May 30, 2020


WISDOM of MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD – Maria Agreda, Spain

Mystery – “Wisdom”, “Sophia”, “Be Attentive” stumbled across this #643 paragraph, while working on another post “Doctrine of the Cross” planned release date Ash Wednesday 2019, (03/08/19), and immediately wanted to share these warning to provided to us through Sister Maria-Jesus of Agreda, due to recent “City” postings that relate to Islam and the Papal Document Human Fraternity. I am certain there were many Apostasies and errors created from such visions or dreams. MISINTERPRETATION related to these visions, but none currently so egregious as Mohamet, Joseph Smith. “Bookends of Glory” to the demons, IMO. In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

  • St. Michael the Archangel,
  • defend us in battle.
  • Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
  • May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
  • and do thou,
  • O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
  • by the power of God,
  • thrust into hell Satan,
  • and all the evil spirits,
  • who prowl about the world
  • seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..

#639. The fifth and LOWEST order of visions and revelations are those which are perceived by the corporeal and exterior sense, and that is the reason why, they are called corporeal, although they can be brought about in two different ways. The one kind are truly and properly called corporeal visions , when in a visible and quantitative body some super natural being appears to the sight or touch , be it God, a saint, or the demon, or a soul and the like: such body being formed for that very purpose by the ministry and power of good or of bad angels from the ether or from the phantasms, which, though it is no true or natural body, of the thing represented by it, yet is truly a quantitative body constructed from the ether in external dimensions. The other kind of corporeal visions are such in an improper sense, rather an illusion of the senses of sight; for they are only an image of the object, its coloring, etc., which an angel can make visible by an alteration of the intervening air. the one that sees it thinks that he looks upon a real body actually present, though there is no such body, only an empty image, by which the senses are imperceptibly fascinated. This kind of illusory visions of the senses is not proper to the good angels not to divine revelation, although they are possible to God and the angels; such might have been the voice which Samuel heard. but they are a FAVORITE RUSE of the demon on the account of their deceptiveness, especially in regard to the sight. Therefore, and because the Queen never had this kind of visions, I will speak only of the truly corporeal visions, such as she really enjoyed. ( # 640,#641, and #642) are reserved by in the future when we achieve the early chapters in Book II, of the CONCEPTION. Maria will share Wisdom on “different kinds” Divine Visions, that our Queen received, and thus share, so that we may better understand our littleness.

#643. Other souls must be very circumspect and careful in regard to these corporeal visions since they are subject to dangerous deceptions and illusions coming from the ancient serpent. Those who never seek them avoid a great part of this danger. IF the soul is free from such desire and from other disorderly affections ( City, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, witchcraft etc.) and IF then any corporeal or imaginary visions should happen, it must be very cautious before performing and executing that, which is enjoined by those visions: for it is a very bad sign and savoring of the devils influence, IF, without any deliberations or counsel, it immediately believes and obeys; since the good angels , who are our teachers in matters of truth, prudence, and holiness, do not urge such course of action. there are also other indications and signs, generally accompanying the causes and the effects of such visions, which will securely guide souls as to their truthfulness or their falsity. but I will not enter into these matters, in order not to be led away from my purpose; and besides, I submit myself in these things to the Doctors (of the Church) and teachers (guardian angels & confessors) of the Spiritual Life.

Devils Auction to Hell, Icon commentary: It is only through God’s grace given to His holy Church, we have access to this spiritual knowledge that aids and assist us against these principalities, [“wickedness and snares”] of evil. As Fr. Ripperger’s one of the Churches exorcists, explains Demonology with his online videos, the importance for frequent confessions to an experienced Confessor, and how this “breaks the contract of Sin” forcing the Demons to flight, until ones sin permits reopens the door back into your souls Orbit once more. Of course, Mohomet an epileptic (illusion of Angel Gabriel) , and Joseph Smith a 14 year old boy, (illusion of 3 bodies of men claiming Trinity) NEITHER of them were of KATHOLIKE Faith, easily fell victim to these “corporeal visions”. Their errors of spiritual disobedience to God (Apostasy), as with original sin, continue to capture souls for Lucifer to this day.

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