den. He lie in ambush that he may catch the poor man: to catch the poor, whilst he draw him to him. In his net he will bring him down, he will crouch and fall, when he shall have power over the poor. For he hath said in his heart: God hath forgotten, he hath turned away his face not to see to the end. Arise, O Lord God, let thy hand be exalted: forget not the poor.

Wherefore hath the wicked provoked God? for he hath said in his heart: He will not require it. Thou see it, for thou consider labor and sorrow: that thou may deliver them into thy hands. To thee is the poor man left: thou wilt be a helper to the orphan. Break thou the arm of the sinner and of the malignant: his sin shall be sought, and shall not be found.

The Lord shall reign to eternity, yea, for ever and ever: ye Gentiles shall perish from his land. The Lord hath heard the desire of the poor: thy ear hath heard the preparation of their heart. To judge for the fatherless and for the humble, that man may no more presume to magnify himself upon earth.


Psalm of David #(Ps11) In The Lord I take Refuge: see also: (Hab1:12-17)  [Ps10]

Unto the end. A psalm for David. In the Lord I put my trust: how then do you say to my soul: Get thee away from hence to the mountain like a sparrow? For, lo, the wicked have bent their bow; they have prepared their arrows in the quiver; to shoot in the dark the upright of heart. For they have destroyed the things which thou hast made: but what has the just man done?

The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven. His eyes look on the poor man: his eyelids examine the sons of men. The Lord try the just and the wicked: but he that love iniquity hate his own soul. He shall rain snares upon sinners: fire and brimstone and storms of winds shall be the portion of their cup. For the Lord is just, and hath loved justice: his countenance hath beheld righteousness.

Psalm of David #(Ps12) Plea for Help in Evil Times [Ps11]

Unto the end; for the octave, a psalm for David.Save me, O Lord, for there is now no saint: truths are decayed from among the children of men.They have spoken vain things every one to his neighbor: with deceitful lips, and with a double heart have they spoken. May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the tongue that speak proud things.

Who have said: We will magnify our tongue; our lips are our own; who is Lord over us? By reason of the misery of the needy, and the groans of the poor, now will I arise, saith the Lord. I win set him in safety; I will deal confidently in his regard. The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried by the fire, purged from the earth refined seven times. Thou, O Lord, wilt preserve us.: and keep us from this generation for ever. The wicked walk round about: according to thy highness, thou best multiplied the children of men.

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